List of commands for x1 in CS:GO and how to start the game!

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One of the best things about CS:GO is, without a doubt, being able to challenge another person to a famous x1. Going head to head to see who has the best aim is still something that brings great satisfaction, pride and the right to humiliate your friends. If you still don't know how to open and configure a x1 match in CS:GO, check out below the complete list of console commands you will need and then the step by step on how to set up the server.

Attention: to run the console commands below, you just need to press " ' " (quotes or apostrophe) at any time during the game, enter the commands and press Enter.

  • bot_kick: Removes all bots from the game.
  • mp_freezetime X: sets the time players are still before starting rounds. Replace "X" with the desired number of seconds. We suggest it be "1".
  • mp_free_armor 1: Players automatically receive vest and helmet at the start of rounds.
  • mp_round_restart_delay X: defines the time interval in seconds between the end of one round and the beginning of another. Replace "X" with the desired number. We suggest it be "2".
  • mp_maxrounds X: sets the maximum number of rounds in the match. Replace "X" with the desired number.
  • mp_match_can_clinch 1: With this command activated, the match is ended as soon as one player can no longer reach the other on the scoreboard.
  • mp_halftime X: defines whether or not the game will switch sides. Replace X with "1" to switch on or "0" to switch off.
  • mp_halftime_duration X: Sets the time interval in seconds during team switching.
  • mp_death_drop_gun 0: Players respawn with the same weapon after dying in the previous round.
  • mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 0: Disables ground weapon spawn on maps that have this option.
  • mp_overtime_enable X: defines whether the match will have overtime or not. Replace the "X" with "1" to enable the extension or with "0" to disable it.
  • mp_warmuptime X: sets the time in seconds of a warm-up period for both teams. Replace "X" with the desired number.
  • mp_warmup_end: ends the warm-up period automatically.
  • mp_restartgame X: resets the start after the chosen number of seconds. Replace "X" with the desired time.
  • mp_startmoney 16000: Players start the game with the maximum money. You can replace "16000" with any lower value.
  • mp_buy_anywhere 1: Enables purchase anywhere on the map.
  • changelevel X: changes the match to the chosen map. Replace "X" with the exact name of the desired map.
  • mp_ct_default_primary weapon_X: sets the default weapon of the player on the CT side.*
  • mp_ct_default_secondary weapon_X: Sets the default secondary weapon of the player on the CT side.*
  • mp_t_default_primary weapon_X: Sets the default weapon of the player on the Terrorist side.*
  • mp_t_default_secondary weapon_X: Sets the default secondary weapon of the player on the Terrorist side.*

To identify the desired weapons in the commands marked with "*" above, use the parameters:

  • USP: usp_silencer
  • Glock-18: glock
  • Desert Eagle: deagle
  • Dual Berettas: elite
  • FiveseveN: fiveseven
  • P2000: hkp2000
  • p250: p250
  • Tec9: tec9
  • CZ75-Auto: cz75a
  • R8 revolver: revolver
  • PP-Bizon: bison
  • Mac-10: mac10
  • MP7: mp7
  • MP9: mp9
  • p90: p90
  • UMP-45: ump45
  • MP5-SD: mp5sd
  • M249: m249
  • Mag7: mag7
  • Negev: negev
  • new: new
  • Sawed-off: sawedoff
  • XM1014: xm1014
  • M4A4: m4a1
  • M4A1-S: m4a1_silencer
  • AK47: ak47
  • AUG: aug
  • AWP: awp
  • fames: fames
  • G3SG1: g3sg1
  • Galil-AR: galilar
  • SCAR-20: scar20
  • SG556: sg556
  • SSG 08: ssg08

How to start a x1 match in CS:GO

The first step to starting your x1 is to invite a friend to the match. To do this, on the home screen, you just need to access the right side menu, choose the friend you want to challenge and click on "Invite friend".

Then choose the "Play CS:GO" menu and set the mode and map you want to play. In the case of x1 matches, the best options by far are the Workshop maps:

For those who don't know, the CS:GO Workshop works as a "library" of maps created by the community itself. To access it, choose "Workshop Maps" in the tab shown above and, on the next screen, select "Access Workshop":

After being directed to the Workshop page, enter "x1" in the search field located in the upper right corner of the screen:

A veritable collection of x1 maps will appear for you to choose from. To transfer them to your game, just hover your mouse cursor over the maps you want and click on the green "+" icon, highlighted in the image above. All added maps will be permanently available to you in the "Workshop Maps" menu, no need to download them again.

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