How to give Robux to friends on Roblox in 4 ways

Robux is the premium currency of the Roblox platform that allows you to purchase games, items, permissions and many other fun activities. If your virtual pockets are full and you want to know how you can give Robux to your friends, check out 4 different ways to share the coins below!

1. Donating Robux to your group members

Groups on Roblox are the ideal way to create a community and play together, and are the most common way to give Robux to other players. To do this, you need:

  • Be an admin of a group.
  • Have funds to distribute among members.

1 - After logging into Roblox, access the menu in the upper left corner and select the "Groups" section:

2 - On the next screen, if you have a group, click on the menu in the upper right corner and select "Configure group":

3 - Then select the option "Income" and then "Payments":

4 - On the next screen, select the "One-time payment" tab and then "Add payment beneficiary":

5 - Now just enter the exact nick of the person you want to give Robux to, choose the amount and select "Distribute":

How to create a group in Roblox

If you don't have a group created on Roblox, just access the "Groups" menu on the left side tab on the Home Page and on the next page select "Create Group":

On the next screen, fill in the group data such as name, description, emblem and type (public or private). To finish the creation, it is necessary to pay 100 Robux.

How to generate funds for the group

Group members can create accessories, clothes, etc and sell them to other members. Thus, the money raised goes to the group, and only the administrator can manage it. Once there is enough money to be donated, the admin can then follow the steps explained above to give Robux to members.

2. Purchase game passes created by friends

Passes are features used to grant special access, benefits, abilities or exclusive content in Roblox games. Anyone who has created a game, scenario or experience in the "Create" menu in Roblox can make and sell a pass. So, all you have to do is access the "creations" on a friend's profile and buy something they've created:

3. Buy items created by your friends

In Roblox you can craft items and put them up for sale. These items can be accessories and clothes of different types, like the ones you buy in the avatar shop. They are great items to customize and show off a unique look in Roblox games.

This is precisely one of the easiest ways to give money to your friends: by buying the items they have created themselves. Encourage your friends to make new accessories and clothes and tell them to put them up for sale on Roblox. Once that's done, just look for these pieces in the Avatar Store and buy them for your account. Your friends will receive 70% off the price!

4. Send Roblox Game Cards

Roblox Game Cards work like any Gift Card within the platform and are a very convenient way to give money to your friends. With them it is possible to purchase Robux or Premium subscriptions within Roblox.

There are 2 ways to buy Roblox Game Cards:

  1. Via the official Roblox page. These cards are used to exchange for credits, which can be used to buy Robux.

    • Click "Buy a Gift Card".
    • Enter the name of your friend you want to gift and, below, your name.
    • Choose the corresponding currency and whether to send a physical or digital card.
    • Choose the card design (if you chose digital).
    • Choose the amount of cash and the number of cards.
    • Add a message (optional).
    • Finally, enter the recipient's email address if you have chosen a digital card or the person's address if you have chosen to buy a physical card.
  • Through Amazon. These cards are used to redeem Robux within the platform:

    • Select one of the gift cards.
    • Add the card to the cart and proceed with the purchase.
    • After a while (may take hours) you will receive a code in your email. Forward it to your friend.
    • Once you have the code, your friend just needs to redeem the credits on the official Roblox page.

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