Game Dev Tycoon: the best combinations to make successful games!

Game Dev Tycoon is a game development simulator in which you have to manage all the stages of creating and publishing your games. For this, the game revolves around decisions about various aspects of the games such as: theme, genre, system, allocation of time in certain areas of the game, etc.

Although the grades received in the evaluations are never fixed, over time, the game community has been learning the best combinations to succeed in Game Dev Tycoon, and that's what we bring you in this article! Following the tables below will guarantee, in most cases, positive results for your games.

Attention: The information below was compiled by user In-sight on Steam, which we translated into the PT-BR version of the game. Enjoy!

Theme and Genre

The table below gathers the Theme and Genre combinations of your games, showing your in-game ratings. For example: a game of Aliens and Action it's a great combination. The fields in red show the combinations that cannot be made.

In the "Public" field, the letters J, T e M they mean, respectively, Children, All and Adults, and the signs show the evaluation of a certain Theme for different types of public.


The table below demonstrates the quality of the combinations between Genres and Systems, in addition to the evaluation of the Systems by each different audience. For example: the PC system is very suitable for the Adventure Genre, and is also very suitable for the Adult audience.


Stages are the time allocation choices you need to make in each game. Each Genre requires you to dedicate more to one aspect than another. The table below gathers information on what needs to be prioritized at each stage of the development of your games. Here, the red frames demonstrate the fields that have no priority. For example: an Action game needs to have a very good Engine, but it doesn't need to have good Dialogues.


The table below follows exactly the same logic as the previous one, but it applies in cases where your games have two genres.

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