How to find a game I don't know the name of: see 3 methods

Everyone has been in the situation of wanting to find a game but not remembering its name. Thinking about this big problem, we created this article to give you 3 methods that can help you find out which game is the title of which is on the tip of your tongue!

We emphasize that none of the mechanisms below is 100% efficient. It all depends on how much you know or remember about the game you're looking for.

But not only! Google works with search algorithms. In other words: often what counts is how you are searching and what words you are using to feed the browser.

Method 1: Use famous databases

The first method is to enter famous databases all over the world. They have dozens of filters and different ways to find a game. It can be by genre, by platform, by release date, or in so many other ways.

You may not even remember the name of the game, but you certainly remember something related to it. Any information along these lines that you can insert into the database will make your search easier.

We recommend 3 video game databases:

  • Giant bomb
  • Universal Videogame List
  • Moby Games

Method 2: Ask questions on specialized forums

There are dozens of forums on the internet specializing in games. Many belong to developers, production companies or platforms. Some, like Reddit and Quora, are more neutral, but can help you out as a last resort.

As you would with a database in Method 1, tell users everything you know about the game in question. Surely some player will know which game he is talking about. It may be that he sends an image and you promptly confirm that it is the same game!

Method 3: Search Google Images

The third method is the least likely to work, at least immediately. What you would do is type something that you believe is in the name or even the game itself in the Google Images search bar. Next to it would write "Screenshot", with the hope that an image referring to the title you want will appear.

Let's say you wanted to search for Skyrim, but didn't know that's the name. You could type "dragon", "adventure", "game", ps4" and "screenshot". It may be that this search using these words is not enough. Just keep changing or adding, until finally the image of the game you want appears .

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