How to play with Selena in Mobile legends: tips, builds and items

Selena is an Assassin/Mage heroine specializing in Spoon and Blast. The character is not the simplest in the game since she has an elven form and an abyssal form. Each form has its own set of skills that requires the player to know the right time to switch to use Selena to her fullest potential.

Check out the complete guide to playing Selena well in Mobile Legends below!

Discover Selena's Abilities

(Passive) Symbiosis

Selena uses the power granted to her by the Moon god and the Abyss to freely shift between her two forms. When using abilities in her elven form, Selena places an Abyssal Mark on her enemies (when the abyssal trap hits the enemy, she immediately adds an Abyssal Mark). Up to 2 Abyssal Marks can be added to an enemy. Skills used in Abyssal form will consume 1 of these marks to deal 240~450 (+40% Total Spell Power) bonus Spell Damage.

Abyssal Trap (Summon / AoE)

Cooldown: 8.0 / Mana Cost: 60

Selena summons an Abyssal Devil to hide in a designated location. When an enemy approaches the Abyssal Devil suffocates the enemy with its body. Within seconds, enemy movement speed is reduced by 400% (+150% Total Magic Power). Selena can summon up to 3 Abyssal Devils. The damage will decay when a target takes damage from multiple demons at the same time.

Abyssal Arrow (Burst / CC)

Cooldown: 12.0 / Mana Cost: 70

Selena channels the power of the Abyss into magical arrows, shooting them in a specific direction. Enemies hit are stunned for at least 0.5 seconds and take 250 (+20% Total Spell Power) points of magic damage. Stun duration and damage increase the further arrows fly. Stun affects for up to 3 seconds and, at most, inflicts 500 (+40% Total Spell Power) points of magic damage. The arrow absorbs Abyssal Traps as it travels to the targeted enemy, the effects of the traps will be inflicted to hit the enemy upon hit. If you stun an enemy for 1s or more, Selena gains 4.

Primal Darkness (Morph)

Cooldown: 4.5

Selena combines with the Abyss, entering Abyssal Form and gaining 30% movement speed for a short time. She also gains access to new abilities in Abyssal Form and her basic attacks deal an additional (+25% Total Magic Power) points of magic damage. Casting this ability immediately resets the cooldown of Abyssal Trap and Abyssal Arrow.

Soul Eater (Burst)

Cooldown: 6.0 / Mana Cost: 60

Selena uses the power of the Abyss to strengthen her claws causing her next basic attack to deal an additional 350 (+110% Total Magic Power) points of magic damage, while granting a shield that absorbs 300 (+150% Total Magic Power of damage.

Garotte (AoE / Blink)

Cooldown: 12.0 / Mana Cost: 70

Selena dashes in a specific direction, dealing 150 (+50% Total Magic Power) points of magic damage to enemies along the way. If this damage triggers the Abyssal Mark's effect, its cooldown resets immediately.

Moon God's Blessing (Morph)

Cooldown: 4.5

Selena asks for power from the Moon God to free her body from the Abyss, increasing her movement speed by 30% for a short time and restoring her to her elven form. Casting this skill immediately resets the cooldowns of Soul Eater and Strangle.

best skill build

Evolve Abyssal Trap first and Abyssal Arrow every second, while leveling the ult whenever possible.

About battle skills, choose one of the following:

  • Retribution: great for speeding up the farm.
  • Flash: offers a lot of mobility to the character, especially when chasing enemies.

Tips on how to play with Selena

  • When you need to run away from battles, don't forget about the speed bonus granted by the ult.
  • Even though she's half Assassin, Selena is still Mage, so keep playing very safe. Her strength is not durability.
  • All of Selena's cooldowns are short, so don't be afraid to use skills on minions or the jungle.
  • Remain in Abyssal form to farm, as Selena's basic attack is stronger in this mode.
  • Selena is a difficult character to master and is highly combo-based. These combos, in turn, are heavily dependent on whether there are Abyssal Marks applied to opponents or not, so you need to pay close attention in every fight.
  • Being based on combos, Selena is very weak against crowd control effects. Watch out for opponents who have options to interrupt your combos.
  • Focus on items that increase Magic Attack.

Best items for Selena

Arcane Boots

$ 740

+15 Magic Penetration.

Unique +40 Movement Speed.

Reaper of Calamity

$ 1950

+70 Spell Power, +100 Mana, +30 Mana Regen, and +10% Cooldown Reduction.

Single Passive: Calamity: After using an ability, the next basic attack will deal extra true damage equal to 120% of Magic Attack. 1.5 second cooldown. Briefly increases Movement Speed ​​by 10%.

Force Gathered

$ 2020

+70 Magic Power and +700 Health.

Unique: +25% Magic Lifesteal.

Single Passive: Restore: Killing an enemy hero restores 10% Health.

Magic Crystal

$ 2180

+90 Magic Power.

Unique: +25% Magic Power.

Single Passive: Extinguish: Upon hitting the target with the skill, immediately increases Magic Attack by 15%. The effect will wear off on the next damage and can last up to 3 seconds. 10 second cooldown.

glowing wand

$ 2120

+75 Spell Power, +400 Health, and +5% Movement Speed.

Single Passive: Burn: Ability damage will burn targets for 3 seconds when hit, dealing magic damage based on the enemy's current Health.

bloody wings

$ 3000

+150 Magic power and +500 Health.

Single Passive: Nirvana: Whenever you add a point of Spell Power, it also adds 1.5 current Health.

alternative items

Confinement Necklace

$ 2110

+70 Spell Power, +10% Cooldown Reduction, and +10% Magic Lifesteal.

Single Passive: Take Life: Skills that deal damage to the target reduce the regeneration effect for 3 seconds.

magic feet

$ 710

+10% Cooldown Reduction.

Unique: +40 Movement Speed.

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