How to easily play Critical Ops on PC

Discover how to play Critical Ops on PC! As of July 2022, the game's creators decided not to invest more in the PC version, leaving the game only available on Android and iOS devices. But if you prefer to continue playing on PC, follow our guide!

Soon you'll be headshotting opposing players around the world!

1. Download and Install an Android Emulator

Mobile device games like smartphones and tablets are made differently from PC games. For them to work well, you need software that makes your computer recognized as a mobile device. In this case, we use Bluestacks software. Once the installation is complete, the software will ask for your Google Play or App Store login.

2. Download and Install APKPure

If you try to install Critical Ops right away from Bluestacks, you will get a message from the Play Store saying that your device is not compatible. To overcome this detail, it is necessary Install APKpure App. Download the application in .apk format and install it on Bluestacks using the installer.

3. Use APKpure to download and install Critical Ops

Open APKPure on BlueStacks and search for Critical Ops using search. Download and install normally. Bluestacks will momentarily assume the vertical format. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal.

Don't forget to allow Critical Ops to install. As always, your Google Play data will be used, as well as other details commonly used in games on the Play Store. After installing, it is convenient to restart BlueStacks.

4. Configure the controls

After installing Critical Ops, you can access directly in the BlueStacks menu, no need to use APKpure anymore. The game will start with a simple tutorial. Take the opportunity to map your keys during this phase. To do this, simply hit the symbol with a keyboard in the lower left corner of the BlueStacks screen.

A game created for smartphone or tablet uses different areas of the screen for different functions. Thus, by mapping each zone with one key, it is possible to play with more familiar commands, using your mouse and keyboard.

5. Ready for combat

And it's ready for battle! You can play in "Guest" mode or link your Google Play or Facebook account. Linking your accounts allows you to save your experience points. To play Ranked Matches, you need to get 250 kills in casual games, so it's convenient to register.

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