Learn how to put bots on Discord!

Discord wouldn't be the success it is without bots. For those who don't know, bots are small programs that you can install on your server to add the most varied and fun features. If you're looking to boost your server, check out a quick step-by-step guide on how to put bots on Discord below:

1. Access Top.GG

Top.GG is the largest Discord bot portal in the world. With hundreds of options, there you can find all the best bots to customize and improve your server. In addition to filtering categories like Music, Certificates, Top Rated, Trends, etc., Top.GG allows you to search for exactly the bot you want to download.

Although it is not the only source of bots out there, it is certain that Top.GG's rating system is the most reliable as each program is rated by the entire community. If a bot is highly rated on Top.GG, it's certainly good!

2. Connect the bot to your server

After selecting a bot from the website, the next screen will always contain two options: Invite e Vote, as in the image below. To put the bot on your Discord server you just need to choose the first one.

Next, you will need to inform the server where you want to add the bot. After setting it, click "Authorize":

Ready! The bot will be installed and will work automatically.

Some specific bots (very few) are not available on Top.GG and can only be downloaded from their specific sites. In these cases, you must follow the instructions on the page.

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