LoL: how to play with Zac – the Secret Weapon

Zac is a well-known tank among players, with fun but powerful gameplay. He is the perfect character for anyone who likes a different tank, capable of attacking enemies unexpectedly and dealing magic damage in a very original way.

Discover the skills of this green giant!

Passive: Cell Division

Zac Passive - Midseason 2022 Update / Rework / Change

When Zac hits an enemy with an ability, he loses part of his own body, which can then be reabsorbed to gain Health.

Taking lethal damage causes Zac to split into four pieces that will try to recombine again. The surviving pieces are respawned with a percentage of the champion's maximum Health, Magic Resist, and Armor.

Q: stretched

Zac Q - Midseason 2022 Update / Rework / Change

Zac stretches out an arm and grabs the first enemy he encounters, dealing magic damage and slowing. On his next basic attack, Zac gains a ranged buff that repeats the effects and damage of the first attack.

If Zac grabs another enemy in his second basic attack, he hurls them at each other, dealing magic damage in the area where the opponents collide.

W: Unstable Matter

Zac W - Midseason 2022 Update / Rework / Change

The champion's body erupts and pieces of Zac explode, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. When Zac reabsorbs his slime, he reduces this ability's cooldown by 1 second.

E: Elastic Slingshot

Zac E - Midseason 2022 Update / Rework / Change

Zac is able to transform into a slingshot, launching himself towards a target and flinging whoever is closest. This attack deals magic damage and spawns extra Zac slime for each enemy hit.

A: Endgame Let's Jump!

Zac R (Ultimate) - Midseason 2022 Update / Rework / Change

Zac's ultimatum is pretty fun to make and to watch. On first cast, the champion flattens into something similar to a pond, gaining immunity to Crowd Controls and slowing enemies.

On the second cast, Zac traps all opponents and jumps against their will, dealing magic damage on landing and slowing them.

Reactivate Let's Jump! before Zac charges for at least 1 second, it will cause the champion to push back enemies instead of causing the skill's full effect.

Items for Zac

stalker's blade Mercury Steps spiritual countenance Armor of Thorns Warmog's Armor Gargolytic plate

Pursuer's Blade: conjugating this item with the Enchantment: Burning Titan, Zac gains a massive Health boost and a magic damage bonus that are perfect for a tank like him.

Mercury Steps: An item that will increase your Movement Speed ​​and reduce the duration of various types of enemy attacks. The fact that it increases Magic Resistance is a bonus that Zac's fans really appreciate.

Spiritual Semblance: a perfect item for Zac and his playstyle. Spirit Visage is really an item that Zac can take advantage of every aspect of and that fits very well with the champion's constant Health gain.

Thorns Armor: essential for defending against enemies, with high speed attacks and to give a bonus to your counterattack.

Warmog's armor: A purchase for when the game is approaching the end phase, Warmog's Armor is a powerful boost to your Health and capable of restoring Zac's maximum Health with a few items.

Gargolytic plate: an ideal item to face multiple enemies and gain magic and physical resistance. Zac can only gain from this item.

Tips for playing with Zac

  • At the beginning of the game, you must gank as much as possible. Zac has the potential to be a farming machine, but he is, above all, a master at ganking;
  • Don't always use the E (elastic slingshot) to gank. It can often be much smarter to approach the enemy using Q (Stretch) and then use E to destroy opponents;
  • When you want to use E, start by charging the skill in a place away from enemy eyes. Being able to hit opponents with this ability is important, but using it to its fullest is what really makes all the difference when dealing damage;
  • Zac has several abilities that cost a percentage of his current Health. Thanks to its passive (Cell Split), the champion's slime also serves to restore its Health through a percentage of its maximum Health. So he doesn't think twice about constantly using his abilities, as long as he can reabsorb the precious chunks of goo from a safe distance with his passive.
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