Guide for better sensitivity and configuration on Free Fire

In Free Fire, sensitivity is the ratio used to measure the speed of the aim with the accuracy of the shot. Higher sensitivity allows the player to aim faster, but if overdone it can cause the aim to completely miss the target. In addition, it is important to test the sensitivity whenever an update occurs and, if necessary, to reconfigure it, as it may have already undergone changes. Check out our guide to customizing your sensitivity in Free Fire and getting perfect shots, fast!

1. Set DPI for faster crosshair

Before modifying details in the game itself, it is necessary to check the DPI of the device where you play. DPI (Dots Per Inch) is a measure that quantifies the density of pixels in a given area. "And what does it matter to go up capon?" you think, irritated. It's simple: higher DPI means higher sensitivity, so less movement of your fingers will be required to get the crosshairs into place. Overall, your aim will be, at least in theory, faster.

The DPI issue is more important for mobile gamers, but there has been a certain exaggeration: the screens are small and you don't always notice the difference. Higher DPI also consumes more battery and can make your phone warm up faster. To configure the DPI on a cell phone depends a lot on the model, but it is almost always necessary to enable Developer Mode. Then search for Language & Input > Pointer Speed.

To configure the DPI on an emulator it is necessary to enter the settings and, in the game engine, discover the DPI tab. In this example, the configuration is in Gameloop.

2. Don't copy, customize sensitivity your way

To configure just press the symbol of the settings menu in the upper right corner and then choose the sensitivity tab. Each sensitivity is important and may require a custom adjustment. In theory, the higher the scope magnification, the lower its sensitivity to reducing aiming errors.

  • General: overall game sensitivity, more centered on your character's moving shooting;
  • Red Dot: sensitivity of the Red Dot sight, the nearly unmagnified square sight of many weapons;
  • Look 2X: the most common sight, with some magnification;
  • Look 4X: a scope ready for use on snipers;
  • Mira AWM: this scope has an 8X magnification and therefore may need more careful adjustment.

After configuring, test your sensitivity on the Training Island, equipping different weapons with different sights and grips. It's true, unlike early Free Fire players, it's now possible to test and try different weapons without walking halfway around the map looking for or taking a cape while doing it.

Sensitivity also depends on the equipment that is used. A more modest phone may not need as much tuning as a slightly more powerful tablet or an emulator running on an average PC. Also, Android, iPhone and Emulators almost always need different sensitivities. In other words, customizing your sensitivity is a necessary detail, whatever your platform. And remember to test yourself, don't put sensibilities copied from other players, youtubers, streamers or your dog.

3. Configure the HUD to eliminate screen noise

HUD stands for Head Up Display and is nothing more than the buttons that appear on the screen. The ideal, if you use a cell phone or even an emulator, is to make the buttons you use less more transparent. The objective of this strategy is to have less noise on the screen and to be able to observe the game better.

Each button can be moved to any area of ​​the screen, in addition to its transparency and size. If you play with claw fingers, modify the position of the buttons to better serve your purpose.

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