How to download houses in The Sims 4: tutorial and 10 ideas

Building houses in The Sims 4 is one of the coolest things to do in the game. But did you know that you can download houses for your game? If you want to have the coolest rooms ever created without having to work, we can teach you how to do it quickly! See our tutorial below!

At the end of the text we will still give you 10 good house ideas to download and add to your Sims neighborhood.

Finding and Downloading The Sims 4 Houses

There are dozens of sites out there that promise feature-packed, well-built, and ready-to-play homes. But most of the houses come with problems or are actually quite incomplete. That's why we recommend The Sims Resource!

By clicking on the link above you will have at your disposal a selection with a series of houses built by other players. On the page of each house there is a download button, however do not click on it directly. Read the instructions for each house very carefully.

This is important because you will need to place the downloaded files in specific locations in the game folder on your PC. Some houses may still require you to have some additional content, such as one of the expansions or a certain item pack.

Another point is that using some cheats may be necessary. That way, it's not worth going down the stairs without understanding what's needed in each one!

All The Sims 4 codes!

10 house ideas from The Sims 4 to download

Below we've separated 10 very different ideas for you to add more personality to your The Sims 4. Some houses belong to movies or games, while others are more traditional. We are sure that some of the examples below will please you!

1. Cruella de Vil's Mansion


Cruella de Vil is the movie's villain and the cute cartoon of 101 Dalmatians. The house is spectacular, a true classic and gothic mansion. It already comes with furniture, items and a decoration very well designed by the creator.

2. Fortress


This second example is a very strange medieval fortress, with a giant spider standing in front of the building. Everything inside is relative to warriors, ghosts and other strange things worthy of a haunted castle.

3. House on the beach


Perfect for those who like to take a beach vacation. It simulates a house in the Maldives Islands or even in the Caribbean. The crystal clear water is beautiful and gives that very light and peaceful touch to the house.

4. House not lake


Unlike the beach house, this lake house is more comfortable for those with a more urban style. But of course: without ceasing to appreciate nature.

5. Chalet in the snow


Don't care about a house on the beach or lake? Is it more of the cold? Then this double snow chalet will suit your taste perfectly!

6. Palace in the desert


If you imagined yourself being a sultan in the middle of the desert, your time has come! This house in The Sims 4 simulates an oasis with a very beautiful golden palace!

7. Hut in the heights


At the top of the mountain there is a cabin waiting for you to live. It's very cute, full of greens and still has a really cool view of the sea!

8. House with a cat face


Very different house, which is actually a cat cafe. But if you want, you can take it as a base and live in it with your pets.

9. Church


Living in a church is bizarre, we know. But this one was so well built that it was literally a sin not to bring it here.

10. The Witcher 3 Kaer Morhen


Finally, as we're fans of Geralt's The Witcher 3, stick with this really cool replica of Kaer Morhen!

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