How to get rid of Roblox lag: 4 effective methods to optimize the game

On Roblox some games can get lag, and this is unfortunately quite common. If you've been suffering from this and don't want to give up playing, we can help you! In this article you will learn how to remove lag from Roblox, so that your games do not freeze.

Method 1: Reset the video options

How to get rid of Roblox lag: 4 effective methods to optimize the game
Adjusting graphics is the fastest and simplest way to remove lag

The first method requires you to go to the Roblox website. It is important that the platform is already installed on your device. Enter one of the games, which can be any one.

Once in the game, click on the Esc. You will be taken to the options. There search for the section Config. Once there, select the section Graph mode. change to Manual, in order to be able to leave the graphics quality to a minimum.

After that, just click again on Esc. Make sure the settings are saved by restarting the game. The changes will be mirrored for all Roblox games.

Method 2: Removing texture related files

Once you download the platform to your PC, an icon will be created on your desktop. It is called Roblox Player. Right-click on it and select Open file location.

Once there, enter PlatformContent > pc > textures. Inside the textures folder, you will delete the following files:

  • aluminum material
  • brick
  • cobblestone
  • concrete
  • diamondplate
  • fabric
  • glass
  • granite
  • grass
  • ice
  • marble
  • metal
  • pebble
  • plastic
  • unwind
  • beige
  • slate
  • water
  • wood
  • woodplanks

Once you remove them, you can access your favorite game. Surely some improvement will have happened!

Method 3: Boost your internet connection

Sometimes lag problems can be mostly from your internet connection. When that's the case, you need to try to optimize it.

The first step is to turn the modem on and off. Of course: we know you've probably already done this. Sometimes it's a simple solution to the problem. As well as removing the connection from other devices such as tablets, consoles and smartphones.

An alternative can be to connect the PC with an Ethernet cable. Wireless connections aren't the most stable, which can be a problem for online gamers.

Still in this method, one option is to update the modem or router. When these devices have been used for more than 3 years, it is normal for them to start to malfunction. In these cases, regardless of whether you use Wi-Fi internet or cable, the tendency is for the connection to be impaired.

Finally, it may be necessary to improve your internet plan with the operator that provides the service.

Method 4: Add more memory to the PC

We believe this method to be one of the most expensive for you. After all, buying an extra memory cartridge can be a little expensive. And maybe you think it's not worth that much if it's just to play Roblox. But it's a fact that it's always interesting, in case you want to play heavier titles in the future.

In addition to memory, upgrading the processor and graphics card are also good options. Again: it ends up being an effective kind of upgrade for other games as well.

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