How to earn coins in Coin Master: 5 free ways!

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There are 5 ways you can earn coins in Coin Master without spending real money! See below what they are and other important tips for you to always have money in your pocket to invest in your village and to keep evolving in the game!

1. Bags of coins in the slot machine

The slot machine is the basis of Coin Master. It is with this resource that much of the game's activities are carried out. And one of the symbols that can come out in the machine is precisely a bag of coins.

Whenever this bag appears, you get some coins. If you complete an entire line on the machine with only bags of cash, you win the jackpot! In 50 spins done, you can receive more than 1 million coins to evolve your village.

2. Attacking another player's base

Another way to get coins is by attacking a player's base. This is possible, again, through the slot machine. But instead of the coin bag symbol, what you should be looking for is Thor's hammer. If you get a complete line with this symbol, that's it: you will be taken to a random village of another player or you can choose a friend's village if you are logged in with Facebook.

But how does the attack work? Simple: choose one of the player's buildings and attack. It could be bad luck and have a shield over the building. If so, you don't earn coins. Otherwise, you can win a good amount.

Some buildings give more coins than others. There's no way to know which building will make the most money, so you'll have to believe in luck!

3. Raiding

In Coin Master we have, in addition to the attack, the raid, which is to invade an enemy village. To carry out a raid, spin the slot machine and hope to get a complete line with the robber pig symbol. When that happens, you go to the village of your Coin Master, a randomly chosen player.

There you have a shovel and you must dig 3 holes in the ground. If you choose the right regions, you can earn A LOT of money. Coins are taken from the other player's storage, which can make them furious and ready for revenge!

4. Watching advertising videos

A fourth way to earn coins is by watching advertising videos. The famous "ads" can give something around 15 thousand coins or free spins. It's an easy, fast and free way to get coins, so don't miss this chance whenever possible!

5. Completing sets of cards

You gain cards by purchasing chests, using coins. It seems confusing to spend coins to earn coins, but collecting cards is part of game progress. So eventually you will end up completing your card sets and you will receive rewards for doing so. It can be spins on the slot machine or more coins.

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