Learn how to create and configure your server in Unturned!

Creating a server in Unturned is one of the game's greatest graces as you can set the game's rules and share the world with friends. Thinking of those who still don't know how to create a server, we brought you a complete step-by-step guide on how to create and configure your server in the easiest way possible. Check out!

How to create your server in Unturned

First, access the Unturned folder. If you don't know the directory, go to the Steam library, right click on Unturned and select "Properties". Then choose the "Local Files" tab and click "Browse local files":

In the game folder, locate the "Unturned" executable (the file that starts the game), right click on it and select "Create Shortcut" This will create a new game executable file that you should rename however you like. This will be the file used to start your server:

After creating and renaming the new executable, right-click on it and select Properties. In the field "To", put a space after the quotes (make sure you don't delete any characters that are already there) and paste the following code:

-nographics -batchmode +secureserver/nomedoServer

After pasting the code above, just close the window by clicking "OK".

The next step is to run the file from your server. Doing so will load a command prompt. Once the upload is complete, your server will be automatically created. This process may take a few minutes depending on your processor. When finished, close the prompt by typing the command "shutdown".

How to configure your Unturned server

Now it's time to configure your server. After running it for the first time, go to the following directory: Unturned> Servers> nomedoServer> Server and run the file Commands.dat in Notepad. Then paste the following information into the empty file, as is:





Port 27015






After pasting, you need to fill each field with the settings you want for your server. Keep in mind that:

  • Name, Password e Map: Name, password and map you want. The password must have a maximum of 4 digits.
  • Maxplayers: maximum number of players allowed on the server. A maximum of 24 is recommended.
  • Port (The Harbour District): do not change this value.
  • Perspective: Sets the perspective of the game. Fill in "thirdperson" for 3rd person view, "firstperson" for 1st person view, or "both" for both.
  • fashion: game difficulty. Type easy/normal/hard/gold according to your preference.
  • PvP: change this line to "pve" if you don't want the player vs player function.
  • Cheats: fill with "on" to enable cheats or "off" to disable.
  • Welcome: you can replace this line with any message you like.


Then rerun the server file. After the load is complete, leave the prompt open to keep the server running and run Unturned normally, either via Steam or whatever shortcut you use. Finally, with the game open, select the menu "LAN", choose your server and start the game.

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