How to play Fortnite: 9 fundamental tips for beginners

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Fortnite is a battle royale that, despite not being at the height of its success anymore, still welcomes many new players. If you are one of them who has just arrived in this phenomenon, check out below 9 essential tips to get you started with everything in Fortnite!

1. Drop into safe places

No matter what season Fortnite is in, there are always safer and more dangerous locations on the map. This always varies by season, but be aware that the further into the center you jump, the more exposed you will be. So if you are a beginner and are still getting used to the mechanics and pace of the game, avoid these locations.

Strategy: observe the plane's route and try to jump in a place far from it. If it's not feasible, try jumping at the ends of one of the most popular areas on the map.

2. Take everything you can

As soon as your feet touch the ground, start looting quickly. Loots are all the equipment and items you can collect on the map, from building materials to items and weapons. The priority, of course, is to pick up any weapon that appears in front of you and, when you can defend yourself, collect shields, bandages, more weapons and supplies like stone, wood and iron. Whenever you pass by anything destructible, use your pickaxe to collect the items!

Strategy: as soon as you land, don't waste a second and run after weapons. Keep an eye out for all the sounds around you.

3. Keep moving

Just like in any battle royale, in Fortnite you shouldn't stand still for a second. Even when looting, try to keep moving at all times. When moving around, always jump as much as possible and when under fire, make sudden changes in direction. Of course, include buildings in your movement to make yourself an even more unpredictable target. See the tip below!

Strategy: Be unpredictable in movement and never stop in the open.

4. Learn the basics about buildings

Building (and destroying) is the big difference between Fortnite and other battle royale games. Here, it's no use finding the best weapons and having good aim. If you don't know how to use buildings, you simply won't win, since with them you can reach unavailable places, defend yourself, get positioning advantages (especially in the final moments of the game), etc.

The four building types are:

  • Floor: Horizontal platforms you can walk on and build on.
  • Paredes: vertical barriers that can be used as protection or support for buildings above.
  • Ramps: Diagonal platforms that allow you to reach new heights.
  • ceilings: horizontal platforms in the shape of a pyramid.

By combining these four structures you can make constructions of the most varied heights and strengths. The more layers they have and the stronger the material, the safer the construction will be. So whenever you build any structure to climb, protect it with extra layers of floor and walls. Know that if the base of the building is destroyed, everything above it will fall!

Strategy: Practice your building skills more than your aim! Many players tend to "leave it for later" and play games without knowing how to build. The sooner you add this to your game, the faster you'll get your first wins.

5. Always try to have high ground

The famous "high ground" or high ground is extremely important in Fortnite and is one more reason why buildings are so crucial. By being at a higher level than your opponent, you can see him before he can see you. That way you can line up your sights in advance and start shooting from hiding. Also, by the time you can see the opponent's entire body, they will only be able to see your head!

Strategy: even if you are a beginner, whenever you start a fight, worry about getting the high ground and only then change shots. So you can train several things at the same time: aiming, building and positioning!

6. Try all weapons

Each Fortnite weapon has its own characteristics. As with every game, some weapons are better than others, but it's important that you know which ones are for ranged combat and which ones are more suitable for close-range shooting. Check out our complete Fortnite weapons guide to get an overview of them all!

Strategy: Store one weapon for long range and one for close combat. Immediately replace your weaponry whenever you find something better.

7. Keep your inventory always organized

The amount of items you can carry in your backpack is limited: 5 spaces split between weapons, healing items and shield items. Building supplies don't take up space in your backpack. As everything happens very fast in Fortnite, it is very important that you keep your inventory always organized so that you always know which key to press to use a certain item.

Strategy: separate a fixed key for each category of items and weapons. A good starting point is to define: melee weapon, ranged weapon, healing items, and shields.

8. Never forget the storm

Like every battle royale, in Fortnite you also need to run to stay in the safe zone of the map. Even with the on-screen warnings, many players still forget to pay attention and end up caught in the storm. Don't be one of them! As the game progresses, the damage caused by the blue area becomes much greater and if you encounter any obstacles in front of you, you can die from stupidity.

However, know that you don't have to run as far away from the storm as possible. Remember that the more centrally you are in the safe zone, the more exposed you are to all sides. So as long as you're paying attention to the storm's weather, you can move only when necessary so you don't have to worry about the rear.

Strategy: be careful, but not afraid of the storm. You can use it to your advantage as a "wall" so you don't have to worry about what's coming from behind.

9. Play with friends

Play with friends in mode Duo ou Squad is very advantageous for any beginner, since instead of automatically losing to your KO, you can be healed by the team. In addition to being much more fun, you will spend much more time active in matches, which allows you to better practice all aspects of the game, especially construction. If you don't have any friends available, you can always join an automatically created group.

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