Kalahari: Free Fire map guide and the best places to drop

Welcome to Kalahari. In this Free Fire map, despite the desert environment, there is a good balance between large areas and places with many buildings and constructions. The developers created a map full of really cool places to fight and survive, trying to avoid some of the flaws of the previous maps.

Kalahari has many references to other Battle Royale game maps, but overall, it's a well-made, original map with a lot to discover. Check out our article and discover the best places to jump, loot and unravel. Right now Kalahari is only playable in Classic mode, but in our opinion, it's more than welcome to rank.

Best places to drop in Kalahari

Here's a list of the five best places to drop at the start of the game, taking into account available loot, general map location, and danger. As always, the player must choose the preferred place, this is just a suggestion.

  • Refinery: central location, good loot, a lot of danger
  • Command Post: good Location, good loot, a lot of danger
  • The Sub: good location; good loot, a lot of danger
  • Santa Catarina: medium location, medium loot, medium danger
  • Shrines: bad location, good loot, little danger


An oil refinery occupies the most central place on the map. That's why, in theory, it's a good starting point. In addition to this position on the map, the refinery has extraction towers and very high platforms that allow the player to detect and shoot enemies quickly, even at great distances. There are a lot of stairs, platforms, and divisions in this place, making it easy to ambush and loot if you manage to land quickly in the upper levels. There are also plenty of Porings scattered around that allow you to jump even higher. It's a place that has already started to get very popular, so get ready to fight as soon as your feet touch the ground.

Command Post

Generally, military locations have a lot of loot and are very popular, however, the best quality of Command Post is its location on the map. It is within walking distance of Refinery, Confinement and even Santa Catarina. The military field is surrounded by a high wall with few doors, so try to land right inside at the beginning of the game to avoid being ambushed. The place has a lot of hiding places, it's worth investing some time in looting.

The Sub

A huge submarine stranded between two ravines is hard to forget. The place is full of loot, both around and inside the submarine itself. If you decide to enter the submarine, take a twelve (new or old) to be able to fight in the smallest divisions of any Free Fire map, without windows. Don't spend too much time on top of the submarine, it's easy to become a target.

Santa Catarina

The wreck is an easy place to recognize and there is a lot of loot scattered on the broken decks. It's a popular zone to start the game depending on your loot luck. It's better to jump into the surrounding area of ​​the ship and shoot inwards than to defend yourself from the top, surrounded on both sides. Also, use the fallen mast on the north side of the boat to get out or you'll be forced to swim in the stream, leaving you vulnerable to enemy fire.


A pretty cool place, Shrines is inspired by the Aztec pyramids. There are two pyramids full of loot and many divisions. Make sure you quickly eliminate your enemies before entering. If you like camping, this is a good spot to stay hidden.

Stone ridge

A small village full of closely packed houses, Stone Ridge is a good place to start the game. This depends on the plane's trajectory as it is located at the southern end of the map. It is a risky place as there is little space between the houses and many wooden bridges to move freely across the roofs. The loot is worth it, but it's a place for aggressive players.


This former prison, inspired by the Fortnite map, is a good place to jump in initially or simply to loot mid-match. There are many rooms, guardhouses and, although the buildings are not very tall, it is possible to see everything around as the prison itself is on top of a hill. Good advice is to enter the rooms through the giant holes in the walls. There is also a road running through the place, where one or more vehicles usually appear, making it easy to escape the gas if necessary.


Inspired by Skull City from Apex Legends, this place has a huge skeleton discovered on the side of a high hill. It's a good place to start a game and even better to end one. It is possible to climb the bones and observe the camp below. There is little loot on the bones themselves, but the camp is well worth the visit. If you like to camp, take a nap on top of the bones, being very careful with snipers. The hill on the south side is difficult to descend in the final circles and a fall can kill you like a bullet.

The Maze

Some labyrinthine ruins are a good place to land in the first moments of the match. Thanks to the layout of the maze, it's easy to escape enemies and quickly pick up weapons and protection if needed. It's also relatively easy to loot there, once you've eliminated the competition.


A well-situated place, Foundation doesn't have any detail that makes the area stand out. The loot found is normal but the zone itself is good for the middle of the game and not so much for the beginning. It is likely that this area will undergo changes in the coming seasons.

Old Hampton

At one end of the map we have some types of ruins and various constructions. The zone itself has some loot scattered around and is worth your visit, being very careful with the gas. The place is out of the way and you might get caught too early. We did not find vehicles nearby, despite the area being surrounded by a road. The lake on the right is an area with no advantages, avoid it.

Council Hall

A former town hall, Council Hall is a place away from the center of the map but well served by zip lines and with a high probability of finding vehicles. The main building is in ruins, so it's important to start from the top down (as always, by the way) in your loot hunt. Not a popular place, don't expect much resistance.


This is probably the only city on the map that deserves that name. It has rows of houses built around a square with a clock tower. It seems to be a very popular place, but it depends a lot on the route of the initial plane. The square is a bad place to move as there is little cover. Loot from the region is common.

Now that you know the main areas of the Kalahari map, get ready for war with some advanced Free Fire tips and the best character combinations.

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