Learn all about the latest Free Fire Update!

Stay tuned and find out what changed in Free Fire on 19/01/2022! The game is always being improved and updated with new modes, characters, weapons and other details. And you need to know everything to do well in the game!

Free Fire is getting highly competitive and needs new challenges and constant fixes. Nobody likes to be eliminated and lose the game because of a game defect. Check out everything that has changed in the game, with confirmation.

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Update from 19/01/2022

free fire max

  • Crafting workshop now has a parkour mode
  • Improved mode editor and map editor.


  • Skyler: Players can accurately aim using the skill button
  • Olivia: Players revived by the character now have more HP
  • Xtreme: skill buff, increased damage dealt to shields and ice walls. Skill with lower cooldown.
  • Maxim: eat mushrooms and use medkits faster.

Contra Squad:

  • One Airdrop per round in classic CS mode

  • Ranked Battle Card: A card that shows your stats as a player.

  • Hangar and Nurek: new zones on the Bermuda map
  • Improved and modernized icons
  • Alpine: new map

Battle Royale

  • Katulistiwa, Mars Electric, and Mill with more props on the map, to increase gameplay in these zones.
  • Improved respawn mechanics
  • Increased gas zone speed at the start of the match

New weapon: Extra Charge

Weapon Settings:

  • M1014, SPAS12, M1887, MAG-7, UMP, MP5, MP40, P90, Thompson, MAC10 - reduced range and damage on headshots
  • Mini Uzi: Reduced effective range and ranged headshot damage, lower armor penetration
  • Vector: Reduced ranged headshot damage
  • M500: Reduced ranged headshot damage
  • SCAR: increased damage and effective range
  • AUG: Increased damage and effective range
  • Slingshot: Two more shots per magazine
  • Light Grenade: increased capacity
  • Helmet Thickener: reduced protection capacity
  • Improved vests against explosives

New improved weapons in airdrop:

  • Groza-X, deals 10% more damage
  • M249-X: more damage, higher rate of fire
  • SVD-Y: Can pierce through walls of ice dealing damage (reduced)

Improved Shooting Club on Training Island with targets shaped like opponents.

Crafting Workshop: Match search available

Improved backpack management with weapon tags.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Automatically equip items on the Training Island;
  • Bomb Squad: Improved explosions
  • Shotgun and Pistol ammo icons allow interaction
  • When teammates perform First Kill, Triple Kill and Quad Kill it is possible to enjoy
  • Auto collection priority can be configured
  • Muting text and voice messages during match is enabled
  • Collections tab moved to Vault;
  • Fitting room for two selected costumes
  • Replay to automatically save the last 10 matches;
  • Both kills and assists will be considered for Battle Royale ranked daily missions
  • Backpacks will become transparent when they get in the way.

Update from 09/12/2022


Chrono: Shooting through the forcefield is now impossible.
Tuned Shield: Creates a force field that blocks 800 damage from all players. Movement speed is no longer increased.

Maxim: Gluttony special ability reduced. Use of medkits nerfed on 5/8/12/17/23/30%

Kamir: Skill buff. Kamir recovers more energy faster.

D-Good: Buffed Break Foot skill by 10%

Thiva: Can rescue teammates faster. 5% buff

ff gladiators

  • New: One side will choose all players' weapons.

  • map increased in size

  • New rank after Master and before Challenger: Elit

Against Squad

  • It is finally possible to order multiple items at once.
  • Map adjustments in Academy and Mill.
  • Limited backpack space. Limit on the number of grenades

Battle Royale

  • Minimum FF Tokens adjusted to 100.
  • New protection accessories: The Helmet Thickener and the Vest Increaser.

Weapons and Balancing

  • New Weapon - MAC10
  • Reduced weapon change time, proportional to weapon.

Reduced effective range on the following weapons:

  • UMP: -5%
  • MP5: -3%
  • Thompson: -3%
  • USE: -5%
  • MAG-7: -3%


  • Reduction of recoil by 10%


  • Reduction of recoil (crouching and lying down) by 30%

UMP and XM8

  • Increased recharge time.


  • Increased rate of fire by 5%


  • Increased rate of fire by 10%


  • Increased armor penetration by 20%

Light Grenade

  • Optimized target markers hit by the light grenade.


  • Kill assists now appear on the HUD.
  • It is now possible to tag objects, vehicles and items.
  • Free looking is possible in skydiving and driving.
  • Combining tap and drag to run is now possible.

Minor Optimizations and Fixes:

  • Optimization of contact weapon animations;

  • Optimization of battle tag special effects;

  • Graphics optimization when outside the safe zone;

  • Optimized cooldown display for individual Airdrops;

  • Names of locations on the map visible when parachuting in Battle Royale;

  • You can use different nicknames on your friends.

  • Special effects from weapons and skins are not used during combat.

Update from 27/09/2022

Free Fire MAX

- New: Creation Workshop. This new feature allows players to create their own maps in an editor and share them with the rest of the players in a Custom Room, very similar to the Steam Workshop, for example. The most popular maps will be recommended.

- New Map Available: Bermuda Max

- 4v4 Clock Tower matches with better graphics and new buildings.

- New animations, lobby and 360º profile view.
Note: Free Fire Max animations last the same as in classic Free Fire.

-Sounds: Improved shooting sounds and echo effect when shooting inside a building. Improved footstep sounds. These measures make combat more immersive.

-Drone: this equipment now uses a bluish detection area to increase immersion.

Against Squad

- 6x6 in CS mode currently only available in the custom room.

- Team respawn adjustments in the Clock Tower area.

Battle Royale Mode

- The vending machine in Airdrop will be available in this mode.

- Improved UI and HUD in Return Points; timer for the end and recharge Points of Return.

- Capture of Return Points is now possible to see on the map.

- Gas damage increased by 10%. In each new gas zone, 3% damage increase.

- Improved Training Island Combat Zone


  • Chrono: shield nerf, movement speed, skill duration and cooldown changed.
  • Wukong: Speed ​​nerf by 20% when skill is active.
  • Andrew "The Fearless": nerf; pack damage reduction
  • Shiro: Damage Delivery skill buff, cooldown decrease

- New item: Furious Reload Biochip

Weapons and Balancing

  • Vest Thickener: Vest resists explosions better
  • Extra Life on Vest: Whenever equipped, increases your health.
  • New weapon: Treatment Rifle
  • SPAS-12: 10% increased range
  • FF Knife: 50% increased damage (!!) and increased rate.
  • P90: The famous disgusting P got greater range, with a 10% increase
  • Grenade: range reduced by 25%
  • AWM: increased armor penetration by 8%
  • SKS: 25% increased minimum damage
  • Vector: Nerfada completely to balance.

- Replay function available on some devices in beta mode

- Guild System: new interface; new functions

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • When throwing away, it is now possible to separate items
  • Star count can be seen on the Contra Squad scoreboard;
  • Team building menu now has chat.
  • Modified Camouflage Grenade Signaling.

Update from 05/08/2022

- New Lone Wolf Mode. Show that you are the best in 1 vs 1.

- New CS Season: 05/08/2022 to 29/09/2022

- In CS mode you can order weapons from your team, which will be delivered directly to your inventory.

- Backpack is now visible in CS mode.

Battle Royale Mode

- Adjustment of ranked points

- It is possible to see the Tokens in the backpack menu

- Training room to train throwing grenade

- New characters: Thiva and Jota (coming soon)

- Luqueta: skill buff; each kill increases your HP more

- Shani: skill buff; armor is repaired after every kill, repair can even increase your vest up to level 3

- Alvaro: skill buff; increased explosive weapon damage

- New Pet: Sensei Tig

- New AC80 Weapon


  • M4A1: Modification chip for X,Y,Z weapons
  • UZI: damage buff, increased magazine, increased range
  • XM8: shooting rate buff; increased recoil
  • SPAS: new extras; greater scope
  • Vector: scope buff; motion speed buff
  • M1887: Armor penetration nerf, range and fire rate
  • Special extras: SMG tip; shotgun tip; AR charger.
  • SMG Tip Buff: Increased range on MP40, P90, Thompson, Vector, and MP5.
  • Double slope: 20% nerve

Bugs, improvements and fixes

  • improved lobby
  • Modified run mechanism
  • Adjusting Fire Pass Quests
  • Likes received at the end of the match will now be shown in the final results.
  • Players who hide their Pets will not be able to see their team's pets.
  • Modified SMG ammo icon
  • Multi-kill ad optimization

Update from 14/04/2022

- Contra Squad

  • New ranked season starts on April 15th at 06:00h
  • Store tweaks: different store options with different weapon
  • MVP: the most valuable player will appear at the end of each Match
  • Dynamic Area, to avoid camping

- New Map: Bermuda Remastered: Only available in Contra Squad

- Character System

  • Changed character interface
  • Max character level is now 6 and doesn't need gold or diamonds to level up.
  • Awakened abilities include the characters' original abilities.

- New Characters: Maro and Extrema

- Character Adjustments

  • Chrono: Nerf in forcefield in radius, power, duration and movement speed thus increased cooldown.
  • Wukong: Active Skill Buff; increased transformation duration, refreshed cooldown, shooting cancels skill, knocking down enemies resets cooldown
  • Rafael: Ability buff - Silent Death is now a passive activity; When using snipers and sniper rifles enemies lose more health, faster
  • Blue Flame Hayato: Goshinjutsu Buff: is now a passive skill; frontal damage reduced per 10% loss
  • A124: Buff. Greater conversion of energy points to health points, decreased recharge time
  • Misha: Buff. Increased driving speed. Misha also loses less energy driving and is harder to hit.
  • Olivia: Buff. Healed players will receive more extra life.
  • Maxim: Buff. Maxim can eat and use medkits faster.

- Nova Arma: Kord

- Weapon Settings

  • FAMAS: damage buff and minimum damage, movement speed and accumulated recoil
  • UMP: Damage buff, accuracy, movement accuracy, movement speed. Rate of fire nerf.
  • FF Knife: Increased damage. (No one will use it anyway, but cool)
  • MAG 7: Precision buff, moving accuracy, decreased recoil
  • Vector Akimbo: Precision nerf, recoil, reload speed, extra magazine removed, magazine size changed
  • M82B: Damage nerf against vehicles and players behind ice
  • M14: Damage buff
  • Light Grenade: shorter light duration
  • Smoke Grenade: Smoke speed and cast distance increased
  • Machine Gun Mode: Lie down or crouch to make suppressive fire

- Return Area : Available on all maps

- Bugs and Improvements

  • Improved vending machines
  • Backpack organization
  • Active skills visible to screeners
  • Optimized HUD
  • Damage counted bug fix

Update from 04/02/2022

Against Squad

- New Season of Contra Squad. The season is from 05/02/2022 to 14/04/2022. Reward is the golden Mp5.

- Weapon shops in Contra Squad will be adjusted to maps, offering different weapons in each one.

- New Item: Mystery Box. Only available in Contra Squad casual mode this new item allows the disadvantaged team to access some special items.

Battle Royale

- Vending Machine- adjusted prices; number of tokens on the map adjusted

- New Item: UAV Lite- Available at Vending Machine. This item allows the player to detect nearby enemies.

- New Item: War Chest - Loot available in poorly protected places on the map

-New Mechanics: Return Area. Players can recover their downed teammates by controlling this place. Obviously, the area will be difficult to defend and enemies will be alerted whenever it is used.

- New item: Return Card. Buy the return card at a vending machine and recover your teammates.


- New weapon: MAG-7


  • Vector: Decreased damage, accuracy and range
  • M1887: range decreased
  • Parafal: Decreased range and accuracy
  • Carpin: Decreased rate of fire
  • SVD: Decreased damage and rate of fire

Buffs and Adjustments

  • M1014: Damage and rate of fire increased. Shooting sound changed.
  • UMP: increased damage and armor penetration
  • M249: increased accuracy, range and speed of movement when firing
  • Groza: Fire rate, damage and recoil leveled

- Knives: it is now possible to throw knives in Free Fire.

- Dynamic Duo - playing with a fixed comrade and buying the Golden Jura it is possible to get different rewards that will depend on how long you play together. Available soon.


  • Contacts of friends available
  • It is possible to pre-invite your friends, even within a match
  • updated personal profile
  • Team lobby available
  • improved score

- Quick Messages: available for all modes, to finally not hear that friend's microphone full of interference.

- Free Gaze: 360 degree view available in all modes. Enable it in your settings.

Optimizations and Bugs

  • You can use your twitter to log in
  • Kneeling and rising does not interrupt the revive
  • Nick from colleague of time, vísivel
  • Damage bug fixed
  • K's special ability with new skins
  • Inhaler heals over 200 HP for characters over 200+
  • Tokens rewards marked on the map
  • Can finally see teammates' equipment and skills
  • High FPS and Shadows available on all devices
  • It's finally possible to open bounty boxes with a single tap
  • Markers on the map can be seen even during the parachute jump
  • new sounds
  • FAMAS-X available in Classic mode

Update 07/12/2020

Against Squad

- New CS season starting on December 08th.
- Improved team balance and better matchmaking
- Improved CS store
- Preformed squads with lower patent protection
- Whenever they rank up, players will receive more rank protections
- Pre-formed squads will be paired with pre-formed squads whenever possible

- Players who reach Gold III get a Gold P90


- New Vector Akimbo weapon- available for now in Classic and CS mode
Vector is Free Fire's first Akimbo weapon, making it possible to use two Vector at the same time.

- M82B- the chance of finding an M82B has been greatly reduced

- M4A1 - Improved damage, fire rate and range; decreased recoil

- P90 : slightly increased damage and lower recoil
Advanced Attachments replaced by Advanced Weapons, with attachments already in place.

training island

- New items
- New Zone: Music Arcade
- Dynamic light

-Surfboard: nerfed speed; any action with the board needs a cooldown time

-Fire Pass: new missions and Inferface
- Veteran and Elite quests replaced with weekly quests

-New HUD: it is possible to have two different HUDs for different game modes
-New interface for Ranked Mode
-Extras menu: it is possible to run the extras menu within the game
-Free Fire Partners: new partner program available; Free Fire partners use a special in-game symbol.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Kill Cam optimized in Battle Royale mode

  • Players can reconnect to the Jump Master

  • Control optimization while players are freefalling

  • secondary weapons appear on the character

Update 23 / 09 / 2020

- New Weapon: ParaFAL, only in classic and Contra Squad mode

- New Grenade Usage Mechanics: Players can wait for the right moment to throw the grenade by viewing the detonation time on the screen.

- Shop tweaks in Contra Squad mode

Credits: Srikanta

- New Weapon: Flamethrower. (Briefly)

- Restart of the Contra Squad season

Buffs and Nerfs

  • P90: Improved accuracy and rate of fire
  • M14: Decreased base and minimum damage
  • Accessory M14 Core of Fury: Decreased rate of fire using this extra
  • Plasma Gun: Increased overall accuracy (still and moving)
  • Accessory kar98 Biometric Sight: decreased aim assist range
  • Glider: decrease in maximum height
  • Scan: now detects vehicles

- Jai: Increased reload capacity by 20% on Pistols, AR, Submachine Gun and Shotguns

- Clu: bug fix that allowed some enemies to be able to see the character when using their skill

- Boost: Players can jump higher using a teammate who is kneeling

- New Arsenal Menu with 360 view, optimizations and better way to share your weapon skins.

- HUD: can (finally) save your hud to the cloud.

- Backpack: new way to organize your loot

- New spawn map “The Arena”. Available in classic and ranked mode

Changes to the Training Island

  • Amphibious motorcycle: can use nitro and jump
  • New Minigame: Target shooting
  • Private cinema available
  • Players will respawn closer to others in the social zone

Other Update Notes

  • It is possible to view the status of the Skill on the screen
  • Fixed ice wall bug
  • It is possible to mark the position of mushrooms
  • Players can open the setup menu while dead or in spectator mode
  • Improved arsenal filters
  • Improvements to the Most Valuable Player (MVP) menu
  • Improved Jeep model

Update 26 / 07 / 2020

- New character: Luqueta

Credits: Sooneeta Gaming

- New Fri: Dom Pisante

- Hayato's character will be enhanced with a new skill entitled "Art of Blades" gaining the new name of Hayato Blue Flame. This skill reduces frontal damage by 35% for 6 seconds.

- New healing item: Injection

- Bermuda Map 2.0: the most popular map in the game has undergone some changes, but only in CS mode for now

-New screens and other graphical changes

- New Skins

Update 03 06 2020

- New anti hack measures. The creators of Free Fire have improved and updated the detection of intrusive scripts, suspending over 89,600 accounts. The use of macros is marked as a hack and therefore justifies the ban.

-Contact Squad Ranquedo

  • Menu with Kills and Average Wins for each player as well as career evolution.
  • Quitting ranked CS too often can make the mode inaccessible to the player.
  • Empty seats will be replaced by a bot.
  • Players who claim the Gold Rank III will receive the Deagle
  • CS will have a new store.

- New Character: Wolfrahh

- Purgatory map returns to classic mode
- New Weapon: M82B

-Advanced VSS Saw Bullet Attachment with increased effective damage.

- Nerfed Kar98K Biometric Sight, with increased reload time.

-SKS: fire rate, body damage and armor damage increased.

-SVD: increased body damage and armor damage.

-M14: increased effective distance and minimal damage.

-M1887: Minimal damage and range decreased.

-Reduced shotgun and sniper ammo per magazine. This change aims to reduce the space occupied in the backpack.

-Inhaler: removed activation conditions; it is possible to use the inhaler anywhere now

-New Pet: Falcon

-Switching active skills between characters enabled

-Easier to detect Skill Activation thanks to a new icon.

-Training Island: improvements and additions of new zones, vehicles and weapons

- Anti Bomb Squad Mode: weapons store will be similar to the weapons store in Contra Squad mode; number of goals increased

- Number of equipped Emotes increased to 8

- Guilds: Guild leaders now have more options to manage and manage their players.

-Other fixes

  • Graphically improved game messages
  • Facial expressions added to Kelly
  • Improved regeneration in combat modes like Contra Squad and the like
  • Added 30 second Warm-up to Combat modes
  • graphics optimizations
  • Best rewards for novice players
  • Graphically improved Armor HUD.

New update 08 04 2020

-Contra Squad is finally in ranked mode

Credits: BRUNÃO

New Character: Kapella

- Motorbike available in all modes, being able to carry two players.

New Arm: Thompson



  • Improved fire rate by 25%
  • Improved accuracy by 7%
  • Movement while shooting improved by 20%
  • Range improved by 13%
  • Front grip removed


  • Increased overall damage
  • Increased minimum damage
  • Armor penetration increased 25%
  • Decreased recoil by 25%
  • Increased movement speed +15%
  • Range decreased by 5%


  • Armor penetration increased by 6%
  • Fire rate increased by 4%
  • 30% slower reload
  • Minimal damage decreased

-Smoke Grenade available in the Contra Squad store

-Weapon changes in the Contra Squad store

  • The UMP was replaced by the M60.
  • The CG-15 was replaced with the new weapon, the Thompson.
  • Smoke Grenade replaces the Light Grenade
  • Kar98k equipped from scratch with biometric sights
  • XM8 and M1014 price increased

-New Pet: Otter

-A ship will fly over the map in all modes. Stay tuned and discover its secrets.

Other Update Notes

  • It is now impossible to camouflage yourself using foliage tops
  • Backpack skin appears while jumping
  • It is possible to reduce the loot auto-pickup delay
  • It is now impossible to cancel the consumption of mushrooms
  • Players can use crosshairs while using special ability
  • Improved special effects in some menus and graphical optimizations
  • Players can check if the match is classic or ranked
  • Gallery for elite passes
  • Gamecenter logging is now supported
  • Kalahari added to the survivor manual
  • Players can quickly equip a character's ability
  • Players can purchase character shards from the choice menus

New update 25/02/2020

Novo Mapa: Kalahari

The new desert map will be available from 27/02 at 17:00 only in classic mode. The Purgatory map will only be available in Rush Hour from the same date.

New Map: Training Island

Credits: Belgian TV

It will be available from 27/02 at 17:00 to train your tactics, adjust your sensitivity, hud and get to know the weaponry.

-Team Deathmatch with weapon and equipment tweaks

New Character: Steffie

New Item: Inhaler

Despite healing less than Medikit, this item allows healing on the move from 25 HP and EP up to 150. Classic mode only.

New item: Electric Board

An ultra fast way to move around the map but very noisy


- AN94 with some changes: less damage, better recoil control, extra tip removed, minimum range increased

- XM8: Increased damage, increased rate of fire, reduced range, decreased accuracy, decreased magazine, shooting while moving does not decrease accuracy

- Weapons added to Ranked Mode:

  • Gel Gun (Only in Airdrop)

- Added Extras to Ranked mode

  • Kar98k- Biometric Crosshair
  • VSS - Bala Sarote
  • M14- Amago of Rage
  • Double Cartridge

- Advanced Accessories

  • AWM - Piercing Ammo: Deals 300% extra damage to any defensive item, without taking extra HP to enemies. Ideal for breaking ice.
  • Plasma Gun - Thermal Converter: Plasma Gun's damage increases the closer it gets to overheating.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved friend suggestions
  • Players can finally block unwanted friend requests
  • Added “Invite” button in lobby to open team menu
  • Submit requests to join the team is possible
  • Players can use a code to join a team
  • Team leader can remove players
  • Added a tab with players from recent matches
  • It is possible to switch skills from one pet to another.
  • Active skills are no longer interrupted by running.
  • Players can mute teammates in chat
  • Shoot icon changes depending on the weapon used.
  • Vehicle HP with increased visibility
  • Added automatic weapon switching option when out of ammo.
  • If HP is low, warning tips will appear.
  • Minimap automatically scales.

Update 11 / 12 / 2022

- New Character: Notorious

- Permanent CS mode (finally, hem?)

- Desert Eagle back, with a pretty cool buff. Only in Contra Squad mode.

-New Advanced Weapon Extras: Amago of Rage, Biometric Sight, Saw Bullet,

- 20% reduction of the fragments needed to reach the maximum level and adjustments in that same system

- Fourth Skill Slot for characters

- Price reduction of all characters

- Reduced amount of Gold/Diamonds needed to level up.

- Landmine has been nerfed, dealing max damage from 205 to 120 health. This serves to delay your opponents rather than eliminating them.

- Ranked Mode with more elements:

  • M60- Spiral Charger
  • MP5- Electric Discharge
  • M1887
  • Hand Cannon
  • Plasma Weapon
  • helmet 4

- Easier for new players to level up

- Match summary shows the damage dealt by your team

- Treatment Gun shows how much health recovered in each shot

- Players can now tag items for teammates

- Helmet 4 added to Drops

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved animations and interfaces
  • Increased loot box size
  • Improved Aim Interface
  • The “Back” button has been removed from the top right corner
  • Pet name allows a minimum of 2 characters

Update 16 / 10 / 2022

- New character: Shani

- New weapon:M1887

- New five: silver fox

- Variable Weather (Rush hour only)

- New store

- New modes

- Improved 4X4 mode

- Crossbow improvements. It is now possible to use explosive arrows

- Extras for M60 and Mp5. They are the first advanced add-ons to significantly improve existing weapons.

- Oil barrels have been removed in CS mode

- Special markers to facilitate squad work

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • graphics optimization
  • Optimization of different interfaces
  • Improved some animations
  • iPhone Optimizations

Update 06 / 09 / 2022

- New Character: joseph

- New item: Glider

Now you can gain a strategic advantage over your enemies with this cool item, inspired by the Ring of Elysium game. Only in casual mode for now.

- New helmet: 4 Level

- New weapons: Plasma Gun, Hand Cannon, and AMR: Anti Vehicle Weapon. Only in casual mode.

- New Mode: Free Fire Cup

Bug fixes and improvements

  1. Graphics and performance improvements
  2. Some corrections

Update 26 / 06 / 2022

- New patent: Challenger. This patent will only be available to best 300 players from each region. The creators of Free Fire created this new patent to filter by skill even those who have already caught Mestre.

- Ranked system has been improved. From the Diamond patent and above, the point calculation has been improved, making it more difficult to lose points.

- New items in the Ranked Token shop

- New item: Repair Kit. This kit allows you to repair your vest and helmet but you can transport it.

- Rafael: New Character

- Toxic Zone: a new random zone that deals damage to the player's vest and when it gets ruined, it starts taking life.

- Danger Zone is now available on the Purgatory map (casual mode)

- Custom rooms let you change more details.

- Arms: This update has changed several details of many weapons:

  • GC15: Removed from casual and ranked mode. Despite what it promised in the early days when it first appeared, the weapon turned out not to be effective despite its extreme potency as a sniper. As it turns out, potency isn't everything.
  • M79: The grenade launcher is now a drop weapon.
  • M14: Fire rate increased by 10%
  • VSS: Damage increased by 10%
  • SKS: Fire rate increased by 10%
  • XM8: Accuracy increased by 5%
  • AN94: Damage increased by 3%; Fully removed recoil recovery
  • Kar98: damage from body shots increased by 40% ; fire rate decreased by 10%
  • AWM: increased body damage by 50%; rate of fire decreased by 10

- New Weapon: Machine Gun. Only available in Special Mode "Shooting and Popping"

- Limitation on the type of weapons on the map: Only a of the following weapons will be available per match:
- Crossbow
- M1873
- M500
- G18
Two of the following weapons will be available per match:
- XM8
- AN94
- M14

- New Elite Pass

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. Graphical improvements in map foliage; ex palm trees and ghillie costume
  2. Zombie mode improvements
  3. Mortal Uprising Mode ImprovementsC
  4. Fixed bug where the spear could be used through walls
  5. Graphic and design improvements to the menus

Update 08 / 05 / 2022

- New zone on the Bermuda map: Bullseye or Shooting Range

- New weapon: CG15 . A futuristic sniper that lets you charge your shot for maximum damage.

- New Character: Laura, the sniper more accurately using crosshairs.

- New item: Radar. Use it to know the next safe zone and where airdrops will land with good equipment.

- Jump along with your squad. No more jumping around disorganized.

- Added zip lines to the Bermuda map.

- dangerous zone. A zone where you are more likely to pick up high-level gear and weaponry. Yeah, inspired by Apex.

- Added music while skydiving. You can turn it off, luckily.

- Improvements to the Guild system: players can earn Guild Tokens by completing guild quests; these tokens can be exchanged for exclusive items in the store; chat and logs added to the Guild menu.

- A new Zombie has been added to the Zombie Invasion mode

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. client optimization
  2. Graphical improvements in animations
  3. Reduced firing accuracy right after crouching and standing.
  4. Optimized Death Revolt
  5. UI optimization in various menus
  6. Zombies resist shots better
  7. Improved weapon slots
  8. updated store
  9. new costumes
  10. Medic kits and grenades have a new usage indicator
  11. Event items will be added to the last inventory slot.
  12. Season rewards with "Details" button
  13. Players can now open multiple crates at once.
  14. It is now possible to equip an entire set instantly.
  15. Improvements and fixes in various Menus
  16. It is possible to collect all Elite Pass rewards at once.
  17. Whenever your report against hackers is validated, you will receive a thank you email from the creators of Free Fire and their development team.

Update 20 / 03 / 2022

- New Game Mode - mortal revolt will be a new mode where players are attacked by hordes of zombies. In this mode it will be possible to earn Bravery Tokens that can be exchanged for exclusive skins.

- New character! Hayato, the Samurai with the martial power of Bushido, which increases damage the more life you lose.

- New Weapon: katana. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

- New Zone on the Bermuda Map: Observatory.

- Soon there will be special events for the Free Fire World Cup!

- Free Fire World Missions with the possibility of winning prizes for players who complete them

- Worlds Thrones will appear across all maps. Will it be a true war of thrones?

Discover the places where thrones can appear in Free Fire!

- Weapon improvements AN94

  • Damage increased from 35 to 37

  • Fire rate increased from 0,20 to 0,185,

  • Range decreased from 36 to 32

- Weapon improvements VSS

  • Damage increased from 25 to 27

- The character Misha takes less damage inside a vehicle.

- New missions in the Elite Pass

- Death Race replaced by Zombie Invasion

- A giant egg in the lobby...

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. Improvements in different menus
  2. Input image change
  3. Improved settings

Update 22 / 01 / 2022

- New area on the Bermuda map! The Cemetery is a new zone full of graves for you to fill.

- New Character! Mucus the Hacker, able to identify enemies on the map for a few seconds for the player or his team.

- New weapons: the potent AN94 and a healing weapon, capable of healing in the distance.

- Optimized melee weapons

- The Crossbow is more powerful as the shooting speed has gone up.

- New system of Pets. The player can bring their pet to the game or play with them in the lobby.

- Redesigned home menu.

- Christmas decorations removed (finally)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. Improvements in different menus
  2. Improvements in invitations
  3. Improved inventory, personal messages and wind pages

Update 05 / 12 / 2022

- Winter has come! The Bermuda map is full of snow, gifts and other Christmas elements

- New character: Antonio, the brave gangster

- Guild Tournaments: weekly, guilds can compete against each other to get dog tags. The more dog tags you get, the more rewards you can earn.

- Mode ranked completely redesigned! In addition to the new icons, it is now possible to do daily missions and exchange exclusive items with tokens earned in ranked.

Discover the new Free Fire ranked patents and rewards!

- You can add a new skill of characters you bought, for a total of three.

- Players will be able to earn shards of characters whose skill they use at the same time.

- Vests can be upgraded up to level 4

- Sentosa Island has new zip lines

- Smoke barrels available! Shoot a barrel and create smoke to camouflage your movements

- A M249 deals 50% more damage to vehicles, ice walls, and barrels.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. Fire Pass has a new video button
  2. Many graphical improvements and special effects added to items
  3. Can use emojis in chat
  4. New prizes and special cards in Luck Royale

Update 16 / 10 / 2022

- New character: Caroline, the shotgun-addicted cosplayer

- Purgatory and Bermuda maps with decoration of Halloween

- Mode Nightly in the lobby, with zombies

- M60 and M240 redesigned.

- Now when killing a player with a weapon equipped with a legendary skin, a disclaimer appears in the match

- Emotes. Available for purchase. Tell enemies and friends how you feel or make fun of them after you take them out.

- Salas Custom (available soon)

- Guild Awards. Rewards vary depending on guild level.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. Improved some character animations, purchases and weapons
  2. Devices with good RAM and good processors can achieve more FPS
  3. Improved ranked screen
  4. Button to copy ID enabled
  5. Players can now inspect other players' rankings
  6. The game browser during the game is full screen.
  7. Last login information for player friends.

Learn 10 fundamental tips to do well at Free Fire!

Discover all the Free Fire weapons!

Update 12 / 09 / 2022

- New Vehicle: Motorcycle

- New character! Miguel the elite cop.

- Map Bermuda e Purgatory re-designed and improved. New zones on the Bermuda and Purgatory map have been shortened, making movement easier.

- Death Race with mode Solo

- Special Offers: after each match, a surprise crate with discounted items can be raffled off.

- It is possible to exchange Tokens for items.

- Equipment Cards: use different equipment indefinitely for a limited time

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. The bonfire restores health bar and EP bar to you and your allies at 10 points per second.
  2. The gel grenade forms an improved wall
  3. Scanner shows the plane's direction even after you've jumped
  4. Players with better results and missions completed can be streamed during matches
  5. Graphical improvements and new events

Update 26 / 07 / 2022

- New Vehicle: Monster truck

- New Character! Paloma, the arms dealer.

- Nova weapon body to body: Baseball cleat

- Nova Pomegranate gel

- Players can now offer gifts to guild members or friends

- It is now possible to comment as a spectator of a match

- The profile of each player is more complete and can be consulted by other players.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. Some items are collected automatically. You can turn this option off in preferences.
  2. Monthly and weekly pass created. Players can have the monthly and weekly pass at the same time.
  3. Improved Safe Zone system: the longer you stay out of the zone, the more damage you take
  4. Improved Lucky Royale system. Now there is more chance of getting a big prize.
  5. HUD improvements for Squad mode
  6. Elite Pack created for players who want to buy the Elite Pass

Update 20 / 06 / 2022

- Rush Hour it returned! The mode is back with just 20 players per match, high quality loot and weaponry, and circles that close much faster

- Royal Sort: raffle system that allows the player to pick up new items. The player is entitled to one free spin every 24 hours in Gold Royale mode.

- Skins : now you can decorate your weaponry with cool skins

- Gasoline Barrels: New item added to maps that can detonate, causing an explosion.

- New character: Kia, the Muay Thai fighter

- New item: loot map. Use it to quickly grab valuable loot without spending time searching.

- Death Race will be only available on the Purgatory map at the weekend.

- New mini game on the island before each match

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. Added loot points on the Purgatory map
  2. Most random plane route
  3. G18 pistol fires in burst
  4. Increased MP40 recoil and enabled the use of front grip
  5. Increased M249 damage and firing range
  6. Slightly increased VSS damage
  7. Improved HUD with new damage indicator and team indicator
  8. Improved support for large screen android devices
  9. New button during parachute jump

Update 24 / 05 / 2022

- New Map: Purgatory.

Learn to master the new Purgatory map!

- Fire Pass open to all players. Possibility to earn items, emblems and access exclusive missions.

- New Character: Maximum.

- New Weapon: M500.

- Radar: new way to detect players.

- ziplines (Purgatory map only) to move around the map quickly.

- Spectator and reporting mode available for squads.

- Guild Glory System: Earn Glory Points by playing with your guild.

- It's possible expanded asua guilda.

- ranked of guilds.

- You may customize your surfboard.

- Added more tires to the map to jump to taste.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. New look for lobby and shop;
  2. Added new animations and sound effects;
  3. Power increase (slightly) of the M14 and kar98 weapons;
  4. Desert Eagle temporarily removed from the game.

Update 17 / 04 / 2022

- Amphibious motorcycle available. Allows walking on land and water, with room for two players.

- New Character: Misha.

- New game mode "Mortal race": forty players in Duo, vehicles only, trying to survive until the last team.

Check out 10 tips to do well in the Death Race!

- Mushrooms: new item that allows you to gain energy, more slowly, but available throughout the map. It cannot be transported.

- During freefall, the character can surf not ar.

- New Weapon: Grenade Launcher M79 available.

- You can customize your backpack.

- You can customize your loot box (the box you leave when you are eliminated).

- You can jump out of some windows now, so please show your talent in Parkour.

- Players disconnected can now connect again.

- Added chat on team and guild tabs.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. Fixed bug where some players were able to shoot through walls/obstacles;
  2. Characters can be upgraded to level 7;
  3. The safe zone no longer appears in illogical zones (such as in water);
  4. Faulty equipment disintegrates;
  5. When switching weapons, the extras automatically switch to the new weapon;
  6. Visible distance increased by 25%.
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