Meet all Terraria bosses and their drops!

Terraria has several bosses (bosses) with their own characteristics and specific summoning methods. To make your life easier, we've gathered here the complete list of all the bosses from the PC, Android and iOS versions, and the main information on how to summon them, beat them and what items they drop. Enjoy!

  • Bosses to Pre-hardmode
  • Hardmode bosses
  • Event Bosses


Pre-hardmode are the first bosses encountered by players before hardmode. Your drops are usually necessary to proceed in the game.

King Slime

  • Max HP: 2000/2800
  • Damage: 40/64
  • Defense: 10
  • How to invoke: using Slime Crown.

King Slime is an optional boss that moves like any other Slime in the game: jumping towards you. As it takes damage, it shrinks in size, making it a harder target to hit and more agile to move around indoors, as well as summoning small creatures called Blue Slimes that can spend its ammo. Against them, piercing weapons are the best option.

King Slime is considered the easiest boss in the game.

Drops do King Slime

  • Solidifier, Lesser Healing Potion e Slimy Saddle
  • Ninja Hood, Ninja Shirt or Ninja Pants (only one from this group)
  • Slime Hook, Slime Gun, King Slime Trophy, King Slime Mask, Treasure Bag or Royal Gel (only one from this group)

Eye of Cthulhu

  • Max HP: 2800/3640
  • damage: 1530
  • Defense: 12
  • How to invoke: using Suspicious Looking Eye during the night.

Eye of Cthulhu is one of the first bosses you'll encounter in the game. At first, he will basically be floating on top of you and summoning creatures called Servants of Cthulhu, capable of passing through walls and floors. To get rid of them, use weapons that attack quickly and try to attack them as soon as they pop out of the eye. That way you will damage the minions and the boss at the same time.

After taking a certain amount of damage, Eye of Cthulhu will begin to transform. While this happens, take the opportunity to deal as much damage as possible before he attacks again. In the new form, the boss will make 3 attacks against you. Just dodge and attack at the end of the third.

Drops do Eye of Cthulhu

  • Demonite Ore, Unholy Arrow, and Corrupt Seeds (Corrupt worlds only)
  • Crimtane Ore, Crimson Seeds, Lesser Healin Potion, Eye of Cthulhu Mask, Eye of Cthulhu Trophy, Binoculars, Treasure Bag e Shield of Cthulhu (apenas em mundos Crimson).

Eater of Worlds

  • Max HP: 7485/10479
  • damage:-
  • Defense:-
  • How to Summon: Breaking 3 Shadow Orbs or using Worm Food.

The Eater of Worlds is a worm made up of several segments, each of which can deal damage. You can hit any part of the boss, but when a segment loses all of its HP, it breaks apart and forms smaller worms that can be quite annoying to deal with.

It is possible to prevent the formation of new worms by focusing all the damage on the head or tail. In these cases, know that the head is the part with the least defense but the most damage, while the tail is the part with the least damage and the most defense.

Drops do Eater of Worlds

  • Shadow Scale, Demonite Ore, Lesser Healing Potion, Eater of Worlds Trophy, Eater's Bone, Treasure Bag e Worm Scarf

Brain of Cthulhu

  • Max HP: 1000/17000
  • Damage: 30/54
  • Defense: 14
  • How to Summon: Destroying 3 Crimson Hearts or using Bloody Spine.

The fight against the Brain of Cthulhu has two phases. In the first, the boss cannot take damage and summons creatures called Creepers. The brain will then teleport to a part of the screen and lure the creepers to hit you. Your focus, then, should just be on destroying all the little creatures. Don't try to hit the boss. To make it easier, use piercing weapons.

In the second phase, the boss will teleport much more often and in unpredictable directions. You should keep dodging and attacking whenever possible. In this phase the boss has very little HP, so you will have no problem defeating him.

Drops do Brain of Cthulhu

  • Brainof Cthulhu Mask, Brain of Cthulhu Trophy, Crimtane Ore, Lesser Healing Potion, Tissue Sample, Bone Rattle, Treasure Bag e Brain of Confusion

Queen bee

  • Max HP: 3400/4760
  • Damage: 30/54 or 22/44 (stinger)
  • Defense: 8-20 (depending on HP)
  • How to Summon: Breaking a Larva or using Abeemination.

The Queen Bee has three attack patterns: moving from one side of the screen to the other with 3 lunges, flying above you and summoning little bees or shooting poisoned stingers. There is no mystery. You just really need to dodge their blows and avoid getting hit by the stingers especially. They cause poison which, despite being low damage (2 per second), can make a difference, as well as interrupting any health regeneration.

Drops da Queen Bee

  • Bee Gun, Bee Keeper or The Bee's Knees (only one from this group)
  • Hive Wand, Bee Hat, Bee Shirt or Bee Pants (only one from this group)
  • Honey Comb, Nectar, Honeyed Goggles, Beenade, Bottled Honey, Bee Wax, Queen Bee Mask, Queen Bee Trophy, Treasure Bag e Hive Pack


  • Max HP: 4400/8800
  • Damage: 32/70 or 9999 (during the day)
  • Defense: 0 or 9999 (during the day)
  • How to Summon: Talking to the Old Man or killing Clothier overnight with Clothier Voodoo Doll.

Skeletron is made up of a skull and two arms. To beat him, you need to destroy the skull. The boss will attack with its arms in quite predictable movements, but with an irregular trajectory that can take you by surprise. Also, the arms can move at the same time or with separate timing, so be prepared to dodge two in a row if you have to.

Upon defeating the arms, the boss will begin to spin and slowly move towards you. Although he does a lot of damage, this is the moment when he is most vulnerable (as he loses all defense), so use your most powerful weapons to defeat him at this time.

Drops do Skeletron

  • Lesser Healing Potion, Skeletron Mask, Skeletron Hand, Book of Skulls, Skeletron Trophy, Treasure Bag e Bone Glove

Wall of flesh

  • Max HP: 8000/11200
  • Damage: 50/150
  • Defense: 12/18
  • How to Summon: Throwing the Guide Voodoo Doll in the lava in The Underworld while the Guide its alive.

Wall of Flesh is literally a wall that will constantly move towards you. It's crucial that you stay ahead of the boss and at a safe distance, but not too far away. If you get too far away, the boss will pull you towards him, which can do massive damage. The same is true if you try to get behind him.

Wall of Flesh will summon creatures called The Hungries. Deal with them first. After clearing the terrain, you can hit both the boss's eyes and mouth. Since the eyes have no Defense, try to hit them as much as possible. Just beware of the lasers that can be fired from both eyes and keep doing damage.

Drops da Wall of Flesh

  • Healing Potion e Pwnhammer
  • Breaker Blade, Clockwork Assault Rifle, Laser Rifle, Warrior Emblem, Ranger Emblem, Sorcerer Emblem, Summoner Emblem (only one of this group)
  • Wall of Flesh Mask, Wall of Flesh Trophy, Treasure Bag e Demon Heart

Hardmode bosses

Hardmode bosses are considerably stronger than the previous ones. Some are enhanced versions of other bosses while others are brand new. Whenever one of them is about to appear, a warning message is shown for the player to get ready. Defeating them also grants better quality drops.

In Hardmode, each night has a 10% chance of spawning one of the three mechanical bosses (The Twins, The Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime), but only if you've already destroyed at least one Altar.

The Twins

  • Max HP: 20000/3000 and 23000/ 34500
  • damage:-
  • Defense:-
  • How to Summon: Destroying a Demon or a Crimson Altar, or using a Mechanical Eye during the night.

The Twins is the hard mode for the Eye of Cthulhu boss. He is part of the trio of mechanical bosses along with the Destroyer and Skeleton Prime. The boss consists of two eyes that, despite sharing HP, behave independently. Red shoots laser beams while green attacks with flames. When reduced to 8000 and 9000 respectively, the eyes will assume their second form.

In the second form, the red eye will fire laser beams much faster, so you need to stay on the move at all times. The green eye completely switches its attack patterns and will do a lot of damage. You should spend a lot of time on the defensive while waiting for the pause between attacks.

Drops do The Twins

  • Soul of Sight, Greater Healing Potion, Hallowed Bar, Twin Mask, Retinazer Trophy, Spazmatism Trophy, Horned God Boots, Treasure Bag e Mechanical Wheel Piece

the destroyer

  • Max HP: 8000/12000
  • damage:-
  • Defense:-
  • How to Summon: Destroying a Demon or a Crimson Altar, or using a Mechanical Worm during the night.

Another mechanical boss and the hardest version of Eater of Worlds. This boss burrows into the ground and attacks from below, so it's important that you keep moving, especially since the head is the part that does the most damage. In addition, each of its segments fires lasers that, while not causing much damage, make it very difficult to move.

During the fight, The Destroyer will also summon small creatures called Probes. It is important that you control the number of Probes on the screen before they become too much for you. Also, each Probe has a 33% chance of dropping a heart when killed, so this can be a great source of HP during the fight.

The battle against The Destroyer is lengthy as he has a lot of HP to make up for his vulnerability. The key is to maintain a balance between dealing damage to him and controlling the number of Probes on screen.

Drops do The Destroyer

  • Soul of Might, Greater Healing Potion, Hallowed Bar, Destroyer Mask, Destroyer Trophy, Horned God Robe, Treasure Bag e Mechanical Wagon Piece

Skeletron prime

  • Max HP: 28000/42000
  • Damage: 47/79 and 94/158 (spinning)
  • Defense: 24 and 48 (turning)
  • How to Summon: Destroying a Demon or a Crimson Altar, or using a Mechanical Skull during the night.

The hardest version of Skeletron. In addition to having high HP and high Defense, the boss can still protect the skull with his hands, stopping any non-piercing attacks.

In all, the boss has 4 arms (2 melee and 2 ranged) and 1 head. To win, you just need to defeat the head. However, each arm has its own attack pattern in addition to protecting the skull. So it might be better to defeat some arms first before trying to defeat the boss for good.

Drops do Skeletron Prime

  • Soul of Fright, Greater Healing Potion, Hallowed Bar, Skeletron Prime Mask, Skeletron Prime Trophy, Horned God Mask, Treasure Bag e Mechanical Battery Piece


  • Max HP: 30000/42000
  • Damage: 50/114 (melee), 44/76 (seed), 54/96 (green seed poison), 62/108 (thorn ball)
  • Defense: 14
  • How to Summon: Destroying some Plantera's Bulb that appear after you defeat the 3 mechanical bosses.

The fight against Plantera also takes place in two stages. In the first, the boss slowly moves towards the player. You can easily deal damage if you keep moving, as she doesn't have enough speed to keep up with you. Once the boss reaches 50% HP, the second phase begins.

In the second stage, Plantora moves much faster, deals more damage, and has higher defense. At this point, the best option is to use ranged weapons to keep dealing damage while evading the vines and seeds she throws.

Drops from Plantera

  • Temple Key, The Axe e Pygmy Staff
  • Grenade Launcher, Venus Magnum, Nettle Burst, Leaf Blower, Flower Row, Wasp Gun or Seedler (only one of this group)
  • Thorn Hook, Greater Healing Potion, Plant Mask, Plant Trophy, Treasure Bag and Spore Sac


  • Max HP: 39000/58500 (total), 16000/24000 (head), 9000/13500 (body) and 7000/10500 (each fist)
  • damage:-
  • Defense:-
  • How to invoke: using Lihzahrd Power Cell No. Lihzahrd Altar.

The Golem boss has a lot of HP, a lot of Defense, a lot of limbs and a lot of different stages. Altogether, you can attack the Head, Body, and both Arms, but only the Head and Body are needed to defeat him.

In the first boss phase, your priority is to dodge the fireballs and attack the Arms and Head. While you don't have to destroy them to win, it will make the next stages a lot easier.

The second phase starts when the Head reaches 50% HP. She will start shooting lasers from her eyes with an increasing frequency as she loses HP. When HP runs out, Golem reveals its true form.

In the third phase, your main target should be the Corps. If the Arms are still alive, they will attack with much greater force than at the beginning of the fight. Note that the Corps can go through walls, so don't ever stop. When the Body reaches 50% HP, the Head will again fire lasers until the boss is defeated.

Drops do Golem

  • Stynger + Stynger Bolt, Possessed Hatchet, Sun Stone, Eye of the Golem, Picksaw, Heat Ray, Staff of Earth ou Golem Fist (apenas um deste grupo)
  • Golem Trophy, Greater Healing Potion, Beetle Husk, Golem Mask, Treasure Bag e Shiny Stone

Duke fishron

  • Max HP: 50000/60000
  • Damage: 100/140 (melee), 90/100 (sharknado) and 100/140 (bubble)
  • Defense: 50 and 100 (when angry)
  • How to invoke: using a Fishing Pole com Truffle Worm as bait.

Duke Fishron is considered one of the toughest bosses in the game with his very high speed and damage. At the start of the fight, the boss will advance 5 times against the player, with a short pause between each advance. On each pause, he will throw a projectile that varies between 20 explosive bubbles and 2 large bubbles that summon Sharknadoes and another shark called Sharkrons.

When the boss's HP is below 25000, the boss will enter its second form (with glowing eyes), and its damage and speed will increase a lot, but its defense will drop to 40. Then it will charge 3 times towards the player and will also launch projectiles between each advance.

Drops do Duke Fishron

  • Fishron Wings
  • Bubble gun
  • Flairon, Razorblade Typhoon, Tempest Staff or Tsunami (only one of these items)
  • Greater Healing Potion, Lesser Healing Potion, Duke Fishron Mask, Duke Fishron Trophy, Treasure Bag e Shrimpy Truffle

Lunatic Cultist

  • Max HP: 32000/40000
  • Damage: 50/75 (melee), 36/72 (shadow ball), 70/100 (mist), 60/80 (fireball), 90/120 (energy ball), 120/160 (Ancient Light) and 30/45 (Ancient Doom)
  • Defense: 42 and 27 (when below 50% HP)
  • How to Summon: After you defeat 4 others Cultists.

Lunatic Cultist is a simple boss with very little HP, but very strong hits. At the start of the fight he is invulnerable, so only try to hit him after he moves. He will then initiate a fixed sequence of attacks: an ice ball that fires shards, 3 follower fireballs, and an orb of light that summons lightning.

After taking a certain amount of damage, Lunatic Cultist adds a fourth attack to the sequence: 2 groups of 5 light projectiles. After using this attack 5 times, he creates 2 clones of himself. If you damage the clones, the boss will summon a Phantasm Dragon or an Ancient Vision. Clones will also start attacking.

Drops do Lunatic Cultist

  • Ancient Manipulator, Ancient Cultist Mask, Ancient Cultist Trophy e Greater Healing Potion

Moon lord

  • Max HP: 145000/217500
  • damage:-
  • Defense -
  • How to Summon: It's the last boss in the game.

The last and toughest boss in the game. Moon Lord has high HP and several very high damage attacks that come out of the eyes located on his hands and forehead, which are also the only areas where he can take damage.

The eye on the Moon Lord's forehead will launch a laser beam while the other two will switch between projectiles. When one of them is defeated, it detaches itself from its body and summons a True Eye of Cthulhu, an immortal enemy that replicates the Moon Lord's blows in weaker versions. In the place where the eye was, spikes will also grow that will do damage if touched, but the boss will not attack with them actively.

Moon Lord can also summon a tongue which, if it touches the player, will prevent healing, as well as summon a leech that will heal one of the boss parts. When all eyes are defeated, the True Eye of Cthulhu will attack much faster.

Event Bosses

Some Terraria bosses only appear in specific events. Many of them are actually considered "mini-bosse", as they have much lower stats than normal bosses. Also, some of them may appear at different times of the event, which also changes their strength.

Dark Mage

  • Maximum HP: 800/1600 (tier 1) or 4000/8000 (tier 3)
  • Dano: 40/80 (tier 1) or 90/180 (tier 3)
  • Defense: 18 (tier 1) or 38 (tier 3)
  • Appears at the event Old One's Army Event during wave 5 (tier 1) or 4 e 6 (tier 3).

The Dark Mage randomly varies between 3 attacks: an energy beam that deals a lot of damage, a rune that heals hostile mobs, and a chant that summons skeletons.

Drops do Dark Mage

  • Water Table, War Table Banner, Dragon Egg, Gato Egg, Dark Mage Mask and Dark Mage Trophy


  • Maximum HP: 5000/1000 (tier 2) or 13000/26000 (tier 3)
  • Dano: 70/140 (tier 2) or 90/180 (tier 3)
  • Defense: 34 (tier 2) or 40 (tier 3)
  • Appears at the event Old One's Army Event during wave 7 (tier 2) or 5 e 6 (tier 3).

Ogre is a very slow mini-boss but does a lot of damage. It varies between 3 attacks: a mucus ball that is thrown from a distance, a jump that deals area damage when hitting the ground and a simple but extremely strong swing.

Drops do Ogre

  • Apprentice's Staff, Squire's Shield, Huntress's Buckler, Monk's Belt, Tome of Infinite Wisdom, Phantom Phoenix, Brand of the Inferno, Sleepy Octopod, Ghastly Glaive, Creeper Egg, Ogre Mask e Ogre Trophy


  • Max HP: 50000/75000
  • Damage: 80/104 (melee), 65 (fireball) and 120 (fire breath)
  • Defense: 38
  • Appears at the event Old One's Army Event during wave 7.

Betsy attacks by flying, lunging or spitting projectiles. Its 4 possible attacks are: a low flight, a blast of fire that wraps the entire screen horizontally, several fireballs and a roar that summons two Etherian Wyverns.

Drops da Betsy

  • Aerial Bane, Sky Dragon's Fury, Betsy's Wrath or Flying Dragon (only one from this group)
  • Betsy's Wings, Betsy's Mask, Betsy's Trophy e Treasure Bag

Flying Dutchman

  • Max HP: 50 (core) and 8000/16000 (4 guns)
  • damage:-
  • Defense: 100
  • Appears during or event Pirate Invasion Event.

The Flying Dutchman is a different mini-boss from the others, as more than one (or even none) can appear during the pirate invasion. Also, ending the invasion doesn't make the boss disappear, just as defeating him won't make the invasion end. Basically, he just looks like a regular mob.

The only way to destroy the Flying Dutchman is to damage his 4 cannons. Due to its very low speed and limited angles of attack, you will have no problem doing this.

Drops do Flying Dutchman

  • Coin Gun, Lucky Coin, Discount Card, Pirate Staff, Gold Ring, Cutlass e Flying Dutchman Trophy

Mourning Wood

  • Max HP: 12000/156000
  • Damage: 120/180 (melee), 100-150 (burning wood) and 80/160 (greek fire)
  • Defense: 28
  • Appears during or event Pumpkin Moon Event.

Mourning Wood alternates between 2 attacks: a hurling of burning woods that can go through walls and a blast of Greek fire that stays on the ground for a while, dealing damage on hit.

Drops do Mourning Wood

  • Spooky Wood, Cursed Sapling, Spooky Twig, Spooky Hook, Necromantic Scroll, Stake Launcher + Stake e Mourning Wood Trophy


  • Max HP: 22000/28600
  • Damage: 50/75 (body), 65/130 (blades), 80/160 (greek fire) and 120/240 (scythe)
  • Defense: 36
  • Appears during or event Pumpkin Moon Event.

Pumpking is the hardest mini-boss in the event as his body parts can go through walls. It alternates between three attacks: a melee attack with its scythe as it darts towards the player, projectiles that come out of its scythes and start spinning at irregular speeds, and a blast of Greek fire.

Drops do Pumpking

  • The Horseman's Blade, Bat Scepter, Black Fairy Dust, Spider Egg, Raven Staff, Candy Corn Rifle + Candy Corn, Jack'O Lantern Launcher + Explosive Jack'O Lantern e Pumpking Trophy


  • Max HP: 13000/16900
  • Damage: 110/165 (melee), 80/105 (pine needle) and 100-114 (ornament)
  • Defense: 38
  • Appears during or event Frost Moon Event.

Everscream behaves identically to the Mourning Wood mini-boss. His attacks have very limited range, so just keep your distance and wait for the time to attack.

Drops do Everscream

  • Christmas Tree Sword, Christmas Hook, Razorpine, Festive Wings e Everscream Trophy


  • Max HP: 18000/23400
  • Damage: 120/180 (melee), 72/144 (machine gun), 160/320 (thorn balls), 84/168 (missiles) and 100/200 (gifts).
  • Defense: 56
  • Appears during or event Frost Moon Event.

The fight against Santa-NK1 takes place in 3 phases: in the first, the boss fires his machine gun. In the second, he hurls gifts into the air that parachute down and deal damage on contact. In the third, the boss starts a missile bombardment. The second and third attacks go through walls.

Drops do Santa-NK1

  • Elf Melter, Chain Gun e Santa-NK1 Trophy

Ice Queen

  • Max HP: 34000/44200
  • Damage: 120/180 (melee), 84/168 (frost wave) and 70/74 (ice shard)
  • Defense: 38
  • Appears during or event Frost Moon Event.

The Ice Queen is the ice and flying version of Pumpking. Its movement speed is absurdly high while keeping attacking from a distance. It alternates between three attacks: an extremely fast flight across the screen while flinging waves of ice, a swoop at the player while shooting shards of ice, and a slingshot of shards in all directions.

Drops da Ice Queen

  • Snowman Cannon
  • North Pole
  • Blizzard Staff
  • Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle
  • Reindeer Bells
  • Ice Queen Trophy

Martian Saucer

  • Max HP: 27000/54000
  • Damage: 50/100 (melee), 140/200 (radius), 300/450 (strongest radius) and 60/100 (flames)
  • Defense: 100
  • Appears during or event Martian Madness Event.

Sun Pillar

  • Max HP: 2000
  • damage: 120
  • Defense 20
  • Appears in events Lunar Events, after defeating the Lunatic Cultist.

The Solar Pillar is one of the 4 pillars that appear once you defeat the Lunatic Cultist. This mini-boss doesn't attack, it just summons countless minions and causes solar fragments to fall onto the screen. During the fight, the boss is protected by a force field that only disappears after the player defeats 100 minions.

Drops do Solar Pillar

  • Solar Fragment

Nebula pillar

  • Max HP: 2000
  • damage: 0
  • Defense: 20
  • Appears in events Lunar Events, after defeating the Lunatic Cultist.

The Nebula Pillar is another one of the 4 pillars that spawn once you defeat the Lunatic Cultist. It is the most dangerous of the pillars as, in addition to summoning mobs, it fires lasers that deal high damage and also teleports to different points on the screen.

Drops do Nebula Pillar

  • Nebula Fragment

Vortex Pillar

  • Max HP: 20000
  • damage: 0
  • Defense: 20
  • Appears in events Lunar Events, after defeating the Lunatic Cultist.

Another mini-boss that appears once you defeat the Lunatic Cultist. Vortex Pillar only summons long-distance minions that do little damage and are easy to kill.

Drops do Vortex Pillar

  • Vortex Fragment

Stardust pillar

  • Max HP: 20000
  • damage: 0
  • Defense: 20
  • Appears in events Lunar Events, after defeating the Lunatic Cultist.

The last of the bosses that appear upon defeating the Lunatic Cultist. He just summons various creatures that attack from close range and from afar.

Drops do Stardust Pillar

  • Stardust fragment
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