How to Get Free Robux on Roblox in 2022 (Very Easy)

Robux is the main currency available on Roblox. This guide will help players how to earn Robux for free. Roblox has been one of the most popular games in the world for almost 15 years. As of August 2020, the game has over 164 million active users making it one of the most played games in the world. Outside of titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, players can program their own games, share them online with other players, and be as expressive as possible. There are very few limitations to what players can accomplish on Roblox. One of the most sought after mechanics in the game is the currency system, Robux. This guide will help players with the best ways to earn them for free.

Originally, the in-game currency system was called Roblox Points, but this system was replaced by the Robux system in 2007. Over time, Robux and Tix, an older currency system, were the only ways to purchase items in the game. Now Tix has been filtered so that Robux is the only method of earning money in the game. Using this item, players can purchase items from within the avatar shop or purchase game passes and user-generated content. Players can buy more Robux using real-world money at any retailer, but there are methods for players to earn free in-game. See how players can earn free Robux.

How to Get Free Robux on Roblox

Check below 12 ways to get free ROBUX on Roblox. There are several possible ways for you to get more chances to earn ROBUX and spend in the game. Check it out below:

12. Earn Robux using

You can do this method on PC and mobile. Visit I need to warn you that the site is all in English, so it is recommended to use a translator. Then click on the “Register” option to create an account or log in via Facebook or Google, as shown in the image below:

On the next screen, go to the “Earn” tab, you will find many ways to earn free ROBUX like completing quizzes, following TikTok and Twitter accounts, subscribing to YouTube channels, installing apps, installing, playing and progressing in certain games and etc:

When you click on any link in the “Offerwalls” section you will find several tasks and the value you will receive in ROBUX after completing them:

Check out that the tasks are very diverse and include the possibility of installing games and leveling up to certain levels in games.

Complete Quizzes and Earn ROBUX

The activity of completing questionnaires in Bloxawards is the most laborious and time-consuming way, but also the one that will give you the most ROBUX, becoming very profitable. Go to the “Earn” tab and click on the “YourSurveys” website link. Complete your profile to then have access to the questionnaires. Some quizzes can be quite long or even require you to get all the questions right to receive the prize. Even so, the effort will be worth it as the reward values ​​are much higher than most tasks.

Attention: It is important that whenever you complete a task in the “Earn” tab, you need to access the “Tasks” tab to receive the extra daily rewards:

Invite friends and earn Robux

Under the “Referrals” tab you will find a link to invite friends to Roblox. Copy and send this link to the friends you want to invite to the game. When you do this, you will always receive 10% of all ROBUX your friends earn.

ROBUX Sweepstakes on Bloxawards

Bloxawards has a sweepstakes system for online users that runs hourly. Sweepstakes values ​​vary and participating is easy, you just need to complete a simple captcha.

How to get the ROBUX in Bloxawards

To withdraw your ROBUX simply click on the “Withdraw” tab and choose the desired amount you want to transfer to your Roblox account. You can click on the green icons or manually enter this value. After setting it, click “Withdraw” and enter your Roblox username.

11. Earn Robux using

First, go to, and in the top right, select “Register” to create an account:

The site's interface is very similar to that of Bloxsawards. First, click on the “Earn Points” tab shown below:

You will find several tasks that offer scores from the site itself. All the links on the left side menu lead to more tasks, which also range from completing quizzes, installing and playing apps, watching videos, etc. As you complete them, points are credited to your OPRewards account.

Withdrawing your ROBUX on OPRewards

To convert your points to ROBUX, select the “Cash Out” tab and then click on “Roblox”:

On the next screen, just enter the amount you want to transfer to your Roblox account. Each OPRewards point is equivalent to one ROBUX. Enter the value in the “R$ Amount” field and your Roblox username in the “Username” field. When finished, click on “Redeem” and that’s it:

Earning ROBUX by inviting friends

As with Bloxwards, OPRewards also offers an invite link for you to invite friends to the site, and then receive a percentage of your earnings. To do this, just click on the “Referrals” tab, copy the link and send it to your friends:

10. Build a game

The first step to earning a lot of Robux is to create your own game within Roblox for other players to enjoy. Once your game has followers, Roblox will use a metric to see how many premium players usually play this game and then you will be rewarded with a stipend.

Paid access games are not eligible for these types of payments and you do not need to do anything to sign up for this program.

9. Encourage non-Premium players to upgrade

Once you've created your game, you can use a Premium Purchase Mod to encourage players to upgrade to a subscription or even a higher subscription. It will appear as a pop-up box on their screen when they enter a premium members-only area, which is a great addition to story games.

The player can then choose to buy the subscription or not enter the area, but if he likes his game, he is likely to upgrade.

8. Random Virtual Paid Items

You can include a random virtual item for sale in your game and the price is your choice. The only rule is that you must disclose the numerical odds to the player before he makes the purchase.

It can be in direct or indirect purchases in your game, so make sure you don't break the rules if you plan on making money this way, something a Slender might consider.

7. Make custom clothes

If you have a creative side, you should consider starting your own Roblox avatar clothing brand. You can create pants, shirts, and t-shirts for avatars that players can buy from the store.

Item prices are all over the map, and it's up to you to search for similar designs to see what they're looking for in the catalog. It's a great way to make some extra Robux if that sounds like something you might be interested in doing.

6. Enable private game servers

When designing your own game, you have the option to create private game servers. This means players can prevent others from joining their server so they are just their personal friends and no randoms.

This is done by going to Game Settings, selecting the Monetization tab, switching private servers, and then you can set a price you want players to pay.

5. Create items that can be purchased multiple times

If you've jumped into a new Roblox game, you've probably seen the items you can buy to help with the game. These are things that can be purchased multiple times and are usually quite affordable, which is why they are often found in games with many players.

When you add this to your game, it's a great way to make some extra Robux, especially if players find them incredibly useful.

4. Create unique purchases

Another sale you've probably noticed is an item that can be bought once and the player has access to it forever. Some examples might be access to a special area, a power-up or an item for your avatar that connects you back to the game.

If you set the price right, you are guaranteed to attract at least a few players to buy it so you can earn some Robux. Make sure it is labeled with a circular game pass and when you choose a price it will tell you how many Robux you will earn for each sale.

3. Sell access to your game

You can sell access to your game, which basically means players pay to play your game. It can be put on the market for anywhere between 25 and 1.000 Robux, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first is that you want to make sure your game works and that you are open to players about current issues so they know what to expect before they drop their Robux in an unplayable game.

2. Buy a subscription

If you sign up for a premium membership, you will automatically receive a bag of many Robux each month. If you pay $4,99 per month you will get 450 Robux while those who pay $9,99 per month will get 1.000 Robux per month.

The highest tier will charge you $19,99 per month and you will get 2.200 Robux which is more than enough to have fun and buy limited and expensive items.

1. Buy Robux

Finally, you can buy Robux if the subscription is not enough in the same price ranges. You will pay $4,99 for 400 Robux, $9,99 for 800 Robux, or $19,99 for 1.700 Robux.

It should be your priority to pay for a subscription, as you can cancel at any time if you don't want to be locked into a long-term purchase agreement.

Is there a Robux generator?

Many players claim that there is a free way to earn Robux and it is through a Robux Generator. However, they don't really exist and can do more harm than good. They claim that they generate free Robux, but in reality they are just a scam.

Their goal is to take your account name and password and then take control of your account so you no longer have access. This includes picking up all of your items, as well as any Robux you've accumulated. Roblox itself urges anyone who finds one of these to report it to their team via the Abuse Reporting System.

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