How to recruit people in GTA San Andreas on PC and consoles!

Something very important for every player is to learn how to recruit people in GTA San Andreas for PC. For those who don't know, you can have a group that helps you in different missions. They become members of Groove Street. And all you need to do now is read our tutorial below to find out how to grow your gang!

CJ and his gang

Step 1: Increase Your Respect Level

As you complete missions, killing enemies from other gangs, CJ earns Respect points. They are nothing more than your reputation on the streets. The more boss, gangster and powerful you are, the higher your score. And a good relationship with girlfriends counts too!

This is important because the amount of people CJ can recruit is based on the Respect percentage. Look:

  • 1%: 2 members
  • 10%: 3 members
  • 20%: 4 members
  • 40%: 5 members
  • 60%: 6 members
  • 80%: 7 members

But how is your respect meter defined? Understanding this is also very important:

  • 40% of the meter will always be from random actions performed in the campaign and outside of it
  • 36% will be for completing missions
  • 6% for acquired territories
  • 6% based on your total money
  • 4% is the amount of CJ muscles
  • 4% is your progress with your girlfriends
  • 4% comes from CJ's overall physical appearance

In this sense, everything you do that is positive involving the above factors will increase your respect meter. So, anything bad that happens, like losing a territory, will lower the bar.

Step 2: Recruiting Members

You can only recruit people from Groove Street. Incidentally, it is easy to identify them: they almost always wear green clothes. Using the right mouse button on the PC you will aim at one of them and press the G key. That's it, G for gangster! And that's it: now the character is part of your gang!

Important detail: all this must be done in first person mode

How to recruit on consoles?

On consoles the procedure is basically the same. What changes, of course, are the commands. See below:

  • Xbox 360 e One: RT + ↑
  • PlayStation: R1 + ↑

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