How to earn coins in Pokémon GO in 2022 without spending money!

There are two ways you can earn PokéCoins, the premium coins in Pokémon GO. One, unfortunately, is using real money. The other is putting your Pokémon to defend Gyms! In this short article we will teach you how to do it in 2 steps and we will show you everything you can buy with these coins.

Step 1: Enter a Gym and place a Pokémon there

When you reach level 5, you unlock the Gyms. They are giant towers, quite different from PokéStops, so don't confuse them. When unlocking them, try to find one that isn't mastered yet or that belongs to your team. All you have to do is place one of your own Pokémon there.

If you prefer and have the power to do so, you can go to a rival Gym. By defeating all opponents of the opposing team in that Gym, it will be expelled, allowing yours to occupy the space.

The important thing in terms of coins is that you have one of your own Pokémon defending a Gym. And here's the trick to maximizing your profits: you can have a maximum of 20 Pokémon in Gyms, only one per location. So instead of just 1 little monster, put 20 in total.

Step 2: Don't Leave Pokémon in Gyms for More Than One Day

Once you placed a Pokémon in a Gym, it gained 1 coin every 10 minutes. Which was great, as I could earn 6 coins per hour. The problem is that there was always a limit of 50 coins per day, regardless of how many Pokémon you had in Gyms.

Apart from that whenever you collected your coins, there was a 21 hour cooldown until you could collect them again. That is: anyway, the maximum number of PokéCoins you could earn daily was always 50.

With the recent update to the game, this has "changed". Niantic has "removed" the daily 50 coin limit. Supposedly a Pokémon of yours could spend days in a Gym and earn, say, 250 coins. However, what happens in practice is that when you are removed from the Gym, instead of 250, you only get 50.

What to buy with PokéCoins?

Pokémon GO may be free-to-play, but of course it invites players to spend a few pennies in its online store. Once you get some PokéCoins, you can invest them in some pretty cool items. See below what they are and the amount in parentheses:

  • Incense: 40 coins (1), 250 coins for 8 items,
  • Egg Incubator: 150 Coins
  • Super Incubator: 200 Coins
  • Attract Modules: 100 coins (1) and 680 coins (8)
  • Glacial, Mossy and Magnetic Attract Module: 200 coins each
  • Lucky Eggs: 80 coins (1) and 500 coins (8)
  • Max Potion: 200 coins (10)
  • Max Revive: 180 coins (6)
  • piece of star: 100 coins (1) or 640 coins (8)
  • Pok√© Balls: 100 coins (20), 460 coins (100) or 200 coins (800)
  • Premium Battle Pass: 100 coins (1)
  • Remote Raid Pass: 100 coins (1) or 250 coins (3)
  • Rocket Radar: 200 (1)
  • poffin: 100 (1)
  • Handbag: 200 Coins
  • Pok√©mon Storage Upgrade: 200 Coins
  • Team Medallion: 1000 for 1 item

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