Know all the Elos (patents) of Valorant!

The Valorant closed beta has arrived in our country with the ranked mode available. Even during the testing phase, the game already has an Elos (ranks) system that works in the same way as the Patent system in other games. If you're already interested in Valorant's ranked matches, check out below all the information released about Elos so far and how they work:

Ferro I

Steel II

Steel III

Bronze I

Bronze II

Bronze III

Prata I

Silver II

Prata III

Gold I

Gold II

Gold III

Platinum I

Platinum II

Platinum III

Diamond I

Diamond II

Diamond III

Immortal I

Immortal II

Immortal III


How the Elos system works in Valorant

During the closed beta, the game's ranking rules are:

  • you need to play 20 matches unranked to unlock Competitive Mode.
  • It is possible to play ranked matches with groups of 5 friends.
  • Group members cannot be more than 2 links of difference (as a way to prevent players from "upping" others).
  • Links will not be shown if the person does not play in Competitive Mode for 14 days, but the rank will never drop for that reason.
  • Links hit during the closed beta will not be kept at the game's official launch.
  • Wins in matches are the main evaluation criterion when moving up or down in Elo. However, individual performance will also be taken into account.

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