Hay Day: Learn how to make money to be a rich farmer

At Hay Day, it's not always easy to raise enough money to be financially comfortable. In addition to the normal tasks you can do on a farm, like growing your crops and producing various items, there are other tips you should follow to start saving money.

Check out our tips for becoming the richest farmer on Hay Day!

plant wheat

This is the first thing you learn in the game: how to plant wheat. But the profits from this activity are not in the grains themselves, but in the rare items that you have a chance to catch in the harvest. As there is always a small chance of getting rare items when harvesting your crops you should bet on wheat to increase your chances, as this is a seed that grows very fast (2 minutes).

If you get swamped with wheat, try corn as it also grows fast and sells very well. Once you reach level 7 and the Roadside Shop is unlocked, you can start the quest to farm these rare items while selling all your excess of wheat or corn.

Bet on slow seeds in the quietest hours

There are seeds that take hours to grow and these are the ideal ones to plant before going to sleep or if you know it will be busy for a few hours and will not be able to visit the game. So, the next time you enter Hay Day, you can harvest those crops that should be ready by now.

This is good because these items will usually be worth more than the fastest growing seeds and you can take advantage of the quieter hours to get the most profit possible.

Cut trees consistently

By focusing on farming wheat and corn, you are sure to earn a large number of saws and this item is not very valuable to be sold in the shop as it is relatively easy to get out. To use them most effectively, you must cut down trees.

This is because each tree produces 13 fruits, regardless of the type and, after collecting them, the trees will not disappear or gain new fruits. just go die and take up precious space on your land. So that new trees that bear fruit can grow, you must use your saws and axes to eliminate the withered trees.

If you have few or no saws, you will have to eliminate the trees with the most fruit. profit. Check the values ​​of both the fruits and the saws in the store to create your strategy.

Use the Roadside Store smartly

The Roadside Shop opens from level 7, giving access to the online market. That is, you can sell your items for other players to buy. As a rule, you should always sell your items on the maximum price possible to maximize profits.

However, you should also bear in mind that during certain events it may be more profitable to participate in them than to sell the items. The three most profitable events are Truck, Boat, and Little People, so be on the lookout for these opportunities.

Don't be afraid to say no to visitors

Sometimes visitors will come to your farm to buy items, but usually they won't pay you well. So don't be afraid to say not, as they are scheduled to reappear. It is much more profitable to sell your items at the Roadside Shop than to visitors.

The same goes for Orders. It is much better to discard requests that take a long time or that require a large number of items and hope that the next one will be easy and instant to respond. In addition, earn EXPERIENCE is very important in Hay Day, so it's better to prioritize experience gained from orders than money.

Learn how to become an excellent farmer in Hay Day.

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