Game Dev Tycoon: 8 tips for you to be the best developer!

Game Dev Tycoon is a game development simulator. In it you need to manage all the game creation steps, decide where to invest your money and time, accept or reject contracts, fix bugs, develop new engines, etc. The game is quite complex and the best way to learn is to try and fail. Even so, we brought here 8 (or more) precious tips for you not to waste too much time and go straight to success. Check out!

1. Match Theme to Genre

There are many variables that determine whether your games will work or not. Even so, starting off right is essential if you want to get far in the game. So the very first thing you need to know is that, just like in real life, a good match between Theme and the Game Genre is crucial for the success or failure of your games.

Use common sense: Does a Construction-themed game suit the Action genre? Does a Sports game suit the RPG genre? No. On the other hand, an Aliens, Assassins or Crime game fits very well with the Action genre. This is the logic you should look for when deciding what your game will be about. Choose combinations that make sense, without being (too) afraid to be creative.

Now, if you want spoilers about the efficiency of the combinations, check out the table below and see the ingame note of each one:

Table created by user In-sight on SteamCommunity

The letters I, T e A in the Audience table they mean, respectively, Children, All and Adults.

If you are new to Game Dev Tycoon, know that the above combinations will not guarantee maximum ratings every time, but they are certainly safe choices that will keep you in the profit. Also, if you need to unlock these Themes and Genres as you play.

After developing a game, you should not:

  • Develop another game of the same Theme and Genre right away, unless you've already unlocked the option to develop sequels.
  • Develop a sequel using the same engine.
  • Develop an expansion in less than 40 weeks (7 months) from the release of the previous version.

2. Be aware of the news!

Stay tuned for news because as soon as a new platform is about to be released, you can jump ahead and get a license to develop games for it. That way you'll have more time to invest in the platform while it's popular.

3. Take into account the public's opinion

Obviously, the public is the one who decides whether your games are a success or not. So, after launching a game, avoid going straight to another. Instead, accept contracts and wait for reviews, reviews, and bug reports, as this information helps you identify what works and what doesn't. Recording results is the only way to learn to play Game Dev Tycoon.

4. Don't worry too much about money

Your finances ensure the continuation of your business and it is crucial that you stay in a positive balance. However, be aware that your games will not always work out and it is possible that some will completely flop. When that happens, don't worry so much.

Game Dev Tycoon lets you put up with a few failures, and as long as you're above 50 k, everything is fine. Below that, you are already in danger, but your bank can still lend you money. In these situations, start developing safer games that you know will make a profit, no matter how small.

5. Get inspired by real life

A very simple and curious tip: Game Dev Tycoon is heavily inspired by the real history of gaming platforms. So, in case you are in doubt about which platform to choose, know that its features (most viable games, time of success, etc) are always based on real versions. Plus, you can find out which types of games are most successful with certain audiences. For example: which games were most successful on Nintendo? And what was the target audience of the game? Using this knowledge will certainly help you to avoid flop games.

6. Hire publishers, but be careful

Over time, you will unlock the function of closing a contract with publishers. They are one of the best ways to get more fans and thus sell a lot more copies, which is really worth it even if you get less per copy sold. However, pay attention to publisher contracts as all too often they suggest combinations of Theme, Genre, Platform and Audience that are not good.

7. Keep up to date, spend your research points

As you progress through Game Dev Tycoon, technologies become obsolete and you need to spend your research points learning new things whenever possible. Every new thing learned will increase your chances of success and make your games better rated than previous ones. In this sense, the main new technology you can invest in is Engine. However, know that all other options (genres, techniques, etc) are necessary for you to evolve in the game, so avoid focusing on just one.

8. Other specific tips

  • Don't go to level 2 until you have a good amount of money in your pocket (around 15-20 million). Many things change at this stage of the game and it is good that you are financially prepared for the news.
  • Try to form teams that specialize in specific genres. For example, if you make Action, Simulation and Strategy games, it's good that your team is good at Technology. But if the focus is RPG, Adventure and Casual Games, your team better be good at Design.
  • Try to create a game for each Theme. This will ensure more experience.
  • Try not to buy too many licenses for many different consoles. You will feel the expense.
  • Try not to use Publishers until you get a Medium game with good reviews. That's where you'll get a lot of money for the first time.
  • When unlocking the Sequences feature, develop them whenever possible, giving preference to those whose previous game had old Engines.
  • Casual games make a lot of money, but only on the right platforms. Avoid developing them until you unlock the TES or Master V platforms.

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