GTA 5: meet 15 rare cars in Offline Mode!

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GTA V's Offline Mode features several rare and unique cars! Discover now the 15 most exotic and the various ways to catch each of them. In addition to the cars, we have brought you some vehicles that are not four-wheeled, but that may interest you a lot if you want to walk through the waters or fly!

1. Space Docker

How to get:

  • Franklin must collect all 50 Spaceship Parts. Then go to Omega to complete the quest "The Final Frontier". The car is available in Omega's garage, and Franklin can take it to Michael or Trevor, who can store it in their garage.

2. Tractor

How to get:

  • In the mission "Seeking the Truth", Michael delivers the car to the drop off point. An Epsilon member gives you the Tractor
  • You can find it at the El Gordo Lighthouse, parked near Ursula's house.
  • Rare, but you can find it parked in a depot in the farm areas, near the paths leading to the tracks.

3. Nagazaki Blazer

How to get:

  • Can be purchased for $8.000 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • Sometimes he appears being driven by Blaine County
  • Two can be found side by side on the beach line in Paleto Bay.
  • In the Altruists camp in Monte Chiliad, on the side of the trail, facing the bridge
  • Southeast of Los Santos Airport, side by side with a Dozer and a Trashmaster
  • Find one on an old fishing platform in Lago Zancudo

4. SandKing

How to get:

  • Can be purchased for $45.000 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • You can be seen being driven on the trails in Blaine County and around the town
  • Parked at Del Perro Beach, near where the triathlon begins
  • Sometimes spawns near a house just off Joshua Road at the west end of the Grand Senora Desert
  • In Palomino Highlands, at the end of a dirt road near the Pacific Ocean
  • On Del Perro Pier, close to RVs, 4 jet-skis and a Squalo
  • Appears in front of you when you steal a Cargobob for The Merryweather Heist

5. Submarine

How to get:

  • After purchasing the Sonar Collections Dock, a Submarine appears on the dock
  • Complete the quest "The Merryweather Heist" and a Submarine will spawn in Sandy Shores Airfield, near the water tower. It takes a Cargobob to get it, and it only appears to Trevor.

6. P-996 Leisure

How to get:

  • There are several in Fort Zancudo
  • If you are very skilled, every half hour one and sometimes three of these will fly over Raton Canyon and you can try to steal one of them.

7. FIB SUV e FIB Buffalo

How to get:

  • Go to Satellite Dishes and Los Santos Customs. Park near the first Satellite between 10 am and 11 am. Walk around until you find FIB men. Steal one of your cars

8. Z-Type

How to get:

  • In Legendary Motorsport, paying $10.000.000
  • In the "Aerial Surveillance" mission, when parking at 3671 Whispymound Drive. Exit, re-enter and exit again, leaving the vehicle. If the quest is not reset, the Z-Type will be LSPD Auto Impound, for just $250

9. Ranger SUV

How to get:

  • Can be found being driven by Rangers in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and Cassidy Creek
  • On the outskirts of Mount Gord, parked near a forestry agent
  • Rarely can spawn in Paleto Bay, where the Sheriff is located
  • In the buildings behind Vinewood Sign
  • Sometimes patrolling the hills behind Paleto Bay
  • Sometimes when you switch to Trevor, he can spawn with 2 wanted stars, running away from Rangers
  • Parked at Beaver Bush Ranger Station

10. Bote

How to get:

  • In Sonar Collections Docks, after Michael meets Abigail
  • On the island south of the dry docks
  • In the dry docks in the middle of Elysian Island

10. Unmarked Cruiser

How to get:

  • At the train station, between 22 pm and 4 am, but not always
  • On Barry's missions, controlling Franklin

11. Adder

How to get:

  • Can be purchased for $1.000.000 from Legendary Motorsport
  • Appears in front of Sessanta Nove in Rockford Hills
  • When switching to Franklin, he can appear in traffic in Downtown Vinewood, with Adders around

12. Brute Stockade

How to get:

  • Can only be obtained in the Prologue Quest

13. Brutal Pony

How to get:

  • Appears sometimes in drug missions

14. Fixter

How to get:

  • Rarest bike in the game, can only be obtained when completing Rampage number 5

15. HVY Skylift

How to get:

  • Can only be obtained in the Great Heist preparation quest

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