How to pick up and use a Command Block in Minecraft!

In Minecraft, the Command Block (or Command Block) is a block capable of saving and executing console commands, thus opening several opportunities for interactions with the scenario and players. To get a Command Block, just follow these two steps:

1 - Go to the menu “More options in the world…” and then set the option “allow cheats" for "On”. This will give you access to console commands.

2 - Inside the game, access the console and enter the code “give @p command_block"Or"/give [seu nick exato] minecraft:command_block [x]”, where “x” is the number of command blocks you want (the maximum possible is 64). You must not enter any of the square brackets.

This will make the chosen amount of blocks appear in your inventory. The Command Block is not available anywhere on the map and this is the only way to obtain it.

This method works for all versions of the game: PC, Mobile (Pocket Edition), Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Configuring your Command Block

The Command Block is used in the same way as any other block in the game. To place it, simply select it in your inventory and right-click where you want it to be.

By right-clicking on the command block, you will access the following menu:

These are all the options that must be configured for your Command Block to work properly:

Command do Console: is the action that your block will execute when the condition (Condition) is fulfilled. Example: "when the lever is pulled, it will start to rain". Note that, unlike the normal console, the Command Block does not require you to use "/" before the command.

Hover Note: a caption that will float above the block. It is usually used to remind the player which command is set for that block.

BlockType: is the block type. There are three:

  • Impulse: the default Command Block. You define the command and it will run.
  • Chain: a Command Block dependent on an Impulse-type block. It serves to continue a chain of commands, never a start. It can be used to complement the command of another block.
  • Repeat: another dependent block. It just re-executes a command already executed, that is, it does not continue a command, but starts again.

Condition: is the condition for executing the command. If you select “Conditional”, it will link the execution of the command to a previous action. If you select “Unconditional”, the command will run regardless of anything.

Redstone: is the way to activate the command. If you select “Always Active”, the command will be executed as soon as the condition is met. If you select “Needs Redstone”, the command will only be executed if a lever, button, switch, etc. is pressed.

You can combine these settings in countless ways to create various fun interactions, from getting any in-game items like weapons, equipment, potions, etc., to building entire cities quickly. But for that, you'll need to know the commands!

Command block command list

As a rule, the Command Block can execute all commands that a player can issue on the console. You can refer to our list of top Minecraft codes to get some ideas. Remember that it is not necessary to use "/" in the Command Block.

You can also play around with these:

Code Effect
say [desired message] Make the block show the message you want
tell [desired message] Send a private message to the target player
setworldspawn Sets your current location as a respawn point
spreadplayers Teleports nearby entities to random locations
immutableworld Makes the world changeless
spawnentity [nome do mob] Summons the selected mob
launch [player] [x,y,z] Throws (does not teleport) the defined player to the given coordinates
explode [x,y,z] Causes an explosion at the given coordinates

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