Know all the weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, you can pick up weapons from the ground, from chests or from boxes and the advantage you gain over opponents is related to the power of your weapon. Therefore, one of the most important aspects is to know the weapons of the game to prepare better during the match.

Check out this guide that explains the different rarities of all the weapons you can pick up. Next to the name the creators gave each weapon, we put the most popular unofficial name.

We rated each weapon on a scale of 1 to 10. This value takes into account the damage the weapon deals, its reload speed, its rarity and its type of shot.

  • Sniper Rifles (Sniper)
  • Shotguns
  • rifles
  • Submachine guns
  • Explosive Weapons (Bazookas)
  • High-pressure guns
  • Pomegranates


The different colors represent the rarity of weapons so you know which one is the best. Remember that an orange weapon will obviously be stronger than a green one.

  1. Common: Grey
  2. Unusual: green
  3. Rare: azul
  4. Epic: purple
  5. Legendary: orange

Sniper Rifles (Sniper)

Sniper rifles or sniper rifles are essential for you to gain an advantage over enemies at long range. As soon as you pick up such a weapon, you should consider switching to an elevated position where you can enjoy a wider viewing angle.

Bolt Sniper Rifle "Sniper AWP"

  • Common: 31.4 DPS, 95 damage, 1 ammo
  • Unusual: 33 DPS, 100 damage, 1 ammo
  • Rare: 34.7 DPS, 105 damage, 1 ammo

The Sniper AWP is one of the favorite weapons of Fortnite players. At long range, it's practically unbeatable for the damage it does. One drawback is its manual reloading or bolt reloading system, which forces the player to take their eyes off the crosshairs. But with a lot of practice, it's easy to get the hang of it.

Grade: 9

Real inspiration: Artic Warfare Police sniper rifle

Epic and Legendary Bolt Sniper Rifle

  • Epic: 36.3 DPS, 110 damage, 1 ammo
  • Legendary: 38.3 DPS, 116 damage, 1 ammo

Despite the different look, it is practically the same weapon in the Epic and Legendary versions, with a higher reload speed.

Grade: 10

Real inspiration: Remington MSR

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These weapons are ideal for using the enemy at close range, as you can eliminate them with just a shot to the head, if you are good at aiming. Although their damage is very significant, shotguns are still slow weapons, so don't waste your shot. These weapons are favorites of many players and absolutely lethal in the right hands.

Tactical Rifle

  • Ordinary: 106.5 DPS, 71 damage, 8 ammo
  • Unusual: 112.5 DPS, 75 damage, 8 ammo
  • Raro: 118.5 DPS, 79 damage, 8 ammo

One of the most recognizable weapons in Fortnite. It does a lot of damage and, in the right hands, is a versatile and effective weapon at close range.

Grade: 7

Real inspiration: Possibly a Remington 870, with cosmetic elements

Shotgun Pump

  • Ordinary:49 DPS, 70 damage, 5 ammo
  • Unusual: 56 DPS, 80 damage, 5 ammo
  • Raro: 63 DPS, 90 damage, 5 ammo

A very popular and common weapon, capable of doing a lot of damage at short and even medium distances. Despite the creators nerfing the popular Double Pump, the "12" remains a fearsome weapon in the right hands.

Grade: 8

Royal Inspiration: Remington 870

Epic and Legendary Pump Shotgun

  • Epic: 70 DPS, 100 damage, 5 ammo
  • Legendary: 77 DPS, 110 damage, 5 ammo

Basically, this is a vitaminized version of the Regular Shotgun. It doesn't automatically recharge, but its damage makes up for it.

Grade: 9

Real Inspiration: Possibly a Kel Tec KSG

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are very good in situations of mid-range combat and, generally speaking, at all distances, apart from melee. They are the most versatile weapons in the game.

Assault Rifle "M16"

  • Ordinary: 165 DPS, 30 damage, 30 ammo
  • Unusual: 170,5 DPS, 31 damage, 30 ammo
  • Raro: 181,5 DPS, 33 damage, 30 ammo

A very versatile automatic rifle. The Rare and Uncommon versions can even rival other weapons for their good shooting effectiveness and little recoil. It is a common and popular weapon.

Grade: 6

Real inspiration: It is inspired by a Colt XM177, from the same family as the M16 and M4

Epic and Legendary Assault Rifle "SCAR"

  • Epic: 203 DPS, 37 damage, 30 ammo
  • Legendary: 214 DPS, 39 damage, 30 ammo

The best automatic rifle in the game (and possibly one of the best weapons). It's lethal, accurate, and does a lot of damage, even over long distances. The rate of fire is great. If you get one, use it well. In Chapter 2 this weapon does slightly less damage, but it's still worth it.

Grade: 8

Real inspiration: Naturally, a SCAR

Assault Rifle with Burst "FAMAS"

  • Ordinary: 132.5 DPS, 27 damage, 30 ammo
  • Unusual: 142.2 DPS, 29 damage, 30 ammo
  • Raro: 147.3 DPS, 30 damage, 30 ammo

This weapon's three-shot burst allows it to deal damage faster than a SCAR, but its accuracy isn't the best. It's a great "shoot and run" weapon, shooting quickly while moving. The Common and Uncommon versions are slightly better than the classic Assault Rifle, but the Rare version is effective.

Grade: 7

Real Inspiration: A FAMAS. Who would say?

Assault Rifle with Epic and Legendary Burst

  • Epic: 157 DPS, 32 damage, 30 ammo
  • Legendary: 162 DPS, 33 damage, 30 ammo

One of the new additions to the arsenal in Chapter 2, this powerful rifle is accurate and lethal with its incredible bursts. It is possible to get shots even at long distance with some ease. Its big disadvantage is that the magazine is relatively short for such a high cadence, even in bursts.

Grade: 8

Real Inspiration: An AUG

Submachine guns

These weapons are effective at close range, but their rapidity of fire will not completely replace the power of a strong, well-aimed shotgun blast. Depending on your playstyle, you may prefer more rate of fire and movement than a brute attack with a shotgun.

Submachine gun

  • Ordinary: 204 DPS, 17 damage, 30 ammo
  • Unusual: 216 DPS, 18 damage, 30 ammo
  • Raro: 228 DPS, 19 damage, 30 ammo

Common, accurate and with a good rate of fire, the SMG is a good early game weapon when everyone is trying to loot and stay alive. On the other hand, the rare version is very effective in tight spaces. A bullet like that might not do much damage, but dumping an entire magazine in an enemy's face makes up for it.

Grade: 7

Real Inspiration: An MP5

Epic and Legendary Submachine Gun "P90"

  • Epic: 240 DPS, 20 damage, 30 ammo
  • Legendary: 252 DPS, 21 damage, 30 ammo

With an insane rate of fire, this weapon is a real terror, so much so that the creators decided to take some damage to avoid imbalances. If you're lucky enough to get one, use it well, as it's really effective at close to medium range, despite using up ammo quickly.

Grade: 9

real inspiration: P90 and FN

Explosive Weapons (Bazookas)

Explosive Weapons (bazookas) deal heavy damage to both buildings and unprotected players. They are rare and very effective weapons due to their destructive power, great range and damage radius. However, watch out for shots too close or the explosion will hit you!

Rocket launcher

  • Ordinary: 52.5 DPS, 70 damage, 1 ammo
  • Unusual: 63.7 DPS, 85 damage, 1 ammo
  • Raro: 75 DPS, 100 damage, 1 ammo

Like the grenade launcher, this weapon can be destructive to your opponents. Aim and blast buildings or other obstacles with ease. Don't waste shots, ammunition is rare. It's a good weapon to keep for late game rounds.

Grade: 9

real inspiration: RPG-7

Epic and Legendary Rocket Launcher

  • Epic: 86.2 DPS, 115 damage, 1 ammo
  • Legendary: 96 DPS, 130 damage, 1 ammo

Basically, it's an upgraded version of the regular rocket launcher, but it does fearsome damage. Enjoy it.

Grade: 10

Real inspiration: A Carl Gustav M2

High-pressure guns

These weapons are essentially for you to protect yourself in an emergency situation. It's very important hit the opponent in the head to take advantage of the damage done.


  • Common: 162 DPS, 24 damage, 16 ammo
  • Unusual: 168 DPS, 25 damage, 16 ammo
  • Rare: 175 DPS, 26 damage, 16 ammo

Against an unprotected enemy in the first moments of the game, it's worth it. Empty the charger without fear. Apart from that, it's not worth it.

Grade: 4

real inspiration: Beretta m92

Epic and Legendary Pistol

  • Epic: 189 DPS, 28 damage, 16 ammo
  • Legendary: 196 DPS, 29 damage, 16 ammo

A vitaminized version of the pistol, this weapon is beautiful and stylish, but not worth keeping for long.

Grade: 5

Real inspiration: Colt M1911 ACP

Grenades and Explosives

Grenades are thrown explosives. You can use the grenades to blast enemies that are protected, ruin buildings, or clear a room without exposing yourself too much. At this point, it's the only throwing explosive available in battle royale.

Frag Grenade

The explosive that everyone knows, loves and fears at the same time. Use and abuse whenever possible. They are all over the place. They are very useful and the 400 points of impact are excellent.

  • Common: 210 DPS, 105 damage, per grenade

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