Learn how to create a Free Fire account to start playing

Free Fire is a survival game that everyone is playing and you can't miss it. To play, you need to create an account and we will teach you how to do everything right.

First, you must download the game's application on an Android or iOS phone to start playing. Download the Free Fire app for Android here.

If you prefer to play on PC, with keyboard and mouse, you need to have an Android emulator. It's very simple and, in our opinion, the best experience is with the Bluestacks app. Learn how to run Free Fire on your computer in 3 steps!

Connection with Facebook

When entering Free Fire for the first time, you will have three options to access the game. Usually the easiest way is by connecting your Facebook to the game or creating a new one, if you don't use the social network.

Connection with VK

If you don't want to login via Facebook, you can then sign in with an account VK.

Again, you can choose an existing account or register. When choosing to register, a screen will appear to enter your information. And finally, you will have to confirm with a bar code that you will receive free of charge on your cell phone.

Creating a new character

There is also a third way to create a Free Fire account. Just choose the option to register using only one surname.

On the next screen, choose your gender and a name for your character and you're ready to play.

Learn how to create, choose and change nicknames on Free Fire!

Free Fire Goal

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a free survival shooter in which 50 players crash on a remote island with the aim of survive until the end of the match.

Players can choose their landing spot and, once on the island, they can use vehicles, weapons and other items to defend themselves and eliminate other players.

Now that you know how to create your account, check out 10 tips to rock Free Fire!

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