How to play Hanzo in Mobile Legends: tips, build and items

Hanzo is an Assassin character with a specialty in Explosion. His gameplay is different from the other characters, considering that his ult can make him very vulnerable and, therefore, needs to be used very carefully.

Hanzo is one of the characters who can shape-shift and gain new abilities. However, unlike the others, the Blood Demon works as an extension of Hanzo, making the character not the easiest to use.

Check below the essentials for you to play Hanzo well.

Discover Hanzo's Abilities

(Passiva) Ame no Habakiri

When nearby units are eliminated, the Blood Demon absorbs their souls into its body to be used as energy. Gains 2 Demon Blood if they are non-hero units and 10 if they are a hero.

Ninjutsu: Demon Feast (Explosion)

Temporarily unlocks after 5 basic attacks. Hanzo uses Ame no Habakiri to devour an enemy unit and digest it over a period of time. By doing so, Hanzo gains 10 Demon Blood. Can only be used against creeps and minions. If the attack speed is fast enough, each attack by Hanzo can unlock 2 stacks.

Ninjutsu: Reaper (AoE)

Cooldown: 7.5

Hanzo opens the soul portal and deals 140 (+60% Total Physical Attack) physical damage immediately. The portal then deals 40 (+15% Total Physical Attack) physical damage every 0.5 seconds for 4.5 seconds. Whenever the portal deals damage, Hanzo recovers 1 Demon Blood. If Hanzo walks to the center of the portal, he retrieves the used Demon Blood.

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Kinjutsu: Pináculo Ninja (Buff)

Cooldown: 21.0

With the help of the Blood Demon, Hanzo becomes the Supreme Demon Ninja and reaches 20 points of Demon Blood and increases his Movement Speed ​​and Attack Speed. The Blood Demon moves regardless of terrain. When he is killed, he returns to where Hanzo's body was, stunned and weakened. If Hanzo's body is killed, the character dies immediately. This skill consumes Demon Blood, and once depleted, Hanzo's body will gradually speed up, seeking out Demon Blood and taking it back.

Ninjutsu: Demon Thorn (Burst)

Temporarily unlocks after 5 basic attacks. Hanzo deals 300 (+15% of the target's maximum HP) physical damage, also regenerating 10 Demon Blood. Damage decays when targets are non-heroes. If the Attack Speed ​​is fast enough, each attack by Hanzo can unlock 2 stacks.

Ninjutsu: Devastador (Blink/AoE)

Cooldown: 10.0

Hanzo transforms into Demon Soul and dashes to the designated location, dealing 80 (+30% Total Physical Attack) physical damage in the area. Unlocks 1 layer of Ninjutsu: Demon Party. The skill can trigger the bonus effects of basic attacks.

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best skill build

Regarding skills, Hanzo is very easy to use. Upe Demon Feast first and Ninja Spire next. Be sure to dot your ult whenever possible.

During fights, use basic attacks until you can use Demon Thorn, then switch back to basic attacks. Only use Ninjutsu: Devastating for movement.

School one of the following battle skills: Flash, Arrival, and Advance.

Tips on how to play with Hanzo

  • Only get into fights if you are in demon form and always keep your body hidden.
  • Whenever using the ult, check the minimap frequently. If your body is in danger, use the ult again to regain control.
  • Invade the enemy jungle as much as possible. The fact that Hanzo can pass through walls is a big advantage at this point.
  • During fights, always focus on enemies that do the most damage.

Best items for Hanzo

scarlet ghost

Cost: 2020

  • +30 Physical Attack
  • +20% Attack Speed
  • +25% Critical Hit
  • Single Passive: Frenzy. Critical hits increase the hero's Attack Speed ​​by 30% and Critical Rate by 5% for 2 seconds.

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Endless confrontation

Cost: 2470

  • +65 Physical Attack
  • +25 Mana Regeneration
  • +250 health
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +5% Movement Speed
  • +15% to Physical Lifesteal
  • Single Passive: Divine Justice. After using an ability, the next basic attack will deal an additional 85% of Physical Attack as True Damage. This effect has a 1.5 second cooldown.
  • Single Passive: Pursuing Destiny. When Divine Justice is activated, it increases its own movement speed by 10%.

Demon Hunter Sword

Cost: 2180

  • +35 Physical Attack
  • +25% Attack Speed
  • Single Passive: Devour. Common attack can deal 9% of the current health of additional physical damage to the target.
  • Single Passive: Devour. Each basic attack grants Life Steal for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Wild Warrior Fury

Cost: 2350

  • +65 Physical Attack
  • +25% Critical Hit
  • Unique: +40% Critical Hit Damage.
  • Single Passive: Condemn. Critical hits increase the hero's Physical Attack by 5% for 2 seconds.

Corrosion Scythe

Cost: 2050

  • +50 Physical Attack
  • +5% Movement Speed
  • +25% Attack Speed
  • Single Passive: Corrosion. Basic attacks have a 50% chance to slow the enemy by 40%. Ranged attacks are only slowed by 20%.
  • Single Passive: Impulse. Basic attacks increase the hero's attack speed by 8%. Stacks up to 5 times and lasts for 3 seconds.

Lightning Speed ​​Shoes

Cost: 750

  • Unique: +80 Movement Speed.
  • Single Passive: Side Effect. Dealing or taking damage decreases movement speed by 40 points. Lasts 5 seconds.
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