How to play Free Fire on weak PC!

To run Free Fire on a weak PC, all you need is a lightweight emulator, as the game itself shouldn't be a problem for your machine. In this regard, your best option is to download the SmartGaga emulator, as in addition to requiring little RAM, the application takes only 200Mb from your hard drive.

After finishing the download, follow the program's standard installation instructions. When the process is finished, proceed to the next step.

Configuring SmartGaga

As soon as you run SmartGaga for the first time, you will see the screen shown in the image above. Note that the program already has a direct shortcut to download/run Free Fire, so you'll have even less work. But first, click on the gear icon in the side menu, and in the "Basic" tab, change the language in the section shown below:

After selecting "our language", restart the application for the changes to take effect.

performance settings

As stated above, Smartgaga is extremely light, but it still has some simple options for you to optimize your Free Fire and run it perfectly on a weak PC. To do this, access the gear icon (Settings) in the main menu and select the "Advanced" tab.

If your PC is very weak, we suggest the following settings:

  • Resolution: 720x1280 (DPI 320)
  • CPU: Car
  • RAM: 1024M

Save the settings and, after testing the performance in a match, adapt according to your machine's specifications.

Installing and configuring Free Fire

Now it's time to finally click on the Free Fire icon on the main menu. In doing so, the program will ask you to log into your Google Play account:

If you already have an account, click "Existing". Otherwise, click "Nova" and register. After logging in with the account, you will be taken to the Google Play page, identical to the one you find on your cell phone. Download Free Fire by clicking "Install":

After installation, simply click on the Free Fire icon on the home screen again to run the game.

Configuring the controls

Finally, it is necessary to configure the controls on SmartGaga in order to play. To launch it, click on the keyboard icon in the side menu:

Then, you just need to drag the buttons to the corresponding areas of the screen, according to Free Fire's needs and your own configuration. To help with setup, know that:

  • Simple Key Button: is a standard button that you can bind to any keyboard key.
  • WASD: is the directional. Drag to the location you will use to move the character.
  • "View Film" button: A button used to move the game's camera.
  • Fire key: the button you will use to fire.

In the end, your screen should look something like this:

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