How to Install the Option File on PS2020 PES 4

The Option File is used to update squads, emblems and uniforms within the game itself using an external file. This option has been around since Winning Eleven, so it's a franchise tradition.

But don't worry, there's nothing illegal about it! As we said above, this is allowed by Konami, although only on the PS4 and PC versions. In this article we will teach you how to download and install the PES 2020 Option File, and from there you will be able to have some of the licenses that are missing in the game!

Option File allows you to have all PES 2020 teams with their real lineups

Step 1: Download the Option File

First you have to download the option file through your PC and then pass it on a flash drive. To download it just click on the link. You will be taken to a section of Google Drive. There will be a folder called WEPES. Download it to your PC.

It is very important to make sure that the folder where all the files are has the same name as above. Then transfer to a FAT32 formatted USB. Put it on your PS4 and launch PES 2020.

Step 2: Passing the competition files to the game

Go to the Edit menu. Click Manage Information and then Import/Export. You will first select Import Time. All Select File boxes must be selected here. You need to do the same in Import Competitions.

Once this is done, go to Access Detailed Settings. Select to import the image files of the same name. This is what will make symbols, shields and similar items imported into the game. If you selected all the files in the external folder, it will take a long time to import everything.

At the end of the process, save on the information management page.

Just be aware that tournament symbols need to be added manually. To do so, just go back to the Import Images section and select Competition Badges. Choose image by image, not folders!

After importing the symbols, go to the Competition Category section to manually change the symbol for each competition.

Step 3: Passing the team files to the game

To transfer the team files, the procedure is almost the same as in Step 2. In this case, go to the Import/Export menu and choose Import Team. Wait for the list of all files to appear and choose only those that are named TEDFIX1.TED and TEDFIX2.TED.

Once this is done, go to the Detailed Settings. Select to apply player and lineup data, as well as to import image files of the same name. Once this part is done, we can jump to the next phase of importing teams.

In the import teams section, click on the square button, which will select all teams. Here's a detail: certain boxes need to be unchecked. This is the case of the National Teams, which start with NAT, the Bundesliga teams, which start with BUN, the TEDFIX, the legendary teams and the teams from our country, which start with BR.

The last step is to go back to the Detailed Settings, checking import of image files with the same name.

Step 4: sorting out our national teams, the Bundesliga and the national teams

Now go back to the same menu as in the previous step and select only the missing files, with the exception of TEDFIX. In the last step, under Detailed Settings, check the boxes that appear and confirm.

After all this is done, go to Edit and then Competition Structure. Under Number of participants, change the amount of Bundesliga participants to 18. Again in the Competition Structure section, go to Europe. Three teams will be in the Other Teams part, not in Bundesliga: Leverkusen, Schalke 04 e Bayern Munchen.

The exchanges you will make should be:

  • Bayern Munich in place of Marguaparrena
  • Schalke 04 in place of Seignaluca
  • Leverkusen not Trunecan place

Now yes: your Option File is ready! Just play your PES 2020 with all the original competitions, teams and lineups!

Option File Updates

This Option File is just one of the first to be produced. Over the next year we will have updates, with new files to be added to PES 2020. Below you can see what is contained in the file you downloaded above:

  • Updated casts of our country
  • Bundesliga coaches, kits, shields, stadiums and squads
  • Shields, uniforms, sponsors and squads of LaLiga Santander
  • Spanish Second Division squads
  • Premier League shields, uniforms, sponsors and casts
  • Serie B Tim shields, uniforms and squads
  • English Serie B shields, uniforms, sponsors and squads
  • Legends team rosters
  • Casts and uniforms of some International Teams from Europe, America, Asia and Africa
  • Symbols of the competitions present in the game
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