Learn how to play Avakin Life on PC hassle free!

If your phone is weak or if you prefer to play Avakin Life with a mouse and on a larger screen, check out our guide to installing the game on your PC. So, you don't have to worry about the battery or the space the game takes up.

1. Download and install the Nox Player emulator

To run a game created for mobile on PC, it is necessary to download and install an Android emulator. This software simulates a cell phone and allows you to use the mouse and keyboard, in addition to having many other advantages. In this example, we use Nox Player. It's a lightweight emulator with lots of cool features and where it's easy to install games.

The bar on the right side of the screen has different functions such as taking screenshots, rotating the screen, configuring controls and other details. You can explore without fear, it's not easy to screw up the emulator.

If you don't like Nox Player, check out other Android emulators to run mobile games!

2. Download and install Avakin Life

Just like on a cell phone, click on the Google Play Store bar that appears on the emulator's home screen and search for the game. Download and install. Remember that Google Play will ask for your credentials as usual. The game is light, takes little time to install.

3. Configure your account and controls

Then create your character by choosing a name and appearance. Don't worry, you can completely change the look later. Depending on how you play, you can also customize the controls using your keyboard and mouse, or just use your mouse. To customize, just press the keyboard symbol on the right side of the screen.

Then drag the buttons to the screen zone. In this case, we chose to use only the arrow keys and leave the mouse free, but you can play with just the mouse without any problem.

And ready! Now your character just depends on you and your preferences.

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