Free Fire Magic Cube: 3 methods to get this rare item

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The Magic Cube is undoubtedly the most desired item by Free Fire players! In this article we teach you how to obtain this item, which will allow you to have access to exclusive skins for this Battle Royale. Check out our tutorial!

To get this rare item you will have to be patient!

Method 1: Royal Luck

Lucky Royale is the name of one of the Free Fire reward systems. This system is nothing more than a loot box system. You can see if you are lucky and if you can win the Cube by spinning a roulette wheel. But of course none of this is exactly free.

To try your luck you must have tickets, which can be obtained by completing various challenges throughout the game. Or, if you can and want to speed up the process, buy them.

Lucky Royale is divided into 4 categories, in all of which the Magic Cube can appear. Are they:

  • Arma
  • Special
  • Gold
  • Damn it

Speaking of diamonds, you can buy them to spin the wheel and try to get the Cube. They, however, are most commonly purchased through real money payment. They can cost from R$3,90 to almost R$190.

Method 2: Elite Pass

The Elite Pass usually gives absurdly wonderful rewards in Free Fire. But it was only in the 16th version of it that Garena included the Rubik's Cube. Of course, you had to level up until you reached the level of earning the item.

Another challenge is that the Elite Pass needs to be paid with cash to obtain. Once with him, you needed to buy the Premium version of Gunslingers, spending a high 600 diamonds. Or fulfill the objectives of Garena's event that gave this item for free.

This is not exactly one of the best methods, as it requires heavy financial investment. Keep an eye out, however, because with each new Elite Pass, the Cube may appear again. And we already know that there are ways to "spend less" to get it.

Method 3: Cube Events

Garena is even nice and tries to make life easier for her players with some frequency. In this case, she has already created events in which the Rubik's Cube was one of the prizes. Two of them were in 2022.

The first simply dealt out Cubes at the end of the games. The other, as complicated as it was to succeed, asked players to draw a cube using a single stroke.

It is important to be aware of all events created in Free Fire. You never know when Garena will include the possibility of you getting a rare item.

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