Learn how to play Among Us with friends: online and local

Playing Among Us is already fun! Now with friends it gets even better! In this article we will teach you how to set up games to play only with your gaming partners, to make this detective game much more competitive and fun. Learn how to do it online and locally!

Playing Among Us online

The first step is to be a Session Host. You can even join a session created by a friend, but you're more likely to be in control of the initial situation, to make the process easier. So let's go to the steps!

1. Create the online session

Just click Online, as in the image below.

2. Host and select one of the servers

will click on Create Game, in the section Host. Then select the server, which can be Europe, North America and Asia. Everyone in the group must be on the same server to avoid connection problems.

3. Customize match settings

Here you will define the map, how many imposters there will be, chat options and the number of participants in the match. All of this can be edited later in the lobby while other players enter.

4. Share the room code with friends

This step is really important. That code you can see in the image below must be sent to your friends so they can enter the room. To do this, they will go to Online, Enter code and will enter the code. Soon after they will be in the lobby with you!

They may experience connection instability even though they are on the same server. This is normal. If necessary, they should change the Host, as this can sometimes help.

5. Change room to Public if you don't have enough players

Your group of Among Us friends may be smaller than you'd like, or part of the crowd may be busy when you want to play. To have a competitive match, one option in these cases is to set the match to Public rather than Private. So people from all over the world can complete the room.

How to play Among Us local

Playing Among Us locally is even easier. The procedure is almost the same as playing online. The main difference is that everyone must be connected to the same WiFi. See:

  • Step 1: all players must be connected to the same WiFi
  • Step 2: if it is the Host, click on ADDRESS
  • Step 3: set all game options
  • Step 4: your friends can join the section

Among Us: is there crossplay between mobile and PC?

Yea! You don't have to do anything special to make this happen. In fact, you may be playing on PC against mobile players and vice versa without even knowing it. So just join Online or Local matches and that's it.

Remembering that Among Us is available for PC/Mac and Android/iOS.

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