Meet the 10 best mods for GTA San Andreas for PC!

GTA San Andreas (GTA SA) is one of the most complete games that the Rockstar company has ever developed. You can do everything from becoming respected among street gangs, through a multitude of missions, to becoming a taxi driver or a police officer. You have enough options to play however you like. Even so, there is always room for mods in the PC version!

Many years ago GTA SA received many modifications. You'll find some that generate more chaos on the streets, that increase your vehicle or weapon repertoire, or that allow you to play with other friends. Some mods may, however, have requirements to work.

That's why we've created a list of the 10 best GTA San Andreas mods that you can find on different websites. Check out!

1. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas


Including a multiplayer mode would have been the icing on the cake in GTA: San Andreas. If you missed out on playing with your friends, you're in luck. The Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas mod allows you to live your adventures with other people on servers that still receive many players today.

It's a highly recommended mod if you know other people who play GTA SA or if you don't mind playing games with unknown people. You can do many things in the game in co-op mode. Also, the mod has some tools to create different game modes.

Final report: the game versions work according to the operating system you have. If your computer is running Windows XP or Vista, download the legacy version of the latest version. If you have Windows 7 or higher, download the normal and latest version.

2. SA_DirectX 2.0


If you play with a recent computer and are tired of the old graphics of GTA SA try this mod! It will give the game a nice look with lots of visual effects, making it look like it came out this decade. Cars and tracks have realistic reflections, textures look fresh and the streets come alive like never before.

3. Visual Car Spawner v3.2


GTA: San Andreas includes the possibility to do tricks to get some of the cars you want. However, sometimes we don't know which is which, and it's good to have a visual reference.

Visual Car Spawner is a powerful tool that allows you to navigate through a menu of vehicles. You can see the image of each and select the car you want. In addition, both the license plate and the color of the car can be changed, among other options.

Final report: you will need the CLEO v4.3 file library. You'll find it on the green central download button.

4. Skateboarding Mod


Many players wonder how a game of this style, with such a context and plot, doesn't have one of the most important elements: skateboarding. Rockstar wanted to include skateboarding in GTA: San Andreas, but ended up rejecting the idea due to a series of internal decisions.

With this mod, you'll enjoy walking through the game's streets on a skateboard. You can jump, do some tricks and even use it as a weapon! Also, you can continue using the bike without any problems, as the skateboard does not overwrite your file.

Final report: if that doesn't work, you may need both the Fastman92 Limit Adjuster and the Open Limit Adjuster.

5. Dragon Ball Mod


Being a Dragon Ball character? I sure really want it, please! Being Goku, Vegeta or Gohan is always fun, and this mod gives you that possibility. If you get tired of being CJ and walking through the streets of San Andreas like another gang member, this mod will change your gaming experience. Each character has their own transformations, including that of the Blue God.

6. Left 4 Theft: San Andreas


For lovers of the Left 4 Dead game or zombie games in general, we have a very different option. The Left 4 Dead: San Andreas mod puts you in a survival situation where you have to complete missions. Not only will you have to eliminate the infected or run away from them, but you can also choose factions.

According to your choices and as you complete each level, you will get closer and closer to the final measurements of the mod. While Left 4 Theft isn't complete, it's a fun experience that every lover of this game genre should try.

7. First person v3


The original version of the game only includes a 3rd person perspective. Although common within the genre to which GTA SA belongs, some players lack immersion. If this is your case, give this mod a chance! You can play the entire game from the protagonist's own eyes.

And it has an advantage: this mod comes with support for most existing mods for GTA: San Andreas, including animations.

8. Portal Gun


If you've played the Portal franchise, you might imagine that this mod is about that, but it has nothing to do with it. The Portal Gun adds a new weapon that creates two interconnected portals. These "doors" will teleport any character or vehicle they pass through, as you can see in the image above.

This mod is perfect if you need a little help escaping the police, catching up with that fast train, or just having a laugh at the traffic chaos.

Final report: for the mod to work, you must write the code "PORTAL" in the game, as you would with codes from GTA: San Andreas for PC.

9. You Are Here


Another mod about zombies, but with a different twist, more focused on survival. It's a modification of GTA: San Andreas that got a good reception from players, inspired by games like Silent Hill, The Suffering and The Resident Evil.

With it, you will wake up in an unknown place, where dangers lurk in every corner. You'll have a good tense time, not knowing where enemies are coming from or what's going on. Discover the secrets that You Are Here hides and try not to lose your temper!

10. Winter Vacation 2.0


Winter has arrived in GTA SA! Whether you feel a Christmas spirit or want to soak in the snow, Winter Vacation will transform the game world into a perpetual winter season. You'll see entire neighborhoods covered in snow, snowmen, new effects and flake sounds. You'll even meet Santa Claus!

If you are a user of ENB (a tool to improve graphics), this mod brings some settings to optimize and improve the visual result of winter holidays. Shall we sing Christmas carols?

Final report: if you liked this latest mod, you can try the spring, summer and autumn versions.

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