How to tame Fox, Llama, Horse and other animals in Minecraft!

Being able to tame animals is another one of the very fun activities that we can do in Minecraft. Below you will find the complete tutorial on how to find and gain the trust of each tamable pet in the game (unfortunately not all are), as well as where to find the necessary items. Check out!


The taming process is a little different for foxes in Minecraft, as it is not possible to tame an adult fox. However, there is a way to breed "domesticated" foxes. For that, you will need 1 loop (4 Lines + 1 Slime Gum) and 2 Sweet Red Berries (or Sweet Berry). The lace craft is like this:

Sweet Red Fruits are obtained from Shrubs that spawn in any taiga biome. After obtaining these items, head to a taiga biome, preferably at night, where you will be more likely to encounter foxes.

Then wait until you find two foxes next to each other. When you find it, give it 1 Sweet Red Fruit for each. This will cause the two to breed and generate a new little fox automatically.

When this happens, use the Tie on the little fox and take it away from its parents. It's sad, but once you're far enough away, the new little fox will gain your trust and accompany you.

Llamas, horses, donkeys and mules

Llamas, horses, donkeys and mules follow the same domestication process. For this you will need the item Villages, which cannot be crafted. The best chance of obtaining the item is by killing Ravagers, as they always drop a Saddle. In addition, it is possible to obtain them through Chests and there is also a small chance of obtaining them by fishing.

After obtaining at least one Saddle, you only need to use it on any llama, horse, donkey or mule in the game. You'll never get it the first time, but eventually you'll succeed in riding the animal. By doing so, he will be tamed and you can use him as a mount.

Some foods in the game can speed up the taming process of these animals. Apples e golden carrots are the most effective in the entire game, but Wheat, hay bale e Apple also help.

To help a little more, we inform you below where to find each of these animals:

  • Llhamas: Usually in savannah, mountain, and hill biomes. It is common to find them in groups of 4 to 6 llamas.
  • horses and donkeys: Generally in plains and savannah biomes.
  • Mules: are the result of a cross between a Horse and a Donkey. Try to give each animal Apples or Golden Carrots so that mating will take place.


To domesticate a cat you will need a Raw cod ou raw salmon. The best way to obtain them is through fishing and with the help of enchantment "Bait".Avoid using the "Luck of the Sea" enchantment as it increases the chance of treasure, consequently decreasing the chance of finding these fish. Alternatively, you can obtain them with high chances by defeating Guardian, Master Guardian and Bear mobs. Polar. Try to get several units of these fish before taking them to the Cat.

After obtaining the fish, head to any village that has at least 1 villager and 4 beds.This is the minimum condition for there to be at least 1 Cat in the place. For every 4 beds, 1 Cat appears in the village, with a maximum of 10 Cats.

When you find a kitty, just give him Cod or Raw Salmon, but keep in mind that:

  • You may need to feed your cat several fish before taming it.
  • When feeding the cat, be quiet. Otherwise, he might run away!


Parrots are animals that only spawn in jungle and forest biomes. Although they are rare, the taming process is very simple and you only need to Seeds, is from Watermelon, Wheat ou Pumpkin, which are obtained from these respective foods or from Chests.

When you find a Parrot, just feed it with any of these Seeds. The odds of taming them are 33.33%.


Wolves spawn in different types of forests and taiga, usually in groups of 4. The method of taming Wolves is similar to that of Parrots, but instead of Seeds, you should use Bones. These items are obtained by defeating any skeleton mobs in the game, in Chests and, to a lesser extent, by fishing.

Once you get some Bones, head to the aforementioned biomes and feed them to a Wolf. The chances of taming them are also high. 33.33%. When the animal no longer accepts Bones, you will know that it is already tamed.

Other Minecraft animals

Unfortunately, the animals shown above are the only ones that can be tamed in Minecraft. Ocelots, for example, could be tamed until version 1.14 of the game was released. Something similar happened with Rabbits: they could be tamed until version 1.8 of the game was released. In other words, you can no longer tame Pigs, Pandas, Polar Bears, Dolphins and more. However, you can still make some animals follow you. In all cases, stay close to the animal and:

  • Dolphins interact with items you drop into the water. If you feed them Cod or Raw Salmon, they will "trust" you more and show you where treasures are close by.
  • Cattle e Sheep will follow you if you have Wheat on hand.
  • Chickens will follow you if you have Seeds on hand. You can use Wheat, Watermelon, Beetroot or Pumpkin.
  • Turtles will follow you if you have Seagrass on hand.
  • Pigs will follow you if you have Carrots, Potatoes or Beets on hand.
  • Bees can be tied up with Bows, but can still attack you.

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