How to play with Leon in Brawl Stars: tips, attributes and characteristics!

Leon is a Legendary Brawler whose main characteristics are extremely high damage and the ability to ambush (gankar) opponents with his Super. He is considered the best Brawler in the game and also the most hated. Even if you choose to use it, there is a chance your opponents will band together just to see you out of the game.

Check out below everything you need to know to play Leon well in Brawl Stars!

Features two Leon attacks

Shuriken: Leon fires four shurikens that scatter slightly as they fly. The attack has great range but the damage decreases with the distance traveled. The closer the hit target is, the more damage will be dealt.

Shurikens have an interesting movement mechanic. To fire them in a straight line, it is necessary to walk a little to the side as soon as the button is pressed.

(Super) Smoke Bomb: Leon becomes invisible automatically. Invisibility lasts for 7 seconds and is canceled as soon as you attack or take damage. Also, Leon is briefly revealed when picking up the ball in Fute-Brawl, picking up gems in Gem-Pique, picking up energy cubes in Combat.

(Star Power) Smoke Signal: Increases Leon's movement speed while invisible with Super. It is extremely useful for evasive maneuvers and for setting up quick ganks.

Lion Attributes

Level HP

Dano por Shuriken

in minimum range

1 3.200 440
2 3.360 462
3 3.520 484
4 3.680 506
5 3.840 528
6 4.000 550
7 4.160 572
8 4.320 594
9 and 10 4.480 616
Recharge time 2.3s
Scope 8.0

Tips on how to play with Leon

  • The first step when playing Leon is to practice your shots in a straight line. Go to training mode and learn to move as soon as you fire so that the shurikens fly in a straight line.
  • Despite Leon's range, the Brawler is an aggro-type, meaning it's best when it goes up to opponents. The damage done by shurikens at close range is absurdly high and you can kill many characters in 3 hits.
  • The way the Shurikens fly (in a cone and one after the other), try to shoot a little ahead of your opponent so that he gets hit by the maximum number of blades as he moves.
  • Leon does A LOT of damage to safes in Combat. Because of this, the Brawler has time to safely obtain energy cubes that many others would need to expose themselves to. Keep that in mind and try to fetch as many cubes as possible.
  • When destroying the safes, choose an angle at which they line up. That way, the last hits will hit the back vault when the first one is destroyed. This makes the second safe to be destroyed with fewer hits.
  • When ganking, use your Super where no one can see. Use the bushes to become invisible and knock your opponents to fire.
  • While it is extremely satisfying to gank someone with the Super, don't use the skill to kill players you can easily take down.
  • Save your invisibility ganks for Brawlers you have a hard time killing. Generally Leon has more difficulties against Brawlers tanks.
  • While invisible, try not to respawn in the middle of a crowded fight. Leon is very strong against lone targets.
  • While invisible, many opponents will shoot in all directions trying to find you. So try to take the most unlikely route (often the longest) to gank them.
  • Leon is so hated that sometimes his opponents team up to kill him before continuing the game. If this happens to you, play passively by poking to the max to fill your Super. When you can become invisible, try to isolate opponents so you can face each one at x1.
  • Leon is not a good gem carrier in mode Pique-Gem. His abilities are most useful in lanes to keep opponents at bay and also to gank the opposing gem carrier. If the situation requires you to take the gems, use your Super in the final moments of the countdown and look for the most unlikely place (perhaps the opposite side of the map) to hide and await victory.
  • Not so Pique-Gem, picking up gems will make Leon come out of invisibility.
  • Not so Fute-Brawl, catching the ball will make Leon come out of invisibility.
  • Not so Theft, Leon's Super is extremely useful for keeping the opposing team on the defensive.
  • Not so starfighter, Leon can use Super to easily choose which opponent to gank to steal stars.

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