How to get free ROBUX on Roblox in 2022!

Like most games, Roblox also has a premium currency that can be purchased for real money, ROBUX. However, believe it or not, there are some ways to get ROBUX for free! In this article we will show you two updated ways (2022) that, in addition to being quick and easy, are 100% functional and safe for you to start earning ROBUX on PC and mobile. Enjoy!

Earning free ROBUX through (2022)

This method works on both PC and mobile. First, go to Unfortunately the site is all in English, so, if necessary, use a translator. Then click on the "Register" option to create an account or log in via Facebook or Google, as in the image below:

On the next screen, under the "Earn" tab, you will find several ways to earn free ROBUX such as completing quizzes, following TikTok or Twitter accounts, subscribing to YouTube channels, installing apps, installing and progressing in certain games, etc:

By clicking on any link in the "Offerwalls" session (highlighted above) you will find the specific tasks and the respective value received in ROBUX after completing them:

Again, note that the tasks are very varied and even include installing games and leveling up to certain levels.

Earning ROBUX by completing quizzes

Completing quizzes on Bloxawards is the hardest but also the most profitable way to earn ROBUX. To start them, just access the "Earn" tab and click on the "YourSurveys" website link. The first time you will need to complete your profile in order to access the questionnaires. As stated above, some quizzes can be quite long or even require you to get all the questions right to receive the prize. Even so, the reward values ​​are much higher than most tasks.

Attention: whenever you complete a task in the "Earn" tab, go to the "Tasks" tab to receive extra daily rewards:

Earning ROBUX by inviting friends

In the "Referrals" tab you will find a link to invite friends. Just copy it and send it to the friends you want to invite to join the site. By doing so, you will receive 10% of all ROBUX they earn:

ROBUX Sweepstakes on Bloxawards

Every hour Bloxawards does sweepstakes for users who are online. The value of the draw varies, and to participate, simply complete a simple captcha to prove that you are not a bot.

Taking out his ROBUX at Bloxawards

To withdraw your ROBUX simply click on the "Withdraw" tab and choose the amount you want to transfer to your Roblox account. You can click on the green icons or manually enter this value. After setting it, click "Withdraw" and enter your Roblox username.

Earning free ROBUX through (2022)

Our second method is very similar to the first and follows very similar steps. First, go to and in the top right, select "Register" to create an account:

After registering and logging in, you will notice that the website interface is very similar to Bloxsawards. To get started, click on the "Earn Points" tab shown below:

You will find numerous tasks that offer scores from the site itself. All the links on the left side menu lead to more tasks, which also range from completing quizzes, installing and playing apps, watching videos, etc. As you complete them, points are credited to your OPRewards account.

Earning ROBUX by inviting friends

As with Bloxwards, OPRewards also offers an invite link for you to invite friends to the site, and then receive a percentage of your earnings. To do this, just click on the "Referrals" tab, copy the link and send it to your friends:

Withdrawing your ROBUX on OPRewards

To convert your points into ROBUX, select the "Cash Out" tab and then click "Roblox":

On the next screen, just enter the amount you want to transfer to your Roblox account. Each OPRewards point is equivalent to one ROBUX. Enter the value in the "R$ Amount" field and your Roblox username in the "Username" field. When finished, click "Redeem" and that's it:

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