How to increase the FPS of Fortnite for real! (2022)

With so many updates, Fortnite is becoming an increasingly heavy and difficult game to run. It is common for machines that previously ran the game perfectly now to have some FPS (frames per second) problems. It doesn't matter if you play on a weak PC or not, the goal is always to play in the most optimized way, so check below our tutorial on how to improve Fortnite FPS on Windows 7, Windows 10 and PS4!

Enter additional command line arguments

In the Epic Games Launcher, select the "settings" and on the next screen scroll down to "Manage Games>Fortnite" and check the box "Additional command line arguments". This will enable a text box just below where you must paste the following code:

-fullscreen -useallavailablecores -high

The code above increases the CPU priority for Fortnite as well as allowing the game to utilize all your processor cores. After entering it, just exit the settings menu and the next time you start your Fortnite the changes will be applied.

Enable Multithread Rendering (PC)

Go to Fortnite video settings and in the “Advanced Video” section turn on the “Allow Multithreaded Rendering”. This will make more cores of your processor dedicated to the game, automatically improving the frame rate.

Edit the video settings file (PC)

In addition to the video options available in the in-game menu, Fortnite has some “secret” settings that can only be accessed through the correct file in the folder. To edit it, do the following:

1 - In the Windows “Run” menu (Windows + R), type "% localappdata%"and open Enter.

2 - Go to FortniteGame>Saved>Config>WindowsClient directory.

3 - Right click on the file “GameUserSettings”, choose “Properties” and make sure the “Read only” box is not checked. If so, uncheck it:

4 - Run the file "GameUserSettings ". You will see this screen:

4 - Then modify the following settings to the values ​​shown below:

  • DisplayGamma: change from “2.200000” to “1.000000”
  • bShowGrass: change from “True” to “False”
  • sg.FoliageQuality: change the value to “0”

By saving these changes and running the game, you will notice a subtle (but noticeable) improvement in FPS rate and your game will feel lighter.

Lower the quality of graphics but not textures (PC and PS4)

Now an obvious tip, but maybe not so much: lower the graphics quality in the video settings. As with any game, the lower the quality, the better the game's performance. In that sense, grade each option (Shadows, Effects, Post-processing, etc) according to your taste, or just set everything to a minimum.

But watch out! Try setting the textures level to Epic. That's right. Several players around the world are seeing an improvement in the game's FPS rate when all options are low and Textures are maxed out. Give it a try!

Disable the option to record replays (PC and PS4)

Access the replays session in the game settings and under “Record Replays”, choose “Off”. This will automatically increase your game performance. Unfortunately, you won't be able to save your epic plays, but it's worth it.

Enable Upgrade Mode if you have a PS4 Pro (PS4)

The PS4 Pro has an extremely useful option for the most competitive players: the Boost Mode. To enable it, simply go to “Settings>System>Enhancement Mode and check the corresponding box.

Boost Mode offers higher frame rate per second, more FPS stability and even reduces loading time in games.

Run Fortnite from an external hard drive (PS4)

If possible, try installing your PS4 Fortnite on a large external hard drive instead of installing it on your console. This way the game will load in a more optimized way, giving a small improvement in the FPS rate, in addition to guaranteeing less fluctuations in performance.

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