Learn how to make Cake in Minecraft!

Cakes are items you use to regain your hunger in Minecraft. Unlike most foods in the game, you cannot eat a Cake directly from your inventory, as you need to place it on top of a solid block first.

A Cake in Minecraft contains 7 slices and each one restores 2 Hunger and gives 0.4 Saturation. As there is no animation in the act of eating the Cake, you can use all 7 slices almost instantly.

To craft a Cake you need 3 Buckets with Milk, 2 sugars, 1 egg e 3 Wheats. After obtaining them, organize them as follows:

The above ingredients are obtained as follows:

bucket with milk: through Cows or Mushrooms. Just use an (empty) Bucket when you're near them.

Sugar: through any combination of Sugar Cane or Honey Jar.

Egg: Eggs are dropped from Chickens every 5-10 minutes.

Wheat: Can be farmed in crops, found in various chests (dungeons, Woodland Manor, igloos, etc) or crafted through any Hay Bale combination.

After crafting, your Cake will look like this:

information about the cake

  • A partially eaten Cake does not return to the inventory. You'll need to go back to the solid block where you placed it to finish it.
  • Cakes attract Pandas. Just place it close to the animal and it will walk towards the food.
  • Baking a Cake for the first time earns the achievement “The Lie”.

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