How to Win Spins in Coin Master: 7 Free Ways!

In Coin Master you must earn coins to improve your village and attack players. But for that you must perform spins on a slot machine! The easiest way is wait 1 hour to receive 5 spins. But we're going to show you other ways to get free spins every day!

1. Wait 1 hour

As stated above, every 1 hour you get 5 free spins. If you go 10 hours straight without spinning, you'll get the maximum spins you can get at the start of the game: 50! So it's a matter of patience.

Tip: take a walk and don't play for a while. So when you come back you will have "ammo" to earn many coins at once!

2. Gaining spin energy

When you are spinning the wheel, there is a blue object, which is called spin energy or spin boost. If you hit 3 at the same time on the wheel, you get 10 extra spins. And if you are multiplying, you can earn even more. It's hard to get that right away, but it's not impossible!

3. Stealing Coin Master

On the wheel you can hit the figure of a pig thief. If you hit 3 of them at the same time, you will be taken to Coin Master's village. There are 4 holes and 3 chances to dig. If you're lucky, you can dig into 3 prized holes and win all the Coin Master's fortune!

4. Use o app SpinLink

There are apps on the Play Store that are specific to giving free spins. One of the best is SpinLink! These apps are real and they give you links daily that will lead you to get free spins. With luck you can get up to 100 extra spins daily!

Another tip is that you can grab the previous day's free spins on SpinLink, not just the current day. This is cool if you forgot to get the free spins from the day before.

Also, in case SpinLink stops working, you can try other options:

  • Pigmaster
  • Spin Rewards
  • CM Rewards

5. Connecting your Facebook account to the game

Just by logging into Coin Master with your Facebook you get 50 extra spins! It's to fill your entire spin bar at once. So the tip here is to spend all the initial spins as a visitor and only then log in, to complete your storage.

6. Invite your Facebook friends

Now that you have logged in with the social network, the next step is to invite your Facebook friends. But this only works if your friends:

  • accept the invitation
  • download the game
  • Log in with their Facebook in the game

You'll get 40 free spins for every friend who completes these steps above!

7. Send and receive spins

When you have your friends in the game with you, you can send and receive spins from them. And the best: you don't spend yours when you send, nor do they spend when they send you. In total you can receive up to 100 free spins this way every day.

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