How to make all inks (Dye) in ARK: Survival Evolved!

In ARK: Survival Evolved, inks (officially called Dyes) are items that have purely aesthetic utility. With them you can customize basically everything in the game: structures, items, weapons, mobs and even yourself.

To make paints you need to gather the materials needed for each different Dye. The amount and type of items needed will vary depending on the color you want to get, but all recipes require the use of:

  • 1x pan ou 1x Industrial Stove.
  • 1x Water Jar, 1x Wineskin ou 1x Canteen with at least 25% Water.

The Pot or Industrial Stove are the items where the ingredients will be prepared. each batch generates 5 Dyes. Check out the full list of recipes for all colors below.

List of paint recipes

Black : 15x Narcoberry + 2x Coal

White : 15x Stimberry + 2x Coal

Yellow : 15x Amarberry + 2x Coal

Blue : 15x Azulberry + 2x Coal

Red : 15x Tintoberry + 2x Coal

Green : 9x Amarberry + 9x Azulberry + 2x Coal

Purple : 9x Azulberry + 9x Tintoberry + 2x Coal

Orange : 9x Amarberry + 9x Tintoberry + 2x Coal

brick color : 12x Tintoberry + 6x Narcoberries + 1x Phosphorus

Cyan : 12x Azulberry + 6x Amarberry + 1x Phosphorus

Azul marinho : 12x Azulberry + 6x Narcoberries + 1x Phosphorus

olive : 12x Amarberry + 6x Narcoberries + 1x Phosphorus

Pink : 12x Tintoberry + 6x Stimberry + 1x Phosphorus

paper color : 12x Amarberry + 6x Stimberry + 1x Phosphorus

Prata : 12x Stimberry + 6x Narcoberries + 1x Gunpowder

sky color : 12x Azulberry + 6x Stimberry + 1x Gunpowder

stone color : 12x Narcoberry + 6x Stimberry + 1x Gunpowder

Cantapulo : 7x Amarberry + 7x Tintoberry + 4x Stimberry + 1x Phosphorus

Dark purple : 7x Azulberry + 7x Tintoberry + 4x Narcoberries + 1x Gunpowder

Tangerine : 7x Amarberry + 7x Tintoberry + 4x Narcoberries + 1x Gunpowder

forest color : 7x Amarberry + 7x Azulberry + 4x Narcoberries + 1x Gunpowder

Bege : 7x Tintoberry + 6x Stimberry + 4x Amarberry + 1x Azulberry + 1x Gunpowder

Cor-de-lama : 7x Tintoberry + 6x Narcoberries + 4x Amarberry + 1x Azulberry + 1x Phosphorus

Marrom : 9x Tintoberry + 6x Amarberry + 3x Azulberry + 2x Coal

Magenta : 9x Azulberry + 9x Tintoberry + 1x Phosphorus

If you don't have the necessary materials, you can check out the commands to create all the paints!

Preparing the mixes

  • With all the necessary items in hand, approach the Pot or Industrial Stove and select "Access Inventory".
  • Insert all the items to form the desired Dye, also adding Water.
  • Select "light fire" (requires items that create fire like Wood for example).
  • After a while of crafting, drag the Dye to your inventory.

how to use inks

Finally, to use crafted inks, you only need to equip a Brush and use it on the object you want to paint. Upon doing so, a window will appear for you to choose from the available Dyes. Just choose the color you want and you're done!

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