Lords Mobile: Know 5 Good Building Strategies!

In Lords Mobile, having a good building strategy is key to success throughout the game. That's why we've separated 5 tips for you to efficiently use the game's constructions and buildings in your favor!

Distribute resource buildings efficiently

We can say that the main thing in Lords Mobile is to collect resources to have troops, train them, build buildings and do research. There are 5 different constructions to get 5 different materials:

  • Farm: produces Food and can be upgraded to level 25; Food is used to sustain troops
  • Mine: produces Ore and can be upgraded to level 25; Ore is used for various things like upgrading other buildings or doing Research
  • Sawmill: produces Wood and can be upgraded to level 25; Wood is used for many things, like training new troops
  • Quarry: produces Stone and can be upgraded to level 25; Stone is normally used to upgrade other buildings
  • Mansion: produces Gold and can be upgraded to level 25; Gold can be used to increase your troops' training speed

With the exception of the Mansion, which we will see next, they are located in the main, flatter area of ​​the map. You will have a maximum of 18 spaces for buildings that give resources. Beginning players tend to build a lot of farms, but in the long run it's not the most efficient. That's why advanced players recommend that beginners have:

  • Farm: 1
  • Mine: 5
  • Sawmill: 6
  • Quarry: 6

Build more Infirmaries and Mansions

The buildings in the Tactical area are just around the castle. You can only have 1 safe, and there are 17 more free spaces for Barracks, Mansions and Infirmaries. The Barracks trains your troops, while the Mansion affects the gold production and training speed of soldiers. The Infirmary restores the health of all your troops.

The recommended in terms of number of buildings here is:

  • Chest: 1
  • Quarter: 2
  • Mansion: 5
  • Nursery: 8

Determine priorities in the evolution of Unique buildings

The Unique area is where you will build the buildings that are truly unique. You can only have one of each and you will eventually be able to build all available.

However, what matters here is that not everyone deserves your attention when upgrading. We've broken down in order the ones you should focus on in terms of evolution:

  • Academia
  • Forging
  • battle hall
  • Exchange Post
  • Embaixada

These 5 are more important than the Prison and the Altar, for example, which will only be useful after you reach level 17. With them you can have advantages to build and improve Walls and Watchtowers, in addition to having access to good research. that will improve every aspect of your base.

Store food and then eliminate Farms

It is a fact that as you evolve in the game and acquire more troops, the more food they will consume. So if you don't have a very good stock, you will have to dedicate yourself to playing almost to produce food, which is not the right thing to do. The ideal is to maximize the storage of this resource and stock that maximum.

Once you reach this maximum and reach level 25, you can eliminate the Farm you have or the Farms if you have more than one. You can purchase food by asking the guild or through items. So you will have space to dedicate yourself to the last tip, which is Hyper Farming.

Opt for Hyper Farming at level 25

Hyper Farming is a tactic advanced players use to improve a certain aspect of the game. From level 25, for example, it is no longer necessary to produce food. Focus on getting your guild resource or using items. So you can demolish all farms and focus on a specific resource.

If you want to train more troops, for example, you should do wooden Hyper Farming. In this case you can have 16 Sawmills, 1 Mine and 1 Quarry. This will ensure that you have well-trained soldiers. If you want to build and improve more buildings, focus on having more Quarries or Mines!

If you're still worried about food, don't worry: up to level 25, as mentioned in the previous tip, you will have reached the maximum storage of this resource. Use this "savings" to feed your troops while you can dedicate yourself to training more soldiers.

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