Learn how to play Minecraft online and with your friends! (2020/2022)

Even with the infinity of things to do in Minecraft, the game is even more fun when we play online with other people, especially with our friends. Below you will find the detailed walkthrough on how to play in the same world as your friends or even play with others in multiplayer mode. The methods below are applicable for all game platforms, including mobile, allowing you to play with your friends from a distance.

Attention: We know that there are "less official" ways to play Minecraft online. However, we failed to mention those that, despite being popular, are not very safe.

Playing Minecraft with Friends on Windows 10, Mobile, Xbox, PS4 and Switch

This method is applied to the version Bedrock and is compatible with:

  • Android e iOS (Pocket Edition);
  • Windows 10
  • Nintendo Switch;
  • Xbox One e Xbox 360;
  • 4 Playstation

To use this method, you and your friends must have the same version of Minecraft installed. Otherwise, it will not be possible for one to enter the world of the other.

1 - Go to Microsoft's official website to quickly create an Xbox Live account.

2 - After creation, access the menu in the upper right corner and click "xbox profile":

3 - On the next screen, use the field "Find people or clubs" and enter the exact name of the friends you want to add. Also tell them your username, as they will need to add it in the same way. It is not possible for unadded people to enter each other's worlds. After finding the person, select "Add friend".

Please note that all characters must be noted accurately, including uppercase and lowercase letters.

4 - Alternatively, you can add friends within the game, but first you need to log into your Xbox Live account via the "Sign In" option:

5 - Then go to the menu "Play>Friends>Add friend":

6 - On the next screens, choose the options "Find friends by gamertag" and, after finding them, "Add friend":

7 - After all have been added, go to the menu "play>worlds" and edit the world you want to play in with your friends:

8 - On the next screen, select the "Multiplayer" section and enable the "Multiplayer Match" option:

9 - The tabs below define the permissions of who can or cannot enter your world:

10 - Once you've set up the world for multiplayer and decided on the permissions, just go in and play. With that, it is enough for your friends to access the menu "Play>Friends"and your world will be available for them to enter:

11 - At any time you can invite more friends to your world by accessing "Options>Invite to game":

12 - If you want to increase the maximum number of friends in your world you need to have the cheats enabled (Options>Game>Enable Cheats) and then type the command /setmaxplayers x, where "X" is the number of players you want.

Playing Minecraft Online on PC, Mac and Linux

This method is applied to the version Java Edition, that is, it is only compatible with the PC, Mac and Linux versions, including TLauncher. The method consists of accessing Minecraft multiplayer servers specifically aimed at gathering many players. There are several available on the internet, but not all of them are really reliable. To make your search easier, get to our list of the best Minecraft servers.

1 - To log into a multiplayer server, you just need, first of all, to know the IP address of the server you want to join. You can find this information on the official servers page. In the link above we have already informed the address of all the suggested servers.

2 - With the server's IP address, access the "Multiplayer" menu on the main Minecraft screen, enter the IP address in the "Server address" field and click "Done":

3 - On the next screen, click on the server that appears and choose "Join the server" or "Direct connection":

4 - Ready, you will log in to the server and you will find many other people inside, including your friends who have logged in at the same time.

5 - For those who play on Windows 10, Xbox, Android and iOS (Pocket Edition), there are also 3 official Minecraft servers:

  • mineplex
  • InPvP
  • Lifeboat

Playing in Minecraft Realms

Still on the topic of Minecraft multiplayer servers, there is one more official called Minecraft Realms. It is a "premium server" created by Mojang, in which you pay a monthly fee to have access to some tools. To gain access and get more information, just go to the official Minecraft Realms page.

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