GTA San Andreas Online: learn how to play SA online!

Have you ever imagined being able to play GTA San Andreas online? Well, now that's possible, thanks to a series of mods created by the player community. Thanks to new technologies today you will walk around Los Santos or San Fierro with CJ and meet other players along the way.

See below how to do this and make your SA gang disputes much more fun and contested! It goes without saying that a stable and fast internet connection is a must.

Step 1: Install the necessary mods

There are two mods that will be responsible for connecting your machine to the online servers of GTA San Andreas. The first one is actually a modified version of SA. It's called San Andreas: Multiplayer Server. This is a simple method that allows up to 200 players to interact together in the game world.

The second mod will give the player the possibility to find servers and enter the game's online mode. He is considerably better than the first. It has a map editor and comes with a system for you to create your own mods, based on a script system.

Regardless of the mod you choose, it must be installed in the game's installation folder.

Step 2: Choosing a Server

Once you start the game, go to options and select "Browser Servers". Several servers from the online world of GTA San Andreas will appear. Watch out for crowded servers as you obviously won't be able to enter.

Once the server is chosen, just have fun online!

Playing GTA San Andreas with local multiplayer

A different option, which doesn't need online access to anything, is to play local multiplayer. For this you need to go to a specific place on the map, which is very close to CJ's house, as you can see above. But first connect another controller to your PS2 or PC.

When you arrive at the house specified on the map, jump over the fence and go to the middle of the property. There you will find a red floating icon, indicating the multiplayer. When approaching, the other player will be able to choose an avatar. It could be a gangster, a policeman or other possibilities.

Now they can explore the city together, as long as they stay close by. Otherwise, the second player will disappear from the map. If you choose to enter a vehicle, one of the players will drive while the other will shoot.

The only bad thing is that you can't do missions together.

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