How to make a bed in Minecraft!

The Bed is one of the must-haves in Minecraft. When using it, the player automatically skips the night and starts a new day, in addition to creating a new respawn point (rebirth) in the place where he slept.

To craft a bed you just need 3 boards (any type) and 3 wool. When you get them, organize them as follows:

After crafting and positioning your Bed, it will look like this:

Planks are obtained from any combination of wood, which in turn is obtained from trees.

Wool is obtained mainly from sheep. You can kill them or just clip them with scissors. Another way to get Wool is by crafting them with 4 lines this way:

The main ways to obtain Line is by killing Spiders or destroying Webs.

how to make colorful beds

You can also craft colored beds using Wool of the desired color. To do this, just combine 1 White Wool e 1 dye and organize them as follows:

If you already have a White Bed and want to change its color, simply combine the Bed itself with a Dye:

Information about the Bed in Minecraft

  • The Bed can only be used at night or during a Storm.
  • The Bed occupies the space of 2 blocks.
  • You can only sleep in one Bed in the Overworld. If you try to sleep in the Nether or the End, the Bed will cause a level 5 explosion (stronger than TNT).
  • It is not possible to sleep if there is a mob 8 blocks away in the Bed.
  • Sleeping does not speed up time-consuming processes such as harvesting.
  • If a player falls from a high place onto a bed, the fall damage will be reduced by 50%.

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