Meet the 11 best mods for Cities: Skylines!

Cities: Skylines is one of the most modifiable games of the moment. Since its release the developers have encouraged the community to create several mods that improve the gameplay, and the results are significant.

For those of you who want to optimize your game and correct those little "flaws" that the unmodded version left behind, we've created a list of 11 essential mods for anyone who plays Cities: Skylines. Check out!

1. Watch It!

Undoubtedly one of the first mods you will want to install. Watch It! provides a lot of crucial information about your city in the most accessible way possible.

The mod inserts several small icons on the screen, each icon representing an aspect of your city, such as water system, electricity, garbage, education, crime, etc. If the icon is green, it means that aspect is doing well, if it is red, it is doing poorly.

In addition, by clicking on each icon you have access to more detailed information. For example: if you click on the education icon, you can see what percentage of citizens graduated or illiterate, level of efficiency, active schools, etc.

Click here to download the mod.

2. Find It!

A simple and must-have mod for Cities: Skylines. It adds a text box where you can type any game component or structure and it will pop up automatically. So you won't need to navigate through the menus behind the structure you want to build, just type the name and a window will show your item and all related ones.

Click here to download the mod.

3. Move It!

Along with the two mods above, Move It! closes the triad of mods indispensable for your game. It adds the simple and mega useful function of dragging objects in the game. Just select the structure, tree, texture or any object you want and drag to the new location.

The mod also allows you to copy and paste objects. For example, if you want to fill an area with trees, just select some existing trees and copy them to the new location. Simple, fast and essential.

Click here to download the mod.

4. Traffic Manager: President Edition

Traffic Manager: President Edition installs several tools that help with traffic management. With it you can more easily configure options such as:

  • Direction of the ways;
  • Traffic restrictions (such as banning cars on certain streets or pedestrians on others);
  • Parking rules;
  • speed limits;
  • Traffic light time;
  • Traffic signs, among others.

The mod also modifies the game's traffic-related artificial intelligence to a more optimized and advanced one. You will quickly notice the difference.

Click here to download the mod.

5. Roundabout Builder

Roundabaout Builder is a roundabout construction wizard. If you already have some experience with Cities: Skylines, you should know that roundabouts are very important components in many parts of your city, so you'll want to make use of them as much as possible.

When using the mod's tools, it automatically clears the terrain for you and places the desired roundabout. In addition, it already complements the structure with options optimized for the flow of traffic and even puts signs for you.

Another attraction of Roundabout Builder is that it introduces new roundabout options (shapes and sizes) that don't originally exist in the game.

Click here to download the mod.

6. Net Picker

Definitely one of the most useful mods out there for this game. You know when you want to build new tracks but you don't know exactly which exact track you used before? Net Picker does away with this problem.

With this mod you no longer need to look for the right track in the streets menu. Just click on the track already built and it opens the streets menu automatically, with that track type selected. This will save you time and make your traffic management much easier.

Click here to download the mod.

7. Toggleable Whiteness

Whenever you want to edit something in Cities: Skylines, the scenery is all white, which often makes it difficult to see certain locations exactly, especially when there's already a lot built. To fix this, Toggleable Whiteness adds the function to keep the scenery with normal colors whenever you want to edit a building, track, etc.

The mod does not replace the old color pattern, it just adds the option to quickly modify it. You can go back to the original whenever you want.

Click here to download the mod.

8. Ultimate Eyecandy

Ultimate Eyecandy is a mod that doesn't affect the gameplay, but allows you to customize several options related to the game's look. Among the settings you can easily change are:

  • The time of day;
  • The direction and height of the sun;
  • Enable and disable snow, rain, fog, as well as their intensity;
  • ambient light;

The mod is perfect for those who like to admire their city and take screenshots (a common attitude in Cities: Skylines). With it you won't have to wait until the game changes the scenario for you to have the desired visuals.

Ultimate Eyecandy also allows you to save your settings in “presets”. That way, whenever you want a specific look for your city, just select the desired set and all the information will be applied automatically.

Click here to download the mod.

9. Dynamic Resolution

Dynamic Resolution is a very simple mod that adds a slider that you can use to control the game's resolution. The mod is very useful considering that the game's performance fluctuates a lot depending on the amount of information on the screen (if you are in a busier part of the city, the game can be a little slow). So you can keep the best graphics possible for every moment.

Click here to download the game.

10. Loading Screen Mod

An extremely useful mod if your PC isn't the best. It has no direct effect on gameplay, but it optimizes your game performance to the max, saving up to 1.5GB of RAM. Don't forget to install it.

Additionally, the mod resolves several issues with failed saves that occur from time to time in Cities: Skyline.

Loading Screen Mod receives periodic updates that make the game even more optimized. If you install it, be sure to always check the current versions.

Click here to download the mod.

11. Mods Listing

Our last mod on the list is a general mod manager. It gathers all your installed mods in a single menu. In it you can create and save several “presets” of your mods settings to easily load them at another time.

Click here to download the mod.

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