Know the main cheats and codes for The Sims 3

The Sims 3 fulfills the objective of playing with life well. But unlike the real world, here we can use cheats and cheats to gain many advantages. You can use cheats to get rich, expand building possibilities and even unlock amazing resources for recording videos!

To activate the cheat text box, simply press Ctrl + Shift + C (in case of Windows) or Command + Shift + C (in the case of MacOS). Enter the chosen code and press Enter. After successfully activating the cheat, just repeat the same operation or press Esc to exit the console and return to the game.

Notice: some cheats can cause bugs, so it is recommended to save the game before using them.


Enhance gameplay with cheat codes to enrich, reset Sims, hide or show game details.

Code Function
help show a code guide
Kaching earn $1.000
Motherlode earn $50.000
familyfunds [surname] [amount] replaces family money with entered amount**
hideHeadlineEffects [on ou off] hides speech bubbles/prism on Sims
fadeObjects [on ou off] objects disappear when approaching
ageuptoNPC [on ou off] activates natural aging for uncontrolled Sims**
resetSim [first name] [last name] reset the yes
resetSim * resets all sims in the neighborhood
discoverAllUnchartedIslands unlocks all islands**
jokePlease random joke

** o cheat "testingCheatsEnabled true" must be activated

Developer Mode

Developer cheats are designed to give you greater control over all aspects of the game. Many cheats listed in our guide require developer mode to be activated in order to work.

Code Function
testingCheatsenabled [true ou false] Unlocks all Developer Mode cheats

Left Click + [Shift] on Sims, will allow:

  1. edit the Sim in CAS;
  2. add the Sim to the active family;
  3. activate age transition;
  4. modify the strokes;
  5. set celebrity levels;
  6. choose your favorite music genre.

Left Click + [Shift] on the mailbox, will allow:

  1. define career and role of active Sim;
  2. fill needs of the active family;
  3. to stabilize/dynamize the needs of the active family;
  4. make the active Sim know everyone in the neighborhood;
  5. have the active Sim randomly create friendships;
  6. force a visitor to the current batch;
  7. force a visitor from services (fire, police, plumber, etc) to the current lot;
  8. control the supernatural population (adding or removing from the world).

Left Click + [Shift] on the floor, will allow:

  1. teleport the Sim to the selected location;
  2. enter Purchase Mode or Build Mode for the selected lot;
  3. manipulate the weather (season, snow level, temperature, etc).

Build Mode

Expand your crafting possibilities with these Buy/Build Mode cheats. Release new objects and build without limits.

Code Function
moveObjects [on ou off] allows you to move or position objects without limitations
buydebug unlocks hidden objects in Buy Mode
constrainFloorElevation [true or false] Allows for limitations-independent terrain elevation adjustments
RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings [true ou false] lets you edit public lots in Build Mode
AlwaysAllowBuildBuy allows you to activate the Buy Mode even in blocked cases (fire, death, etc)**
disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on ou off] objects will not automatically snap while pressing [Alt]
allowObjectsOnRoofs [true ou false] lets you place objects on the roof
enablelotlocking [true ou false] allows you to edit all locked lots in Edit City mode

** o cheat "testingCheatsEnabled true" must be activated

Create a Sim

Cheats can also help you renew your wardrobe for free.

Code Function
unlockOutfits [on ou off] Unlocks full CAS career apparel

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Filmmaker mode

Filmmaker Mode is an important helper for anyone looking to record videos in The Sims 3. Easily manage pose options and game animations.

Code Function
moviemakerCheatsEnabled [true ou false] activate Filmmaker Mode**

** o cheat "testingCheatsEnabled true" must be activated

Right Click + [Shift] on Sims - selects any Sim (regardless of whether they are in the active family or not).

Left Click + [Shift] on Sims, will allow:

  1. Animation: choose animation/game pose;
  2. Disable All Stares: prevents Sims from randomly looking at others;
  3. Deactivation of Sims: totally removes the Sims' autonomy;
  4. Loop On/Off: Turns on/off the auto repeat of the chosen pose.

Game Controls

Controls can be a shortcut to change some game settings.

Code Function
slowMotionViz [0-8] leaves the game in slow motion; 0 is normal, 8 is too slow (does not change game clock speed)
fps [on or off] show current frames
fullscreen [on ou off] enable or disable full screen mode
quit leave the game

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