How to ask for the ball in PES 2020's Road to Stardom

Asking for the ball in PES 2020's Rise to Stardom mode has been a huge headache for many players. To make your life easier, we created this very short tutorial so that you can finally learn to have the ball at your feet whenever you want. After all, you should always be the star of the team!

Tutorial to ask for the ball in the Road to Stardom

In other football games, you just ask for the ball and the machine passes it anyway, regardless of your position on the field. In PES 2020 things are more realistic, so if you don't offer the best pass conditions, it's no use pressing the button 100 times: the pass won't roll!

So see below what you should do to ensure you get a pass, but better than that: a quality pass!

Step 1: Position your player well

As we said above, PES 2020's artificial intelligence makes players not always pass the buck when you ask. This usually happens because you are poorly positioned on the field. The AI ​​calculates that the ball may be intercepted or that the pass is too difficult to execute.

So make sure your ace is in a 100% open pass position. This will make sure the ball arrives clean at your feet. If it's that player who stays between the marking asking for balls, forget it, because the pass won't come out. Seek the game and companions to receive a good match.

Step 2: Press R2/RT when available to pass

The button used to request a pass is R2 on PS4 and RT on Xbox One. When you are 100% sure you are free to receive the pass, press the button and you will see the ball arrive at your feet.

Depending on your position, the distance from your teammate and the opponent's marking, the ball can go either high or low. With the exception of the cross to the penalty area, it is not possible to choose whether the round will come from the top or the low, but you can more or less predict this by the positioning of your ace in relation to his teammate.

Tips for getting good passes on the Road to Stardom

Being a star like Ronaldinho makes it easier to receive more passes!

Now you know how to ask for the ball in PES 2020's Road to Stardom. To ensure that the passes you receive will be the best possible, you can take some important precautions during the game, such as:

Do not play on camera Player

The Player camera is very limiting. As it is only focused on your star player, you hardly see where your teammates are and may not even know where the ball is. Opt for cameras that show the entire field. This makes it easier to position yourself to receive the balls and create plays.

Anticipate all team plays

PES 2020's AI isn't the most creative when it comes to creating offensive play. After about 5 games with the same team you will already notice the patterns: does the machine cross a lot? Play more in the middle? Do you always try to dribble? Note this kind of behavior to become a good passing option.

Avoid asking for backward passes

Whether you're a defender or not, avoid asking for back balls. Even more so if the partner is facing forward. The pass request at that moment can cause a wrong pass, without force, which will be intercepted by the opponents. The ideal is always to go forward, to the sides, using backward passes only to build offensive plays.

Be the highlight of the team

The more you are the team's central agent, the more the ball will automatically come to you. If you are the creative midfielder, the plays will pass through your ace to reach the attack. If you're a goal-scoring striker, the balls will easily reach your feet to score. So try to be the best of the team!

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