GTA V badges: how to put them on your crew and 10 image ideas

Placing emblems in GTA V can be a bit of a complex task if you don't have the practice. But don't worry, with our tutorial you won't be wrong: your crew will have the most amazing emblems made by the game's community or even by you!

At the end of our explanation, we will also bring 10 very cool ideas for emblems for you to put our teachings into practice.

Step 1: create your crew and have an image

The first thing to do is to have a crew ready on SocialClub. It's pretty quick to make if you don't already have yours or join one with friends.

Once that's done, you should have the image you want to add as an emblem. Beware of the copyright issue of images. Also remembering that you can always edit a photo using editing software to make it more unique.

Step 2: hello to PNG photos

Once the photo is edited, the next step is to save it in PNG format. But it's not enough to be just that, because size is also important. Always 512x512. Once you have the image, save it to your desktop.

Step 3: Use Vectormagic and Notepad ++

Having the cute image saved on the desktop, let's go to Vectormagic. You will upload the file in the program, always in HD for a more satisfactory result. In Vectormagic you must save the image in svg format, and then open it in Notepad++.

Opening it in Notepad++, go to Line (4). Select everything and stop only when you reach < /SVG>. You will copy everything you selected.

Step 4: Change the Crew Emblem

Now comes the most complicated step, so pay close attention. You must go back to Rockstar SocialClub and edit your crew emblem. First change the image background to transparent.

Now with the right mouse button, inspect the page. look for the line "< svg height="512" version="1.1". Right-click again and select Edit as HTML.

The code copied in step 3 must be pasted between < /right> and , which belong to the line < svg height="512" version="1.1". Once you're back on the regular screen, your image should appear as an emblem.

Alternative way to place emblems

We will teach you an alternative way for those who want an image already edited and made by someone from the gamer community. You will have to choose one of the examples that we have added below or others from the GTA Logo website. Once the image is selected, you will:

  1. Log in to SocialClub
  2. customize or emblem
  3. Click on CREATE NEW
  4. Open browser console - Ctrl-Shift-J to the Chrome, Ctrl-Shift-K para o Firefox, Ctrl-Shift-I para o Opera, F12 for the Explore
  5. Paste the code from the image, obtained from the GTA Logo website
  6. Close the console and click PUBLISH

Below you can see an example in the video:

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Badge ideas for GTA V

Below we separate 10 really cool ideas for those looking for ready-made images and just want to get their code. We only chose those related to geek culture, but of course on the GTA Logo website there are hundreds of other options for you! Check out!

1. 2pac


2. V for Vendetta




4. Deadpool


5. Batman


6. 4 Star Dragon Ball


7. Sons of Anarchy


8. SpongeBob and Patrick


9. Man of Dark Steel


10. Troll Face Original


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