Full Story of Kratos in God of War

The God of War series is a resounding success where it showed the world the new God of War. Kratos desolated the Greek pantheon and the world it ruled over, but somehow he was taken to the Norse realm to lead a quiet life of isolation.

How did he get there? What trail of bodies did the Ghost of Sparta leave on its rampant trail towards Mount Olympus? How did his bloody descent into revenge go from bad to unthinkable? We've gathered our scrolls and compiled a chronological synopsis of God of War to give you the full story of Kratos' unbelievable life.

Kratos' Childhood

Young Spartans were stripped of their innocence and turned into ruthless warriors from the start, and the origin of Kratos is no different. He proves he is beyond his peers, and though his brother, Deimos, could have been his equal, he was taken in by Ares and Athena in his youth, as revealed in the PSP title, Ghost of sparta. In memory of him, Kratos branded himself with red tattoos in the vein of his brother's unconventional birthmarks.

Years later, the comic book series reveals that Kratos is promoted to leader and marries Lysandra, resulting in the birth of their daughter Calliope. However, she was born with an illness, and due to Sparta's law to kill the weak, Kratos sets out on an urgent quest to find the Ambrosia of Asclepius, which heals all wounds and diseases. Little does he know that some of the Olympians have made a bet, selecting promising mortals to see who could get to the Ambrosia first. One of these champions is the Barbarian Alrik. After the other champions fall to the two men, Kratos comes out on top and returns home in time to save his daughter from being sacrificed. His accomplishments led him to become a revered captain, but Hades has other plans for Alrik.

Over the course of the first God of War, it is revealed that the god of the underworld sends the Barbarian against Kratos' army to eliminate them sometime later. Sheer numbers win the day for Alrik, but before he can finish off Kratos, the desperate Spartan calls on Ares to kill his enemies in exchange for his life. In doing so, Ares burns the Blades of Chaos in Kratos' arms, which he uses to decapitate Alrik. From this point forward, Ares commands Kratos to kill everyone - whether innocent or guilty - for the god's glory so he can gain Zeus' favor, but Kratos' ultimate test consists of destroying a village dedicated to Athens. After massacring his people, he discovers that Ares put his family there as a trick, which he had unwittingly murdered. Ares thought his perfect warrior would no longer be held back by family ties,

Kratos em God of War: Ascension

Kratos is left as a warrior's husk after killing his family, and Ares won't accept that. The mortal swore his life to Ares with a blood oath, and breaking it is not taken lightly by the Furies. These primordial beings narrate the promises made to the gods and eternally punish those who contradict them. However, once they committed themselves to Ares, they let their abominable act of deceiving the Spartan slip away. The god of war wants to make Kratos the perfect warrior to help him one day destroy the Olympians, and the Furies are united in that goal. Yet the son of Ares and the Furies, Orks, betrays them as he sees how their revenge plan has blinded his judgment.

While the Furies did their job by smothering Kratos' memories for him to fight again, Orkos reaches out to Kratos and tells him he must free himself from his illusions and his forced servitude to Ares. The Spartan's new mission leads to him being captured by the Furies, who he kills one by one. After he returns to his lonely home in Sparta, Orkos reveals that the only way he and Kratos can be freed from Ares' control is if Orkos dies. As long as he lives as the Oathkeeper, Kratos and Orkos' ties to Ares will persist. Even though he initially refuses, Kratos reluctantly ends Orkos' life, but in that act, all of his past memories come back in vivid detail. Hoping that the other Olympians will right Ares' wrongs, Kratos pledges allegiance to them.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Kratos' many exploits in the service of the gods take him across the Greek world. One such task takes him to Attica to repel an invading Persian army, where he dispatches the king and the raging basilisk. Shortly afterward, Kratos witnesses the sun (i.e., Helios) falling from the sky. The world is then cast into shadow, allowing Morpheus – the primordial god of dreams – to cast the Olympians into a deep sleep. Before falling asleep, Athena begs Kratos to save Helios so that the gods may awaken once more. After reaching the sun god's temple, he awakens the Fire Steeds who pull him across the sky, leading Kratos to his master in the underworld. Kratos finally sails to Persephone's palace on the River Styx and stumbles upon his daughter running around the place. He demands that the queen of the dead take him to Calliope.

Once Kratos surrendered his power, Persephone reveals that she freed the titan Atlas to capture Helios, who would use the god's power to destroy the pillar of the world. In doing so, humanity and the gods would fall with him, and although Persephone would also die, it was his only way to get revenge on Hades and Zeus for deceiving her in the past. Kratos may be able to bond with Persephone, but he realizes his daughter will die if he doesn't stop the suicidal queen. The only way to do that is to re-embrace your sins to regain your power, so while Kratos knows he will never see Calliope again, she will at least live. He leaves her behind and defeats Persephone, chaining Atlas to the underside of the world in place of the broken pillar. With Helios restored, Kratos falls from the sun god's temple as he returns to the sky. As he welcomes death, Helios and Athena save him from his untimely death. The gods have bigger plans in store.

Kratos, the God of War, appears in God of War

After another five years of errands for the gods, things come to a head when the forces of Hydra and Ares nearly decimate Kratos' fleet of ships. He asks Athena how much longer he must fight until his memories are taken from him, so she gives him one final task: save Athens from being destroyed by Ares. Having despised the god of war for so long, the task proves to be a win-win situation. With the Olympians' secret blessing, Kratos seeks the oracle of Athena and discovers that he must use the power of the Pandora's box to defeat Ares. Kratos travels to a nearby desert in search of the titan. Cronos, which has a temple chained to its back that contains the legendary box. With countless traps and monsters that no mortal could defeat, Kratos was the first to conquer them and protect Pandora's Box.

Just before leaving the temple, Ares launches an Athena Pillar that impales Kratos, allowing him to steal the box. However, even the underworld could not hold Kratos as he fought his way back to Athens. His return surprises Ares and gives Kratos a chance to open Pandora's Box, which turns him into a giant after he absorbs the power from within. He gives Ares his due, impaling him in return and saving what's left of Athens. Even so, the Olympians only forgave Kratos' past rather than allowing him to forget about it. it takes you to jump off a cliff, but Athena denies him death again, proclaiming that a new god of war is needed. He reluctantly accepts the offer in hopes that he can drown his sorrows by delving into all he knew now: unbalanced bloodshed.

God of War comics

Kratos realizes that Ares's devotees are planning to use Ambrosia to resurrect the late god of war, but since Kratos hasn't destroyed its source in over a decade, he has reworked the path he took to save his daughter to eradicate Ambrosia once and for all. for all. His worries may have lessened, but the trip only made him reflect more on the friends and family he had lost to the gods and his own arrogance.

Kratos and his brother, in God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Even the deity was not a balm for Kratos' memories and beyond that, new visions of his mother being held captive in Atlantis. Unable to shake its meaning, he lays siege to the domains of Poseidon and finds out from his mother that his brother, Deimos, is being held by Thanatos in the Domain of Death. This takes Kratos back to Sparta, where the Temple of Ares resides. He finds the key that was used to access the forbidden realm long ago and travels there. When he finds his brother in handcuffs, Deimos nearly kills Kratos in rage until Thanatos intervenes. However, Kratos still saves his brother from falling off a cliff, and they work together to bring the god of death to his death. However, their reunion is short-lived, as Deimos dies in the fight. No family ties to keep,

God of War II

Just as Ares proved troublesome to the gods for his obsession with approval, Kratos would be the opposite. His disdain for them only grew on Olympus, and the only way to find solace is to lead Sparta to conquer Greece. Athena warns Kratos that there is a limit to what the Olympians can tolerate, but he evades her and attacks the city of Rhodes. During the attack, Zeus frees Kratos of his power and kills him with the Blade of Olympus. Hades' hands begin to pull him into the underworld, but the titans telepathically summon Kratos and help him escape death. Their leader, Gaia, explains how the Titans were forerunners of the Olympians, who were murdered or imprisoned so that Zeus could come to power. Once again, Kratos' revenge lines up with that of the others. He must find the Sisters of Destiny (who control time and fate).

After meeting a number of icons from Greek mythology and his own past, Kratos confronts two of the Sisters of Fate. At one point, he is sent back to his own timeline with one of them trying to stop Kratos from defeating Ares. He avoids this paradox and kills the duo, followed by the final sister who controls the threads of all life. He finds hers and returns to the moment when Zeus kills him, taking the Sword of Olympus and nearly conquering the king of the gods. However, Athena sacrifices herself to save her father, revealing to Kratos in death that she and he are brothers. Even as the son of Zeus, Kratos is unfazed by his revenge, and as the Olympians plot their revenge, the Ghost of Sparta travels back in time to bring the Titans into the current era, who begin to climb Mt. Olympus with a war to end all wars.

God of War III

The game continues seconds after the previous game. Poseidon is the first to attack Kratos and falls before him, causing the Greek world to be enveloped by the seas. After ascending Mount Olympus with Gaia, Zeus sends Kratos and her staggering back down with lightning. With Zeus in her sights, she drops Kratos into the underworld, who now swears revenge on his kind for using him. He then finds Athena's spirit there, who offers to help Kratos for mysterious reasons. She gives him enough power to Blast your way through Hades, Helios, Hermes, Hercules, Hera and Kronos. As he kills them all, the land is enveloped in darkness, plagues and the worlds of the living and the dead colliding. Your goal all along is to retrieve Pandora's box, which could only be opened by finding Pandora herself and destroying the Chain of Balance that held Olympus and the underworld in check. After doing these things, the flames and the gate that kept the box locked are released.

With Zeus in his path, Kratos briefly subdues him and opens the box, only to find it empty. Gaia returns and a battle breaks out between the three, and Gaia is killed. In a last valiant effort, Zeus attempts to conquer Kratos' mind by amplifying his grief and pain, but Pandora's spirit guides him back to reality, giving the god of war his final wish to silence Zeus. With the world torn apart, Athena appears to congratulate Kratos, realizing she was wrong about Pandora's Box. She thought that Kratos had absorbed the evils that were locked inside him to defeat Ares, but in fact, the evils consumed the gods, which explains his behavior and why their deaths resulted in terrible things being unleashed. Kratos had, in fact, absorbed and retained the power of hope that Athena had stored in the box. Demanding that she be given the power to restore the world, Kratos realizes that the evil of selfishness has infected her and decides to impale himself to give hope to what's left of humanity. With that, Kratos leaves everything in chaos and dies defying the gods to his last breath... or so it seems.

Kratos and Atreus in God of War (2022)

Kratos' body is no longer in the ruins of Olympus after the credits roll in God of War III. Now we know he's in Nordic lands with Norse Mythology Gods and we're just at the beginning of a new chapter in Kratos' life. However, his fresh start with a new family and we find out about the death of his second wife, Faye. The god of war and his son, Atreus, decide to go on a new journey and take their ashes to the highest peak on earth.

Kratos and Atreus set out together until Jottunheim, the Kingdom of the Giants. During the adventure, Kratos and Atreus develop a hitherto unresolved relationship, and together they learn to get to know each other.

In the course of the script, Atreus begins to present several behavioral and identity problems when he discovers that he descends from gods and is a deity. Afraid, it's up to Kratos to teach him to understand his responsibilities and control his emotional lack of control.

During the narrative, Kratos and Atreus encounter Baldur, the sons of Thor, Magni and Modi e Freya, mother of Baldur and ex-wife of Odin.

Shortly after Atreus and Kratos defeated Baldur with the help of the world serpent, Jormungandr, the two discover that Faye was a giantess. A new revelation emerges and we discover that Atreus was to have been called by the name Loki, chosen by his mother.

Kratos discovers a new prophecy, which Atreus could kill you in the future. With the death of the sons of Thor and Odin, it ended up causing the beginning of the "end of the world", and Ragnarok will begin. Our Ghost of Sparta and his son will have to deal with the complications of their actions, no longer at home but in the icy Nordic lands.

In the meantime, check out what we think of the game in our God of War review.

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